Adventure to NYC

“Adventures don’t begin until you get into the forest. That first step in an act of faith.” Mickey Hart

That first step was over a week ago now, when I discovered in passing that a friend, a blogger friend would be visiting from her home state to NYC. I could not pass up the chance of meeting with her when she would be 2 hours away, by car, train or bus. We made arrangements to meet once she got into the city and knew what her plans would be. I made my plans, the Chinatown bus was the lest expensive way of travel, even through I did not know my way from Chinatown once in the city, google direction were looked up, so I had a plan, my intentions were set, attention to the making this intention a reality was put into place.

on the road

Oy Vey! What was I thinking? I hardly slept the during the night, because I wanted to make sure I work up in time. 5:30 am rolled around, an early morning walk with the dogs, a cup of coffee and some breakfast, heck if I know what that was. Checking emails, Facebook for any changes in plans, made sure I had my list, phone #, etc. I had an 8 am bus to catch in Philly… I made it with ten minutes to spare, time to grab a cup of coffee at Wawa and a Tasty Cake. On to the bus, second seat for the back, most of all the other seats where full. Almost as soon as the bus began the young lady behind me got on her phone and began chatting with her girl friend about things I did not need to know at 8 am in the morning. It is amazing how people are so unconscious of what they are sharing in public. The conversation went on for some time, finally she said she was going to get some sleep… and that she did.

into the tunnel

I tried too to get some sleep but sleep was not my friend, maybe a little Reiki and mediation but my mind was chattering away, so I wrote in my journal, yes people I still use a pen and paper sometimes. I had nothing really to share there just emptying my mind. The bus trip was uneventful, it began to rain, and misted the rest of the day. We entered NYC via the Holland Tunnel into an area of the city I do not recall seeing before, the west end of the city. Well the bus lets us off in the middle of Chinatown at 10 am, I have to find the F train, (subway) when I was really looking for the 6, when I got to the station, none of the ticket machines were taking cash, so up to the street to find the 6. The Chinese people where no help, I ask a young father, walking his baby, he got our his smart phone, which offered all the directions I needed. I would have to walk a while but not to far.. about 6 blocks. I realized it was getting to the time that we were to meet, so I made the call, informing Kathy that I was in the city and looking for my train, and should be there in the next half hour. If it had not been raining I would have been taking photographs and I would not have notice the walk so much but it seem to take forever.

Chinatown NYC

Off to 27th street and 5th Avenue and the Gershwin Hotel , imagine meeting a person I never met at a hotel in the city of New York City! What kind of guy does she think I am? What kind of lady is she to meet a stranger in a hotel? Not to worry it was all very innocent people, Kiah, her daughter was working her last shift in the lobby coffee shop “Birch” so Kathy was hanging out there, with books and laptop and as much coffee as she could consume.

The sign !

The Gershwin is this red building with strange art hanging from it exterior which look like sperm, and how fitting since it is right next to the Museum of Sex which on the corner. Into the lobby and looked into the coffee shop, I saw no Kathy. I called, she said she would be right there. In seconds she came through a doorway into the lobby and we laid eyes on each other for the first time in real life, of course we have been sharing photos or our blogs for some time, so there was not shock of difference. We where greeting each other with hugs, than to get coffee and to meet Kaih, who is a sweet young lady, who ask about my journey and created us our coffees.

captured! Kathy at the hotel

Kathy and I adjourned upstairs of the coffee shop “library” which was a balcony over looking the lobby and shop filled with books, tables occupied with young people enjoying their beverages, while on laptops or with books, and friends, walls adorned with Photographs which I did not notice at first because Kathy and I were getting comfortable on a large sofa, asking each other questions, filling in the gaps of things we didn’t know or remember about each other.  It seemed like we had been friends for years, getting renewing our friendship. It was warm, comfortable, welcoming, as I knew it would be. Kathy had ask me about meeting people who we know via computer, and my comment was, that I think because most of the people I have met are people from groups with a more spiritual or growth oriented purpose, the experience is real, if the people are being authentic, than they will be what I expect them to be. The meeting only to deepen the connection, raise the vibration, and I felt that the whole time we spent together.

