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exercising your power of choice.

“… through exercising your power of choice judiciously, you can learn to see how you and your actions can work in harmony with the world around you. You may experience the grace of living in harmony with the universe only a handful of times, but the experience is characterized by a feeling of trust and a rapport with your surroundings.” Carolyn Myss

The power of choice

I read the above quote after having read the Fourth Step process in Alcoholics Anonymous: The process of taking an inventory of our lives, seeking the places we find resentment, anger, selfish behavior… and fear. These choices of fear selfish behavior, anger and resentments do not allow us/me to experience the grace of being in harmony with the universe, those choices do not create trust and or rapport with my surroundings, they do just the opposite.

Continual Flow

I say this because I find myself more and more in just those moments of choice, to control a situation, to be get angry because someone needs some or is hovering, in an unconscious caring way. I hear myself in those moments, when I am making a sarcastic comment, getting angry of a diver on the road that is going the speed limit, or even the dogs, when it seems to me an inappropriate time to want to take a walk, in those moments I have to breathe, I have to say how important is this to my sanity and my relationship to this situation. Constantly readjusting my attitude, realigning my self with the Higher Power. For each moment is a moment to learn who I am, or who I am not or even no longer wish to be.

Self-centered, resentment, anger, and fear...

There is some really wise words which when used as action to move beyond ourselves, from  Alcoholics Anonymous page 420 which states, “Perhaps the best thing of all for me is to remember that my serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations.” For I have unconscious expectation of how things are suppose to be, I have egoic reason why, a situation, person, place or thing should act accordingly, the wisdom goes on to say, ” The higher my expectations of other people are (and myself), the lower my serenity. I can watch my serenity level rise when I discard my expectations. But when my ‘rights’ (ego) try to move in, and they too can force my serenity down. I have to discard my ‘rights’ (ego) as well as expectations, by asking myself, How important is it, really?  How important is it compared to my serenity, my emotional sobriety? And when I place more value on my serenity and sobriety than on anything else, I can maintain them at a higher level – at least for the time being.”

For at least the time being, for the moment is just that only a moment, yet when anger and resentment have become present the moment lives on in my energy much longer. Yeah but ego says what about my ‘rights’ what about me, in a flash, you are not important, the state of being is, presence of mind, the action of Love is the state of being. Love of self, to be Love of others, Love to others.

I still have to ask, do I think that little of myself to continue to react in such a manner? The reason for this writing is to awaken that place of serenity, to create emotional sobriety on a regular basis, not a sometime, someplace experience, an experience that is a state of being, Being Love, I am Love. I use to sign off with I am Love, all the time, than something shifted, because what I was experiencing was everything put love from myself. So it was time to “trudge the road of happy destiny” once again.


Once again the practice of choosing consciously or judiciously choosing actions that are in harmony with the world around will offer the grace of serenity, will allow me to be present and leave the present to the past when the next moment comes, and I have acted Lovely from self into the world Lovely .

Question: What are your choices saying about you?

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Is there a choice

drying leaves

“No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.” Minor White

Is there a new blog awaiting to be written? I don’t know! I have had many thoughts flood through my mind yet nothing seemed appropriate to write about. This is also your morning pages so you can write anything, that is what the morning pages are for. The first “rule of the road: Show up at the page. Use the page to rest, to dream, to try.” So here I am trying, which I have not been able to do for two days, I have been totally stuck some place. As much as I wanted to write I could not, and would not. I have been completely veggin out, getting nothing done, eating to fill a void, ignoring the world, except one I viewed from the TV or in the fantasy book I am reading. Reality did not wish to show it self to me. I even took my camera many times while on out walks and felt attracted to nothing. The dogs seem to have a mind of their own and run off to chase and kill groundhogs. So I have to figure out which way they went, sometimes in two different directions, distracting me from the view around me.

Stars in the grass

Today though I am hoping for a new state of mind, seeking to choose new thoughts, more affirmative actions. I did take a few photos on our first early morning walk. Wild Grape leaves, details of Queen Anne Lace, seed pods of Sorrel, and wild grasses that are seeding that caught my attention in the light and shadow of early morning.

All in vein

So what am I hiding from? Is my ego so frightened of change, is change or growth that frightening that it will not allow me to pursue my dreams, so egoic that it wants to stay stuck here in this pit of morose behavior. This all started after I finished the last blog/pages, I had an anxiety attack, like I had been sat on, in the middle of my chest/Solar Plexus “wherever we experience conflict, this is where it is felt.” according to Reiki and the Seven Chakras. So what is the conflict. That I enjoyed myself last weekend, and here is another weekend and I have not had personal contact with anyone since. I think the first blow came when I viewed photographs of someone else’s of the Dyke March. They were awesome! Amazing work, I sat there stunned by what I saw, and was jealous in a way but also knew better. Yet I have not viewed my photographs of the event as of yet, so I have been knock off my path a bit. I have never doubted my work before, ever. So I have had to rethink my work, and my creativity. hmm?  The Reiki and the Seven Chakras states, “these are old polarised views of power. We need to learn to be powerful without dis-empowering others.” Or in my case myself.

One of the basic principles in the Artist’s Way which is an affirmation, “The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.” With that in mind no wonder I have struggled, I have avoided myself, my true nature with mind numbing TV and sugar and empty calorie food stuffs. Not completely but more than I had been for the last few months. It has been like I was afraid to open the books, do the work, admit that I had weakened, in some way or another. Oh yeah that makes my human doesn’t, oh darn, human again! Yes but this is where affirmations come into play, offering a place of safety and hope, a sense of pride. I am a wonderful prolific photographer. I capture moments, that are moments of beauty and fun. I am a wonderful photograph who has no fear. I am a wonderful creative photographer with light and shadow. As a photographer I can learn from others work, to fill the well, to be inspired, to encourage my child to grow and feel safe.

about to be free

Hey it is even creative to write nice things about yourself, to create a place of play and safety to get out of the funk, to breathe through the mood to cleanse and smooth the path out allowing spirit to heal and inform.

Another thing I have to admit; I seem to be attracted to someone! He is on my mind more often than not. From the first time I met him a year ago, I have been interested in connecting with him on more personal level. There is a coffee date in the air but just has not come to reality as of yet. So what are you waiting for?  Thought, word, and deed!

Growth Question: Did you ever know you may desire one thing and something else is happening?

I am Love, Jeff

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