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There are values in pain…

There are values in pain that are difficult
to see without the presence of a guest.

Don’t complain about autumn.
Walk with grief like a good friend.
Listen to what he says.

Sometimes the cold and dark of a cave
give the opening we most want.



A little over two years ago I noticed my Mom’s mind wasn’t functioning properly and when we had an appointment at the her Dr’s I ask about it. I wasn’t really used to being around mom that much at the time. She had a man friend and they would travel back and forth from Vermont to Myrtle Beach, stopping here on occasion for Holidays and Dr appointments. At that time I ask to see the Dr as well, to check her responses to normal questions. In his office she seemed to have answered correctly, even with being a bit distracted. Mom was not a very good listener, usually ready with a question about something else, maybe it was a way to deflect until she remembered.


Sometime later at her Heart Dr’s appointment, the Dr even came out to me to explain what she was to do for her self-care. He was concerned because she would not focus, and didn’t understand what he was trying to tell her, mentioning he would talk with her regular Dr. when I mentioned that we had discussed her memory issues and he was not concerned at this time.

At that point she went off with Lee, her man friend, I am sure which direction at the time. Her greatest joy was being with Lee and his Shih tzu Billy. She had a whole other family and friends there that she no longer had at home in NJ. Sometime later 3 months maybe she came home basicly  for good. Lee was concerned for her and he was having his own health problems.

Taking this walk with her was not my planned version of end life process, yet I was giving the task of being her caregiver, unprepared in every conceivable way. I began walking the autumn path of grief, anger and frustration with her it was not a happy time.

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Strength and Beauty !

You have seen your own strength,  you have seen your own beauty… why do you still worry? Rumi

carpet of leaves

During our first walk of the day about 7:30 am, the wood dark with moisture from a gentle rain sometime during the night. The steel grey sky, causing the leaves and trees to have different look to them, rich, deep color. Water droplets teetering on the edged of red-gold-green-brown leaves, naked branches, only  few birds sing now, the chick a dee have come to take the place of others, they flitter about in the bushes almost invisible, like little faeries. The cardinals make them selfs hurt and in this distance, the sound of geese chattering as they fly over head. The ground is carpeted with leaves now, in shades competing with a crayon box. Yellow brown, red/pink on yellow/green, making the walk silent almost except the dry moist movement underfoot.

a different path?

I glanced up once peeking into one the path, the thought came to me being in nature is like being in a marriage, something you always know is there, sometimes taken for granted, yet grateful when you notice how wondrously beautiful it is. Always offering you breath, a fresh breeze, a song, an amazing sight. It lingers there waiting for you to notice, silently grateful when you do, for in saying thank nature with offer you more as a relationship will.

captured drops

Seen from the gift of gratitude, allowing all the senses to be overwhelmed to the point of awesomeness even when you have awakened to the same person, walked in the same paths, gone to the same work, accomplishing the same everyday task, being thankful will bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, a warmth to your heart. With that warmth of heart you can shine on the world.

shine on your path

I was listening to the amazing CD as I started this Lovedrunk by Shahram Shiva, a CD of music to the poetry of Rumi!  It is a touching beautiful expression of someone who is passionate about what he has found in Rumi poetry.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, to view the photography, and for responding.

Growth Question: Have you captured the beauty of the ordinary today?

I am Love, Jeff



once you conquer
your selfish self
all your darkness
will change to light

~Maulana Rumi

I see you

My selfish self has been presenting it self still even when I thought I was through the muck it seems I hit another small patch that keep my mind playing tricks with me. One has to ask though how when I have the intention to write, to practice walking the walk as well as talking the talk, I end up with endless chatter, or numbness?  How do I go days without writing, without opening The Artist’s Way, to speak the Basic principle and Rule of the Road, or any other piece that may enfold me in within my essence? How is it that just doing those simple steps frees the egoic self to experience its Higher Self ? What force is greater than the Higher Power? Fear, anger, not enoughness? I think not, yet I seem to allow those feelings to slap me around, lay on top of me, sitting on my chest.  I am through with this behavior, I am enough, I am not afraid of the little self, I can use anger in a purposeful manner! I am through you hear me!!! Either learn the dance or leave!

Wow ! That was a powerful moment! Conquering the darkness is really not what it is about, it is about shinning the light, being in the light, Being the light itself. Not an easy task, creating harmony takes practice. Getting all the piece to fit together in a beautiful sounding song without the balance makes things go Crash, makes a lot of noise, and pulling in different directions.

I have gotten to this place before and walked away, finding fault, discovering new distractions only to desire to come back to this harmony that I begin to hear, and experience, even if only for moments of time. The purpose of The Artist Way, the Life Harmony program, the blog/pages, the reaching out creatively and socially is to add depth and balance to the song of life, the music of living.


I treated myself to an artist date on Monday to a movie, not just any movie, Avatar 3D IMAX version, I had not seen it the first time so I wished to take the opportunity to view this film as it was supposed to be viewed and created to be seen. I sat there stunned, amazed, moved, touched, sad, angry, and in Love. I sat in the theater giving myself Reiki while watching beauty and destruction dance before my eyes! I had the thought of what the Buddhist express as breathing in the suffering, and breathing out the love…


Once I got home, and I think I drove home in a state of bliss, I greeted the dogs and went for a walk, camera in hand but more importantly with a new eye, and new vision or at least a refreshed one. Even within the drought conditions beauty of nature finds a bit of water to bloom tiny little purple flowers, the golden rod burst brightly, red and yellow leaves spiral to the ground creating flashes of color in the dryness, and dropping green. Orange, and black Butterfly’s flit here and there, gathering the nectar of the few blossoms they can find, little white moths even share their glory, for a moment I walked in my own Pandora! I have experienced the oneness of nature for a long time through the lens of my camera, through the joy of my being able to experience the everyday evolution that breathes life into life. My ability to take photographs came from nature herself, for she wished to be revealed, she wished to have her beauty experienced not just by nature itself but the care takers of the planet, the people responsible for it continued evolution or its destruction. I don’t take photographs just to have pretty picture around me, I take photographs to nudge people awake, to arouse some emotions, create feelings. I use my photography to tell natures story, for her story has been lost in the everydayness of life, in the commonness, that may cause us to for get to notice the birds, or the huge beautiful tree that stands majestically in your yard or on your way to work.

Shining in the darkness

I guess my artist date did more than I thought it had done, for I thought I lost the energy the film left with me. It had filled the well, inspired, embraced my creativeness to new a presence !

Growth Question: If you haven’t seen Avatar why not, and what the heck are you waiting for?

I am Love, Jeff