You can read and see more of our day together at Kathy Dure’s blog “What did I do in on my visit in NYC…”

I would continue but I don’t want to bore you all…




13 thoughts on “Adventure to NYC”

  1. So glad you were able to make that visit Jeff and equally glad you decided to share it with us. Your combined excitement and apprehension about traveling and meeting people are familiar to me – yet I love to go and to meet people. Strange how that is.

    1. Terrill,

      I feel that there is a second part to this blog so I am glad that you found it interesting, and not boring! Thank you for the visit and comments!

  2. What a fantastic meeting you and Kathy had! Thanks for sharing the highlights of your day! It was fun reading about it from both of your vantage points!

    You’re brave to head into New York by yourself – I find the prospect daunting. Haven’t been through the Holland Tunnel in many years. The memories… One of my aunts used to live in Manhattan, on Grand St., and a couple of times a year we’d pick her up and drop her off there on our way to and from another aunt’s house in New Jersey or still another aunt’s mobile home in Florida. My poor parents could never get to Aunt Mary’s building or find the right parking garage without making several wrong turns and getting hopelessly lost in Manhattan. Sometimes we even accidentally took a turn feeding us into the Holland Tunnel and had to find our way back again. And my folks were very intelligent people!

    1. Barbara,

      It is all about figuring out which way to go, learning to ask for help, taking some deep breaths to calm oneself and head in the right direction when you feel your going the wrong way!

  3. Dear Jeff, this is a most lovely story of your trip into NYC and our time together. I was especially interested in reading about your trip into the city, and your time journalling. Ha ha, never thought that we were meeting in a hotel–how funny! It is cool the way Birch Coffee shop is attached to the hotel, which services a lot of people visiting from Europe. I loved its old-fashioned fancy look. So did you visit the Museum of Sex after we said goodbye? No need to answer… (smiling) The reason I went into the coffee shope before 7 a.m. is because I was so afraid of getting lost between Queens and Manhattan and NEVER meeting you! It was a good opportunity to get to know one another, and I hope many of our Internet friends get the chance to share a cup of coffee with each other. I have been in quiet mode since arriving home and that feels good. Again, it was extra-special to meet you!

    1. Kathy,

      I was not sure whether you would see this so soon. I knew you where taking some down time! i feel I have some much more to say but the words where having their way with me, that I did not tell the rest of the story… another blog.
      It was a joy to meet you and spend time with you and you are correct it would be nice if many more of us would meet over coffee…
      Have some good quiet time! (((Hugs)))

  4. Oh Jeff — this was so FUN to read here. I’d read about your visit over on Kathy’s blog and was looking forward to what you’d have to say. I love your detailed description from the very beginning — not even being able to sleep the night before. And directions, Chinatown, and so on….

    1. Laurie,

      Great! I was trying to offer some of my humor that Kathy had alluded to! And give a story too! as I have written above there is part two to this!
      Thank you.

  5. You are never boring! I was riding right along side you and walking with you the entire way. I have been to NYC only once in my life and that was plenty. I walked everywhere and never did figure out the trains or the bus system. I had a headache the entire time. Your adventure was much better so I enjoyed it vicariously — except for the cell phone conversation. I was thinking about the Amtrak situation where a woman talked on her cell phone for 16 hours in the no-cell-phone car. After repeated requests to stop, Amtrak finally had the police remove her at one of the stations. People are so unconscious of how their behavior affects other people. I am so obnoxious that once that girl on the bus finished her conversation, I would have turned around and began asking her questions about her conversation and not all of the questions would have been polite. You are a brave soul to venture where you have never been and successfully guided yourself all the way through. Yay you!

    1. Barbara,

      I am glad you came along for the adventure! What a joy to receive such a comment!
      I truly thought about having a conversation with the young lady behind me but because she told her friend on the phone she was going get some sleep I let it slide. Because I did have questions!!!
      As a photographer I have to be a brave soul on occasions, meeting a friend was not called for bravery but intention to connect, whether I knew my direction on not.
      The boring part was about if people wish to read a blog that is this long?

      1. Ha! Jeff~~I have NEVER worried about a blog being too long! (If others find any of our long blogs boring they can just look at the pics before following along on their heart’s inclination. I LOVE that you added so much Presence and detail in your journey to meet a friend.)

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