About me, what about me? I am a seeker, I am a messenger, I am a photographer, who seeks to use his spiritual journey as a witness to the evolution of the world.

I began photographing about 8 years ago while living at Easton Mountain Retreat Center in Greenwich NY. It was during a shamanic gathering that I received a message that the land desired to be healed, that it needed attention. So one day during my usual walks with Muffin and Riley the two golden retrievers who lived on the property as part of the community companions,  walking was and still is part of my spiritual practice, I heard a voice, say why not take photographs of the property? So began my practice of recognizing the land!

This blog is the continuation of that practice, to express, to share, to illuminate through words, language and photographs the ever evolving life around me and us.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. You´re writing “Morning Pages”…so a question comes to my mind…did you read the book “the artist´s way – a spiritual path to higher creativity” by Julia Cameron?

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Nice place you have!
    You are an exelent photografer and i like to hear about those experiens you have done in nature!
    I am like to be in nature but maybe not so much as you but sometimes it could long times outdour.

    From Rasmus

      1. It´s my first time here in wordpress so i´m just loking around and serching for friends who have almost same intressts as i.
        Some times i taking photos too and it´s real fun (i got my camera in the begining of the autum).
        I taking photos on nature and when i come to this website i get a little experience from those photos so thanks for that.

  3. HI Jeff,
    I found you through your comment on Laurie Buchanan’s Speaking from the Heart.
    I’m about to convene an Artists’ Way Creative Cluster. I feel the need to do the 12 weeks for myself, and a friend who is on board. I thought I would send out the call to about 10 people whom I know might be interested. Do you have any suggestions for us? I have run groups and taught art to high school kids before, but never done the Artist’s Way.

    1. Hi, Thank you for checking out my blog page, and for contacting me about the Artist’s Way! Just like the Artist’s Way you will be guided with your intuition how to proceed. Some of the work people may find difficult and challenging yet if done with an open heart, and mind, spirit will guide you all. I think it is great to share the experience with others.
      In the back of the book there are guides for creating and working within a group. I would be interested in hearing about your experience as you journey through the process.
      I am not sure if I have answered your question? I just wish to let you know I am out here and support and encourage you while in the process.

      I am Love, Jeff

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