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Remain True…

Remain true to the soul, and life magically transforms itself around you. Andrew Harvey

While reading or rereading sections of the Life Harmony course Self-Expression I came to the section of the Business of Being where one is asked “on a personal basis, how do you present yourself? How does the world see you? How do you want the world to see you? If there is a difference between how the world see you and how you want the world to see you, what action steps are required on your part to bring the two perspectives closer, or to make them the same?”

Very important questions which left me asking myself those questions, and the answer was either silence, or I am not really sure, how the world see’s me, and is it really important if I know what the world’s view of me is?

The first question needs to be answered first “How do you present yourself?” I seek to present myself as a loving compassionate person. I seek to show up as authentic as I can, I am honest with myself, and I am honest with the world around me. I don’t role play anymore, I am what I am.

Yet if I really research, I think different facets of the world view me differently, and they do that from their own perspective of who they think I should be, not from who I show up as. Can we truly bring the perspectives together, can we be all things to all people, or do we present ourselves as who we are at the moment, for the moment is the only time that being present is required.

Have I answered those questions? For now yes, what actions steps are required, the action of being authentic. Remaining true to the soul…

Grand View

This weekend was filled with street fairs, first one was a local community Barrington NJ, less than a mile away, to which I walked to. Down the railroad along Atlantic Ave, up Gloucester Pike, to the main road of Chews landing Rd, which held the half mile fair on the gentle hill back down to Atlantic Ave. From cross-road to railroad the mile was filled with booths of crafts, local business, purveyors of food and drink. Mom’s and dad’s pushed baby carriages, waddled behind, curious, wide-eyed children. The path was well trafficked with people, talking, shouting, eating, viewing all the items of display.


These events are good for doing candid shots of people doing random things, a little slice of life in suburbia… 








Than Sunday was Philadelphia’s Out Fest, one of the largest Out Festival in the country. Which is held in the Gayborhood, now being called Midtown Village. From Walnut St to Spruce between 12th and 13th. Of course this causes all kinds of crazy traffic upset in the city but hey a big gay block party is worth the inconvenience to the locals, who I know, either hate or just come up to have a good time.  I met up with my friend Linda and her Boyfriend Brian,

linda & Brian

to finally meet Brian was a welcomed treat.







Of course through out the day I chatted with new friends and old friends, watch people greet each other, groups standing around chatting, laughing, hugging and kissing. Many people attending the booths/tables for city gay organizations I know so I always get to say Hi and catch up. Always on the look out for moments to photograph, interesting drags, fun costumes, music performance on the main stage, and dancing on the street at Spruce and 12th.

Gay Youth

Well I have caught up with the weekend goings on, and it is only Tuesday !!!

I am Love, Jeff