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Ordinary to Extraordinary

“We ourselves must choose each step. And to choose each step and be strong enough to endure what will follow on our repeated choice we have to develop a deep spiritual practice within the terms of ordinary life, trying at all moments to stay centered in the heart, the truth of the heart, the peace of the heart, so that the pain of growth can be borne within that peace and be infused by it” Andrew Harvey: The Return of the Mother.

Is life ordinary? Or is it not extraordinary!!! Extraordinary that we breathe each moment into the next moment. That life is ever evolving with or without our conscious involvement within it. Last evening I was granted a gift beyond my understanding of deserving the gift. Along with that gift the sense of gratitude overwhelmed me to tears, overcome with a sense of “how do I accept this?” What do I say, how can I repay this presentation? Than the realization of deeper friendship and love that lies within the gift from artist to artist, and friend to friend. Out of the depths of ordinary, out of showing up each day, out of the reaching out the hand to another one has reached back.

The songs “Make Believe” and “If I Loved You” touched some old memories, yet new meanings were layered over those memories of romantic love to to understand the idea of “acting as if” to believe in oneself even when the world seems to be falling about around you. When nothing seem to be in your favor. The Universe shines the light, cools the breeze, touches a place that has been unaired and darkened by survival.Glimpse of light

On each repeated choice we have to develop a deep spiritual practice, that practice is showing up each day, being aware of the details, being grateful sometimes just to get to the end of the day or waking in the morning.

Staying centered in truth, in peace, and in love.

I wrote the upper part of this on July 8th I didn’t believe it captured the essence of what I was trying to convey. So all writing stopped.

What have I been up to since the last blog? I have been rediscovering who I was, who I am meant to be. That uncovering is slow, yet warm and welcoming at times, is any of it practical? Who knows? Have I ever really been practical? Not very much, as serious as these blogs seem to be, I am not a practical person in that light the twist and turns of my life will attest to.

Now of course I have to get practical or serious in some cases. Taking care of myself. I need help financially, there is no more kindness of stranger or Mom. Of course once the house sells there shall be an amount that if properly managed can subside the plans I have to maintain my photography work, and build a healing/spiritual practice.

Until than I had to apply for food stamps, which I received and has been very useful for purchase of food.
There was a blog planned for that discussion. The uses of the gifts of natures goodness, plants and veggies. A friend had taken me to Produce Junction and we shared our abundance and I was more than grateful, overwhelmed with the kindness. What so much a little could buy.

Before all of this I had connected with a friend who has a space that is called Holistic Living Studio in Glassboro NJ. We shared Reiki together and as we checked in with each other she offered the space to do my Reiki practice and to host the Reiki Share. At the time I was still kind of numb but grateful for the offer and I truly considered it. A month ago we had our first Reiki share group which well attended, the vibrations/energy motivated those numb parts of me to say yes. Let’s do this thing!

The Buddha Sits

I placed out into the Universe that I am receiving Reiki Clients, three days a week during certain hours. The Universe has not gotten that message out yet but I am sure she will very soon. Along with that a friend got in touch with me with in days of saying yes to the use of the studio about doing Essential Oils workshop and a Fire Ceremony Shamanic event. We got the energy flowing for those to happen.
In that same inspiration, we discussed Reiki 1 classes for the fall. I am looking into Crystal and stone practice healing workshops, and meditation practice, as well as so many other assorted possibilities.

How practical is all of that. This is what I am suppose to do, these are the gifts I was given to share. This has been my vision for a long time. The light is now beginning to shine brightly again.

One more gift that was graciously given to me. A few weeks before my birthday I placed on my status on Facebook if anyone wished to give me a Birthday gift, the suggestion was to purchase Street Photo books from Michael Penn. I had committed to buy his self produced Philadelphia Project,  full page black and white photography magazines for $10 each. With the recent setback financially I could not afford them, and he had been saving them for me. Within less than an hour someone who I know from photography group messaged me that he was working with Michael to get the books for me. I was stunned and extremely excited and beyond grateful! I received all the back-ordered books and more, a week later!

These gifts are gifts that have been so freely given. I hope to honor that with my practice of healing and paying it forward when opportunities present themselves!

I have chosen the steps, I have consciously awakened mind, body, and spirit, through continual practice of sharing gratitude that allow the flow and vibration to bring these sources of abundance to us. The Universe has more than enough to share, so share the gifts of love.

