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The View from Here.

There was a time that each morning I awoke to loving warmth of my two Golden Retriever’s, Riley and Muffin. We would get petted and nudged, roll over, dance in excitedness to see me and to begin their day. Pushing their way out the door, Muffin always first because Riley was a gentleman, but always the protector. Off we would go down the street, to our little woods, what was left since the building of the Great Wall of FedX and accompanying business. The path led along the wall of fake stone front and cement, the fortress wall only went so far, and there was plenty of nature to our left to entertain.


The trapeze act of squirrels scurrying from tree branch to tree branch, High wire jump from tree to tree, chattering all the way. The sounds of birds everywhere, The Cardinal elongated call and sharp whistle informing others of intruder in woods their red flash through the green always gave them away. The chick a dee’s in winter, their little gray tones sitting on branches and following along our path. The call for the Red Tail Hawk informing us from far above that he was there, but disturbed by our presence, circling in deeper and deep turns to scout for it breakfast.  On rare and lucky occasion we would get stared down by young white tail deer until one of the dogs would get wind of it, with a bark, start chasing after what now would be a small family of deer, running off along the little paths created by them to get away, disappearing in the brush.

shifting These adventures are multi purpose, the dogs got to run about freely, in a somewhat “wild” area. They would run off this way and that, sniffing, digging, rolling in something smelly. I was always in sight if not they would wait until I was or comeback to look for me. What was I doing observing, observing the light, the shadow. That green was no longer just green it was every hue of green, emerald, forest, yellow-green. The leaves shaped like stars, or maples others of oak brown green, contrast with humus of the ground rich decay of many past season of leaves, wood in branches and whole trunks that had fallen over or uprooted by the weather. In those logs chipmunks flashed by making its chirping sound causing Muffin to go into a frenzy. All this time I am waiting for the view, the right setting, the shadow here, the light just hitting there, on a mushroom or a leaf, a twisted sticker vine, spying little blue flowers, violets, and Queen Anne’s Lace, Mountain laurel, all to be photographed.


Each season provided an never ending evolution of tree, plants, downed wood, fungi and mushroom popping up here and there, the rains made streams and puddles, created stick dams to hold things back, to wade over and to sit in. Seasons changed, the years have unfolded, progress took more of forest, years took Riley just this spring. Muffin who is now older stops and starts, would rather have attention than an actual walk, even though we manage at least once a day to get a full walk. There is always photography happening, I am never without my camera, Nature is my muse, she shines and dance, she sit gracefully, she changes clothes in full view of the world. Life is an impressive, expressive place. Look around, be present. View it from Here.

Riley and Muffin
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Success is rarely created unless you’re having fun at it.

There may not be any quotes to lead off this blog. There may not be any photographs to enhance this blog. There may not be any coherence to this blog, it my wander aimlessly with thoughts expressed as words, “like why hell is the type so small?” Okay fixed that.

To state the obvious it has been months since writing, the reluctant bloger certainly has lived up to his name. It certainly not because he has had nothing to write about, for surely that would be an untruth. The truth of the matter is I have been waiting for the “right moment” if there ever is such a thing? I had ideas of blog I wanted to create, with photos and words, those still may materialize? The moment now happened because I could not find something else to distract myself from not doing the writing. The voice in my head kept say, “it early, there is nothing else pressing, and other distractions you are finding boring. So write, create, just like yesterday when one of the first things you did was photograph the roses from the exhibition reception, capturing their beauty two weeks later. (now here is a lead in if there ever was one)Reception Rose

Opportunity to share photos and to write about the Artist reception for the Photographic Society of Philadelphia’s tribute exhibition which I curated.

On March 16th 2014 after a month-long run of the exhibition the artist reception took place. It was a smashing success, a semi climax to a year and a half long process of promotion, invites, chatting, networking, for submissions of Photographs and Photography equipment and a bit of history the show open the first week of Feb 2014.

