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Love Me

One of the first real poets who spoke to my heart, because he was speaking language I understood. I had not heard about him for a long time yet for some reason his name kept coming to mind, so I share Walter Rinder with you!

walter rinder





Love Me

Love me   because I try to touch life

within the framework of


love me    in the shadows

in decisions as I strive to gain


love me    in the silence of my hurts

and the noise of my


love me    for the feeling of my heart

not the fears of my mind

emerge or submerged

love me    in my search for truth

though I may stumble upon


love me    as I pursue my dreams

sometimes retarded by illusions

love me    as I grow to know myself

even during the times of


love me    because I seek harmony

Brilliance abounds

not man’s discord

love me    for my body that I wish to

share with affection,

wrapping you in warmth

love me    because we are different

because we are the same

love me    that our time together will

be spent in growing, kindling

the world with understanding

love me    not with expectations

but with hope

I will love you the same.

Walter Rinder