I am Love…

Conscious Choices

The first step in changing anything is to know and accept that you have chosen it to be what it is. CwG Book 1

Tiny fungi

This the quote that met my eye when I open Conversations with God Book 1 to find a quote to open with, it was on a folded page, the middle of the page is underlined to remind me, to stand out for a reason. Just like the work in 12 Step Recovery work, admitting the fact that you made the choice and accept that choice so that it can be changed, before that there was no conscious choice only the routine of ordinary everyday doing, not in the choose to Be present. To be present one must show up, one much see and know who they are, flaws and all. Showing up in the glory of our divine selves, being grateful for each moment, the first morning pee, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, the tangy taste of green tea. Grateful for having awakened today, to greet the day with a smile and a thank you.

The path in the woods this morning was chilly it was in the mid 50s, long pants and light jacket to keep me warm as Muffin and Riley scurried here and there, doing their business, chasing Squirrels up trees, while I silent follow behind with camera and silent prayers on my lips, springing from my heart, to do God/Divines will today.

light dappled path

The was a moment the other day that I realized that I was following the directions of the Life Harmony program with reading as well as incorporating practices from 8 Weeks to Optimum Health yet unclear exactly why I was doing it, what the Vitamin supplements C, mixed carotenes, E, and selenium where to do for me, how they worked together as an antioxidant, what the purpose of each vitamin had. Yes I read the reason, and bought the product and begun taking them with the thought of healing, yet still unconscious in a way, if some one asked me what these supplements where for I would not have been able to answer them.

So I went back to the book, I read and underlined each Vitamin as well as it effect on my health. “Vitamin C to build strong connective tissue, including the linings of coronary arteries, and to allow the healing system to to repair wounds” Dr Weil states.  1000 to 2000 milligrams two to three times a day a total of 2000 to 6000 mils. Adding Beta-carotene to the C adds to the antioxidant power, these  effect the health in the reduction of risk of prostrate cancer as well as to help an maybe enhance vision. Beta-carotene protects from the toxic damage and the effects of aging.

The vitamin E and trace mineral Selenium work together to enhance each other absorption rate. E is useful to protect the body in blocking oxidation of LDL cholesterol .

My researching and writing places another level of understanding and consciousness to the reason for starting the process, not just because someone wrote that it was a good thing to do. Having the research, understand the purpose for what I put into my body is healing in its self. Creating awareness of what I eat, when I eat, how I eat, as well as breathe, and exercise offers me a deeper connection to who I am, and how my body, mind, and spirit combine to work together as a team, in effective healing ways.

Texture and Light

I just confirmed Dates for Conversations with God Study group to begin: Sept 27, Oct  13th and 27th, Weds evenings. At Jodi’s studio in Glassboro NJ. I am so excited to be getting this off the ground again! It is thrilling and scary at the same time…. Jodi is going to use her client list and the meetup.com to spread the word! Now I have to create a mission statement about the group, what to expect, what to bring, etc!

In the next few days I am going to continue to dive into the choices I have made, what effect they have or have not on my life, the harmony or otherwise. Being truly aware of how the choices effect my mind, body, and Spirit!

Growth Question:  Are you choices conscious choice?

I am Love, Jeff

Extraordinary Moments

All healing occurs by bringing whatever  the issue is into the heart. Within the heart an issue be seen for what it really is. Richard Ellis


As I walked in the wood this morning I felt more in touch, more interwoven into the nature I see and experience everyday than I have in some time. I treated my artist to a Reiki Share last evening, it was one of the most healing experiences I have had in ages. It has refreshed my spirit, open my heart and senses. I have known about this Reiki share for over a year and had not allowed myself to attend for one reason or another. It was time, this was about accepting who I am as a healer, who I am with sharing my gifts as a healer or a source for healing. Healing of self and the assistance of helping others to heal whatever parts of them that need healing attention.

There where two other participants, my friend Lou, we shared the ride, Julie, and Jodie the Reiki master. We sat in a circle to share were we where coming from in our practice and our intentions for the evening. Breathing into the space to center ourselves bringing earth and sky together on the second floor Reiki space. We each would get 7 minuets a piece of hands on healing, it does not seem like much time but with three people with hope hearts and clear intentions of bringing healing to the space and each other, it was a powerful experience.

On the path

Personally once I was on the table, after working on all the others, I was not as relaxed as I thought I would be, my whole mid-section and back was extremely tense, I had to bring my feet up, to relieve the uncomfortableness. The energy was great, I felt the warmth and Loving enter and expand as the healing progressed.  Those 7 minuets where extremely moving. The light headedness of he session last for quiet some time. Which brings me back to this morning and walking with a much more open sense of space and energy.