Submission began coming in January 29-30, from members of the society many of them I knew, a few were either new members or just new to me personally. The submission process was simple, three pieces each, sizes and genre varied from artist to artist. There is not theme, there is no juried submission, or competition. The mission of the PSoP is to offer the opportunity to photographer of all styles, and ability to exhibit together, to meet, to discuss work, share knowledge of equipment, and technical abilities. This allows for a much more relaxed form of exhibiting.

Mom Viewing exhibition

During the submission process along with Pauline Jonas as was my Mom,  I was unable to leave her at home, plus it gave her a chance to socialize a bit, which is something she was sadly in need of. Her wandering was a bit distracting but also entertaining to watch while she view photographs and met people who chatted with her, kept her company while Pauline and I received the art.

During the course of the exhibition I went to the gallery several times, to view hanging, to take in other works that were still coming after submission dates. The extra visits allowed me to “really” view the photography, admire the work of the members, to readjust the positions of some of the work for better viewing advantage. I used my networking to promote the exhibit with the Philadelphia Inquire, the story even made the Sunday edition!  Next was another visit with Don Brewer for his blog DoN ArTs NeWs interview and photographing the exhibition.  During both these interviews members of the township were interviewed about the gallery in the municipal building. Which created more excitement about this collection.

The interview w Pauline & Kevin

Culminating in a successful  Artist reception of March 16th 2-4: a fairly nice day weather wise, since we had had so much snow and freezing weather, the opportunity to go to a gallery, enjoy art, meet the artist, have a nosh, even view a film on Ansel Adams to round out the afternoon. A pleasure to me of greeting 40-50 people, fellow exhibition photographers, all but two attended. Family, friend, people who had either read the article/blog or followed post on Facebook.

Mom was unable to attend for she had had a fall twice in less than a week, on the second hospital stay Drs. recommended 20 day rehab which she had just begun two days before the reception. She was missed by many, her spirit was there with us.

The Exhibit comes down next week April 2-3 ! This journey has been an amazing opportunity to be involved in the creative world of art in new form, in active creative participation, one that will expand they way I view art/photography and its world!


We Live our lives…

“We live our lives of human passions,

cruelties, dreams, concepts,

crimes and the exercise of virtue

in and beside a world devoid

of our preoccupations, free

from apprehension—though affected,

certainly, by our actions. A world

parallel to our own though overlapping.

We call it “Nature”; only reluctantly

admitting ourselves to be “Nature” too.

Whenever we lose track of our own obsessions,

our self-concerns, because we drift for a minute,

an hour even, of pure (almost pure)

response to that insouciant life:

cloud, bird, fox, the flow of light, the dancing

pilgrimage of water, vast stillness

of spellbound ephemerae on a lit windowpane,

animal voices, mineral hum, wind

conversing with rain, ocean with rock, stuttering

of fire to coal—then something tethered

in us, hobbled like a donkey on its patch

of gnawed grass and thistles, breaks free.

No one discovers

just where we’ve been, when we’re caught up again

into our own sphere (where we must

return, indeed, to evolve our destinies)

—but we have changed, a little.”

— Denise Levertov, “Sojourns in the Parallel World” (via litverve)

(via christinasanantonio)

After the photography exhibition reception on Sunday September 29, 2013 , there was and still is a sense of unfinishedness. I am not sure why? When I think about the experience even while present there seems to have been a disconnect, the energy did not blend, if that makes sense?
 A few days before I was feeling apprehensive or had a sense of expectation of this exhibition. How or why does make sense to me at this moment, yet the how or why I believe is causing the feeling for closure. How that comes about I am not sure either? That is why I am here now, to shine light on the “feeling” .
It all maybe the need for contact with other people, like-minded people. The ego may just be playing with me dancing in and out of the shadows so as not to have to really explain itself. I was an artist among artist, my photography is not the best in the exhibit nor the worst. They are not new prints but prints that have been exhibited in several different places in the past year or so. Yet I feel they are some of my best, simple, elegant, creative. I think when you have a room full of artist all seeking some type of praise for their work it maybe difficult to see your own light.  There, there it is! Ego dancing, taunting. “Over here, over here! See me, see my beautiful photos, see me!”  Sharing an exhibition with 21 other photographers, each having at least 4 pieces exhibited scattered about two floors of gallery is an awesome experience. No one shines above another, there are no solo performances here.  Some where exhibiting for the first time, some had exhibited for years.
I am grateful each and every time I have the opportunity to exhibit, to share these photos with the world me. That is the purpose of photography for me, it was and is the call I answers. So I have to move out of my own way. Allow the pictures to speak for themselves, allow the gift of photography to share natures beauty that I have been honored to witness on a regular basis.
It is those moments as the prose above speaks;Whenever we lose track of our own obsessions,our self-concerns, because we drift for a minute,

