The Art of answers and questions…

I cannot expect even my own art to provide the answers—only to hope it keeps asking the right questions. Grace Hartigan


That art is the art of being an example of how to be fully present in the world, even when fear and sadness which try to invade from every other direction. Yet it from within that the right questions are asked  so that hope can bring the answers forth to be shining beacons on the present, guiding us to a fuller better improved future, for it is in the now that the future is planted, it is the days that follow that the future is nurtured and tended lovingly, compassionately offering the best solutions during the evolution of the human population and the evolution of the planet for its continual growth.

gaggle of geese
gaggle of geese

Yes I was gifted with the art of photography, I was sent out to use that gift to acknowledge the land, the planet, even if is just my small little bit of it, the everyday moments, the daily life that is there for us to see, as well as admire, to bring a smile, a warm thought. Whether it is the sunlight shining through the leaves on a tree, or the shimmer the light makes across the water of the lake, did you notice, squirrel scurry up that tree, did he stop and chatter at you? Are there rabbits along the edges of the bushes, look there they are! What color is the sky today? Pale blue, azure blue, grey looking like rain or snow, are there clouds, what kind, what do they look like, are they still or swiftly moving across the landscape? Did you notice birds flying there in the blue of the sky, did you recognize one or another, where you captured by their flight, how they move, up and down, or flapping wings like crazy to get to the next place, maybe there was one that captured your attention because it seem to float and rotate around the sky seeking something? Amazing right? All of that life surrounds you as you walk even if it is just to your car to get to one place or another. Were there people who you went past as you headed out, your neighbor, the mailman, a stranger walking their dog, did you acknowledge them or they you? A smile, and good morning, hey what up? This life, this is the fullness of life, the everyday events, pay attention to them they are just as important as any other activity in your life. Who knows that glimpse of a squirrel or rabbit, the flash of a bird flying across the cloud filled sky, the person you greeted or greeted you may be just the event that can shift your life to a fuller awareness of the beauty the surrounds you.


These are only small incidence that make up our daily lives, look around at the art of creation, look around at the creativity of evolution, and experience the grandest of a friendship with the planet and the other creatures that inhabit the same space each one contributing to its future.

Beyond the Clouds

I needed write something besides my daily activities from the day before, I need to shine light in my soul as well as out into the world. More and more I believe that my most pleasurable place is here writing even when the writing is not so good, but the fact that I get to create a world I wish to see, a world I wish to live in and do live in much of the time. There are moments that we have to stand outside of ourselves to see what surrounds and informs us of who we are, we tend to take the everyday for granted, while it continues to bless us with a powerful experience, Life!

in the details
in the details

Say thank you, remember to be grateful for it all, the good and the bad, the good we expect that bad not so much, but it is in the challenge that pulls us up, informs us of who we are, reflects back to us the person we have become. Is that person someone your admire, is that person who you thought you were, or are there more experiences that you must meet to continue on your journey? It is not about more things, and stuff that you have, it is about who you are and who you present to the world. Yes sometimes he or she may not so pretty to witness yet there are those moments when we shine with all the glory that we are at the moment. Hold them like jewels, to enrich the magic of your presence, let them shine, share those facets with the world around for there are more and plenty to share. The more you share the more there is.

Thank you for reading and viewing this blog, the photos will be released to my store front within a few hours. Please pop over and give them a view there.

26 thoughts on “The Art of answers and questions…”

  1. Jeff you have a wonderful way of inspiring me. You pointed out things that are taken for granted each day in our lives. You made me stop for a few moments to just observe the world around me. I haven’t been paying much attention to nature lately. I just assumed it would be there tomorrow. Each day is a gift and we must enjoy that gift to its fullest potential. I am sitting outside now. Having a cup of coffee and enjoying the squirrels and birds vying for the seads I just put out for them. I feed them every day, but most of the time, I don’t think about them or take the time to watch their paying and chasing one another. So here I sit, typing this for now, but I am going to take some precious moments to just enjoy what Mother Nature has given us!

  2. I appreciated this thought “from within that the right questions are asked so that hope can bring the answers forth.” I hike in the desert any day I have space (which this visit has not been very often !!). I love seeing the wild critters, the cottontail bunnies, the jackrabbits, the coveys of quail and one day this visit I even saw a coyote up close. Magical !! Gorgeous photos BTW. Who YOU are and who YOU present yourself to the world as is a radiantly shining beautiful soul in my own experiences of you. Fondly !!

    1. Deb,

      Morning pages inspired! Needing to hold space for all the chaos etc. presenting itself more so then ever from out there.
      I am grateful for your response…


  3. Such a lovely, life-affirming testament to a life of creating through a special talent and cognizance of all the wonderments nature has to offer. Your prose is inspirational Jeff, your ideas irresistible, your spirit infectious, your prose poetic.

    1. Sam,

      I blush and humbled by your praise! I am most grateful for your words of support and encouragement, and thank you so much for the continued link on your page!

  4. Your light shines brightly, Jeff! Lately the high points of my day are the little walk I take to the mailbox, noticing the fall colors slowly fading, appreciating the cool, crisp autumn air, the clouds, and when I feed the birds and a squirrel. Watching them out on the balcony through my sliding glass doors I am astonished every new day by their different personalities and antics. Simple pleasures are the sweetest, as you so wisely point out.

    1. Barbara,
      Great to have you visit my page ! I felt it was time to shine that light ever more often once again.
      Yes I know you enjoy those simple pleasure as well, your blog shine that forth too!

  5. Sorry I’m late … I always love reading your posts and seeing your amazing photos Jeff but there is never enough of them 🙃 Love to see you once a week …I’m sure you have commitment it’s difficult I know . Anyway glad you re back .

  6. Cherry,

    Not so late! I am glad you have not given up on me and this blog!! Thank you! I am hopeful for more than once a week and I just launched a video blog on Facebook. It is only the beginning of my being present!

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