I also realize that Jodie may perhaps be the healer I have been unconsciously seeking in the past few years, since returning to NJ. She is trained in many modalities, that have been in my path for sometime. Such herbs and essential oils, she is also of native descent ! She seem to be a wealth of sources in one place. She seems interested in what I have to offer as well! Wow! How powerful is that?

The path has been there all this time and I have refused to walk it, or I was just not ready and now I am. The journey has begun once again.  I have plans to attend the Shamanic Circle next monday as well, something I have put off for over a year too. It is truly time to embrace these energies, more fully and to share them in practice and ways of living. They can only infuse my life with more harmony and abundance, if I allow them and I intent too fully.

These gifts are part of my creativity, they are part of what infuses my work as a photographer, they are the reason I began to photograph and continue to do so!

opening up

Growth Questions: How did you gift present themselves?

I am Love, Jeff

Ever-expanding continuum

Tiny wonders
Tiny wonders

Spirit is the distillation arising from the rich and bubbly brew in the pot, out of which new possibilities keep emerging. The world of spirit is made up of an ever-expanding continuum that finds new ways to touch and enhance the human world. Harry Hay

In ever-expanding search for self the possibilities are endless. I was once again drawn to Gay Soul: Finding the Heart of Gay Spirit and Nature. I find thoughts and ideas that inform me as gay man, a gay man of spirit, a gay man who has sought more from his life that the endless round of bars and dysfunctional lover relationship or ever surface relationships with other gay men. Which lead me to Easton Mt Retreat Center and Radical Faeries . This journey has led my along many paths, paths filled with gifts beyond imagining, as well as gifts of dancing with the shadow. Fighting the demons, journeying to underground places to restore parts of me that had been lost in addiction, broken hearts, seemingly wrong choices. Yet all choices led me to where I am today. Some choices where conscious, some where unconscious and unclear, even conscious choices sometimes seem to be unclear, until I can look back on why such a choice was made.


I have attracted these gifts and blessing to me to create or awaken within me more of spirit, more of the Divine that sings and shines within as well as stands aside when the choices I make are not of the best interest to spirit but ego. Allowing the gift of confusion, pain, to inform me of where the work is that I may need to do, to evolve into the Being I wish to be.

One of my spiritual mentor Andrew Harvey shares this about the nature of the world using the Buddhists sense of Samsara,” is the endless, unending round of birth and death, and everything in samsara is designed to break and be inadequate: we are not  meant to be comforted or safe in anything. The only safety is in the realization of our divine nature, a condition of complete simplicity that cost us not less the everything.”

I have recently wrote about what Julia Cameron writes about as Virtue Trap, that trap of doing something out of service but with the wrong mind-set. For without taking care of ourselves first, finding our own space, to write, to create, to pray, meditate, learning to love ourselves service is a tool for resentment, it is a block to creativity and block of our spirit to infuse ourselves to be fully present in the world. Julia ask us to create a list of activities that would seem crazy to others but playful, joyful events for our spirit and maybe ego. Those opportunities that I wrote about yesterday of Reiki sharing, Shaman Circle, other photograph groups and events, even just socializing more to create friendships, and maybe more.  In the past few days I have had to opportunity to chat with some young men who are seeking their path. Friends of the heart have shared here of their own Virtue Traps, and I am grateful for their feeling safe to share those self-destructive patterns, for in writing them allows the light to shine on blocks, even if we don’t see or feel the shift just yet how to get out, the moment is coming, the opportunities will keep presenting themselves until taken or completely ignored.

Start small

Two of the Basic Principles share this : Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

The Refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our nature.

In those principles I find guidance and strength, I find purpose to continue to allow spirit to inform me, to create with me and for me as I evolve into the being I truly am.

Growth Question: Make a list of activities that you may think are crazy in other peoples minds.

I am Love, Jeff

Open Heart

An open heart is a fertile bed that allows out true nature to emerge and reveal itself. Out inner being, higher self, spirit or divine nature speaks from the heart. With an open heart our bodies become infused with love, light and truth. Richard Ellis


The above quote is from Reiki: And the Seven Chakras. I have added the study and practice of this book to my reclaiming my artist and self work which I am doing with the Life Harmony program. Even through discussion of the chakras for each self are part of the process I have felt the need to explore the balance and imbalance of each Chakras for my own healing as well as to inform my healing practice of what I sense and see within client. It will allow for a more fully encompassed healing and effective treatment.

I feel this comes about because of the quote at the end of yesterdays blog/pages from The Prophet in which I shared my feelings around my experience living and leaving the community,  of Easton Mt Retreat . Since than I have been unraveling the bandages around my heart, trying to find trust and love in my fellow brothers, finding and trusting the love within myself to expand my life once again. These are all tools for doing just that. To take the risk each day to write this blog/morning pages to the  public opens the door to my heart more and more each day.