an hour even, of pure (almost pure)

response to that insouciant life:

cloud, bird, fox, the flow of light, the dancing

pilgrimage of water, vast stillness

of spellbound ephemerae on a lit windowpane,


It is in that time of presence that natures speaks, the beauty is shared and expressed. It is the humanness that ask why, or how, that feels the disconnect. Let nature speak, let beauty be.

All photography can be found here:

into another realm

The images here are something completely different for me, yet since I came upon this site while in Vermont last spring the abandoned burned out Motel spoke to me. I avoided it a few times, wondering what I can make of this space, what kind of photographs I could make from such a site. So being drawn like a moth to the flame, I finally drove off the main road to capture some shots.

These photos have haunted me since than and with the 150th Anniversary Exhibition for the Photographic Society of Philadelphia these are the images that kept coming to mind. These are completely different from anything I have done before, I have tried to ignore them but in the middle morning, 3:30 am, titles came to me, visions of these photographs repeated in my half awake state, finally causing me to get up and write the titles which I thought would be enough, not so.

I had to wash up, come down stairs, pet the dogs, make coffee, and preview the images which were burning in my mind. Even while working on them, and going through them I kept wondering, are these too dark, what is the story, what are you looking to convey? I think the titles say that, yet the story is in the photographs themselves.

I have been viewing a lot of contemporary photographs and I have been struck by their rawness, their sense of emptiness, even loneliness. Images of landscapes like these, and I wonder why someone is drawn to photograph such stark spaces?

Is it my dark side trying to present something, is it my desire to risk another side of my work that has not shown up before, influenced by modern photography? Yes, no, maybe?

Here are the images out of the camera, untouched:


Here are images that I contemplated with some enhancements, and treatment, which is something else I usually don’t do in my work.


Okay, I made this real. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I am sure that I am going to get your thoughts and contemplations on these images and they are welcome.  I can only use three in the exhibition and they have to be submitted by Friday, (jpgs) do. The images still can be adjusted before selection and printing which needs to be done in the next few weeks.

Create to remind yourself…

You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself.” ~Frederick Terral

blooming buds

I am writing to write, I am creating to create. Creating this blog to inform, to enlighten, to challenge the person and artist that I am and that I am becoming. To many days go by, almost silently, without much thought of creating or conversation. Blogging allows some of the steam to evaporate in the field…

This my venture of getting out of the house to be productive, or at least to experience something other than the sameness of everyday. Setting in Barnes & Noble, with the chatter of people taking in the Starbuck’s cafe, I had made tentative plans to meet a friend, yet she maybe caught up with her life today, which is fine. I need to shift my own energy, plus twice in as many days I have come across the phrase, “do something good for yourself”. Well meeting friends, hanging out, writing, maybe taking some photographs or viewing some photographic magazines, or art books is all part of that process.

Down close

News on the exhibit: Because of my hesitation behavior the 13 piece exhibit will be June/July. Which will run along with the exhibit at Balance, which is only a 3 blocks away from Bonte’s! So it will be great to have all that work in the same area going on at the same time. My hesitation allows me more time to gather the finances to put this collection together properly, to choose the correct pieces, and feel more connected to what I am doing and being with this exhibit.

looking out or in ?

