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Mooning imagination

“The world of reality has it limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” ¬†Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Moon and Stars?

With boundless imagination I approach this mornings pages/blog to allow the energy flow into words, the thoughts to accumulate here to express, evolve, even maybe enlighten my journey within imagination and creativity.

I read blogs this morning instead of books, I read the signs of the forest as we walked the paths that have been reconfigured by a big storm that lasted only maybe 20 minutes but left in its path, strewn leaves, broken branches, down trees, accumulated debris of logs and littler that washes down the culverts, and natural streams, that arrived during a rain storm only to be absorbed back into the ground within days and sometimes hours.

Through the storm

Actually the first walk was just after storm, it was still raining a bit, yet the dogs felt the need to investigate. So off we went, the ground was not soggy only wet because it had been so dry for days, weeks. Yet the plants and leaves where all drooping, brushing us with the fresh rain that still clung to them as we walked though. Keeping a look out for new details, that would or could encumber our journey. There where some old branches entangled with other branches creating a damn of leaves and what not within our way. One tree, cracked and broke almost from it base lay across the way leaving us to walk over because it was too big to move, a new challenge on our path.

Rain Pond

The little pond was formed at the base of one of my favorite giant trees, water always settles there and has been an inspiration for photographing many times, at this time I had not brought my camera, it was too wet to have it exposed, and this morning the pond was dry, absorbed into the ground. The journey further on expressed more water, a few more small down trees, mostly dead already… out into the field the dogs ran off to sniff and greet their friend Buddy, dog and master, we have become acquainted with in the past few months. The dogs sniff about and play a little bit. The guy and I speak in generalities, the weather, the dogs, I know he introduced himself once but I have forgotten his name, yet he is friendly and seems to be glad for the friendship of the dogs. Because he mentioned the Buddy is usually looking for them when they come for their walks around the field.

Muffin bath!

When I got back to the house, it was about 7:30 pm, I found that the electric was out, it stayed out the rest of the night until about 3:30 am. When I was a wakened by the sounds of electrical things coming on. The neighbor’s central air system, the whine of whatever else makes the house run that is just usual noise during the night that we don’t really hear. I had to come down to Muffin and Riley because they became disturbed by the new energy that was now coursing through the house, us besides the electric. I sat with them for a while but that was after I showered because I was so damp and sweaty from the humidity ¬†that covered the evening sleep. That a refreshing shower would wash away the stickiness and the unrest of the sleep I had had until then. I remember now I had come down to get my glasses and book “The Lost Symbol” Dan Brown’s last novel, to nudge me back into sleep. Finally reawakening at 7:15 am to begin my day.

Earlier in the evening when it was dark all around me, you could hear some of the neighbors talking in their yards, the smell of cigarette smoke wafting among the wet grass and earth, I choose to sit out in the yard under the almost full moon, to ground, to breath the refreshing air, and to meditate until I was sleepy enough to go to my humid room for the night.

Moon Like

Living in the suburbs the opportunity to Be with the moon does not happen all that much. Oh sure the moon still waxes and wanes but many times it is missed due to so much indoor living as well as it place in the sky. So to sit with sister moon, in the semi silence, among the wet fragrant grass was an opportunity to ground, to center, to be present with her shining white light. The experience was just that one of ground, peacefulness, and restfulness. For off to bed I went shortly after, and the was sister moon shinning on my pillows. So for awhile I got to sleep with the moon, yet she is fickle and she slid out and around the house to shine on else where. In hope to find others who would be present with her glory!

Thank you! I Love You!

Growth Question: Is the Moon part of your reality or your imagination?

I am Love, Jeff