There are many times I do not follow through on Social opportunities because of my lack of trust, yet I have not had a bad experience in some time. And if I did I would hope that I could stay within my pain and understand it. Richard Ellis once again shares this about opening, allowing the heart charkra to be in balance, The day that love is lost from the outside and instead of retreating we remain in our heart, allow the pain in and stay open to it to the same degree as we were to the pleasure of love, is the day we anchor ourselves in the heart.

This means to show up, take the risk, embrace the joy as well as the pain. To dance with the shadow and the light, ego and essence !

Truly Open

Mom ask my to go with her to her friends 80 birthday party because she is uncomfortable driving due to the fact she is on some type of pain medication for her neck/headache. Which makes her feel unbalanced or something. So that is later today, this morning I am going to go get my hair cut .

Don’t seem to have anything else to write or express!

Growth Question: How do you know if and when your heart is open?

I am Love, Jeff

Is there a choice

drying leaves

“No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.” Minor White

Is there a new blog awaiting to be written? I don’t know! I have had many thoughts flood through my mind yet nothing seemed appropriate to write about. This is also your morning pages so you can write anything, that is what the morning pages are for. The first “rule of the road: Show up at the page. Use the page to rest, to dream, to try.” So here I am trying, which I have not been able to do for two days, I have been totally stuck some place. As much as I wanted to write I could not, and would not. I have been completely veggin out, getting nothing done, eating to fill a void, ignoring the world, except one I viewed from the TV or in the fantasy book I am reading. Reality did not wish to show it self to me. I even took my camera many times while on out walks and felt attracted to nothing. The dogs seem to have a mind of their own and run off to chase and kill groundhogs. So I have to figure out which way they went, sometimes in two different directions, distracting me from the view around me.

Stars in the grass

Today though I am hoping for a new state of mind, seeking to choose new thoughts, more affirmative actions. I did take a few photos on our first early morning walk. Wild Grape leaves, details of Queen Anne Lace, seed pods of Sorrel, and wild grasses that are seeding that caught my attention in the light and shadow of early morning.

All in vein

So what am I hiding from? Is my ego so frightened of change, is change or growth that frightening that it will not allow me to pursue my dreams, so egoic that it wants to stay stuck here in this pit of morose behavior. This all started after I finished the last blog/pages, I had an anxiety attack, like I had been sat on, in the middle of my chest/Solar Plexus “wherever we experience conflict, this is where it is felt.” according to Reiki and the Seven Chakras. So what is the conflict. That I enjoyed myself last weekend, and here is another weekend and I have not had personal contact with anyone since. I think the first blow came when I viewed photographs of someone else’s of the Dyke March. They were awesome! Amazing work, I sat there stunned by what I saw, and was jealous in a way but also knew better. Yet I have not viewed my photographs of the event as of yet, so I have been knock off my path a bit. I have never doubted my work before, ever. So I have had to rethink my work, and my creativity. hmm?  The Reiki and the Seven Chakras states, “these are old polarised views of power. We need to learn to be powerful without dis-empowering others.” Or in my case myself.

One of the basic principles in the Artist’s Way which is an affirmation, “The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.” With that in mind no wonder I have struggled, I have avoided myself, my true nature with mind numbing TV and sugar and empty calorie food stuffs. Not completely but more than I had been for the last few months. It has been like I was afraid to open the books, do the work, admit that I had weakened, in some way or another. Oh yeah that makes my human doesn’t, oh darn, human again! Yes but this is where affirmations come into play, offering a place of safety and hope, a sense of pride. I am a wonderful prolific photographer. I capture moments, that are moments of beauty and fun. I am a wonderful photograph who has no fear. I am a wonderful creative photographer with light and shadow. As a photographer I can learn from others work, to fill the well, to be inspired, to encourage my child to grow and feel safe.

about to be free

Hey it is even creative to write nice things about yourself, to create a place of play and safety to get out of the funk, to breathe through the mood to cleanse and smooth the path out allowing spirit to heal and inform.

Another thing I have to admit; I seem to be attracted to someone! He is on my mind more often than not. From the first time I met him a year ago, I have been interested in connecting with him on more personal level. There is a coffee date in the air but just has not come to reality as of yet. So what are you waiting for?  Thought, word, and deed!

Growth Question: Did you ever know you may desire one thing and something else is happening?

I am Love, Jeff

Photographs for sale