My hesitation was all part of my growth, part of the process of recovery, of sense of identity, and self-worth as a person and an artist. In chapter two of The Artist’s Way  Julia Cameron suggest or states this: “One of  the things most worth noting in a creative recovery is our reluctance to take seriously the possibility that the universe just might be cooperating with our new and expanded plans. We’ve gotten brave enough to try recovery, but we don’t want the universe to really pay attention.” Here is the deeper thought which struck me, “we feel too much like frauds to handle some success.”

I said yes to this exhibit of 13 pieces finally after much thought and realizing also I did not have any work out on exhibit at time. So I finally what for it, after having been ask to do this solo show since I joined the Philadelphia Photographic Society. Having work in what ever space in Philadelphia is great exposure, some I thought ready for, until it actually was to happen.

Shadows and light

I realized too that my lack of blogging, doing morning pages in the past few days was the fact that I was embarrassed or ashamed that I did not get to exhibit now, and I had told friends, I wrote blogs about it, and now I had to fix it. I had to admit my fault or character defect. Yet the universe allowed me another opportunity and opportunity that seems more beneficial than if the exhibit had gone up today.

All of this is about focus, about conscious choice, taking care of self and the artist, learning what is correct opportunities, because more and more I keep placing myself out there, I keep asking the universe to show me the path, and along that path I need to nurture my child, my artist. Along that path I need to learn to ask for help, support and encouragement.

“Create to learn something about yourself” The quote that begins this blog suggest. So I have, and I do, it is not just about the photography, it is also about creating a fully conscious authentic being as well!

Growth Question: Who do you create for?

Empty fullness

Do you ever have this feeling of full emptiness? Explain please?  It is a sense of wanting to burst but at the same time a feeling lack or something missing. That has been my state of being for the past few days.  So the questions lay in, where is it coming from, what do I do with it, is it fixable, changeable?

Lined up

Hopefully writing this blog will expunge some of the sensation, for one thing I have been keeping a secret, more or less. Last week I agreed to have Solo Exhibit, one that is offered by the Philadelphia Photographic Society, they have asked me ever since I joined to take this on, and I have hesitated not because I don’t have the work, because of the framing situation. All framing size has to be 16 x 20. The photographs can be any size… ah ha! Because that would cause another situation to arise, specially made mats, not going to happen. So 13 photographs 11×14 in mats and frames need to be purchased and put together. Well only 8 do, I have 5 framed and matted photographs already 3 hanging on the walls of the house and 2 in storage.  I had three new prints made last week on metallic, which adds a different gloss and shine to the print which I had not tried before, 2 of which will go into the collection.

All of this for an exhibit in a coffee/waffle house in center city Philly. The exhibit goes up on the 15th of April and will be filmed for a youtube page the Photographic society now maintains.  Once I discuss this with the manage of Bonte’s, the coffee shop, I am hoping to have First Friday reception in May! So my plate has been full of making list, checking out framers, and frames, choosing photographs, theme is nature.  I think a few from the last blog post will make it into the collection.

I have also had the opportunity to work with a photographer on in the Candid Photography group that I co-host with two others. Tatum Wulff was my choice for featured artists of the month. We emailed back and forth an interview about her work and what drives her, you can view that here.

Last week was a whirl wind of artistic filling the well.  Photographic Society Meeting,  on Tuesday, in which we were told that the society would have group exhibit at the Plastic Club in Oct and working on a 150 year anniversary  exhibit for the Society next year which will be held in Philadelphia City Hall.

Chick weed flower

On Thursday I was in the city again of a panel discussion created by The Center for Visual Artist to offer information on the opportunity and business that offer printing and framing options as well as workshops and gallery space and exhibit to members. Boy was my mind filled that day. Those business are the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Lightroom, photography co-0p, and Project Basho.

Than Friday was back to the city to place a piece “Maple Buds” in a shared exhibit offered by the Photographic Society in Bonte’s at 10th and Walnut.

On Sunday I went to an exhibit of local artist and fellow members of the Salem County Art League, Jack and Sharon Fanning, this collection was held at the Galleria Deptford NJ, the Deptford Municipal Building, where Photographs, water colors and Pottery where on display and for sale.  While there I spoke with potter Margo Schreiber who is interested in having her Pottery photographed, so I am going to be in discussion with her concerning that. I also talked to Pauline Jonas about the space and exhibits, she mentioned that the Arts League would be doing a shared exhibit in July. Opportunities abound!

Briar Berry's

Each of these events offered me opportunity to photograph, to socialize, to enhance and share my creative work with the world around me. With all of that coming in my well is very full, yet that sense of emptiness still seems to linger…



Creative series, or seriously creative?

“… a single photograph, it ‘s provocative, it’s an idea, but if you can do two or three maybe you make of that a phrase and if you can do it in ten maybe it ‘s a sentence. It’s a hard to obscure language, but it’s worth studying.” Dorothea Lange

see me

I was aware of this quote, from the book Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits by Linda Gorman. Yet it spoke to me this morning when I was reading Terrill Welsh’s recent Blog and her Sprout question: Can you tell us about a creative series you want to do in the future? Got me to consider just what creative series I was in fact getting involved in. Well the idea of what I choose for the photography exhibit in July for Balance Gallery, the subject Nature and Sky. Yet how to they, the photographs imply more than nature and sky, part of the world we see everyday, part of the world we may ignore everyday as well?  As I select pieces for this exhibit what do I want to say and what do I wish for the viewer to experience? Hopefully something more than just looking at lovely photographs of trees, flowers, sunsets, and clouds! I wish these photographs to beyond mere words, I wish them to speak to the viewer in ways that they have not heard before. Am I and the art that I create powerful enough for that?

look closely

My mission as a photographer from the very beginning shots was to bring the viewer into nature, through the woods, along the path, to not only see but to “see” the life all around, the dancing leaves, the creatures on the leaves, the light/Sunshine filtered through to highlight, to enhance, to make dance something that is more than just a tree with ever-changing leaves, to bring it to life, for it is alive, and breathing, offering us humans the breath we breathe.   Dorothea Lange also has this to say “You can photograph a tree, certainly it is not human, but it is you who are doing it are human, and your understanding and the reason for doing that tree are strictly human motives.”  Yet I am going to step beyond that not only human motives, yes the exhibit is a human motive but the creativeness of the photographs is deeper than human, it is to allow nature to speak, it is to allow the experience of nature to inform humans of it’s very evolution, it’s very fact that it has a life for us to enjoy, to appreciate the gifts that surround us.

Look up

Dorothea Lange was not a nature Photographer she was a Documentary Portrait photographer, yet her photographs are styled to not just capture what is in front of her but to inform the viewer of a deeper essence of her subject.

The creative subject is and always has been the evolution and desire of the natural world to inform us of it amazing beauty, it’s silent life that surrounds us and gives us life breath!

There is another series bubbling as well, there is a blog waiting in the wings that I wrote weeks ago about Documentary photography/photographers, Dorothea Lange ‘s work the inspiration, in that blog I began to gather other photographers yet I am now thinking each one may deserve their own?

future presence

Can can the work I create speak a language I have been unable to voice until now? Or have has it spoken and I have not completely listened?

Growth Question: Is there something in your life that is seeking to get your attention, is it provocative, yet it’s language has not yet created a whole sentence?

I am Love, Jeff

The Hand of the Creator

Once  you accept that it is natural to create, you can begin to accept a second idea – that the creator will hand you whatever you need for the project. The minute you are willing to accept help the help of this collaborator, you will see useful bit of help everywhere in  your Life… The Artist’s Way Week 7

Shadow Play

Even through I have struggled in the past few days to find my will to write I have continued to seek ways to consciously heal, consciously Be present for the gifts that show up. Some I sometimes almost miss, because I am not paying attention, my energy is too low, or I have found something else to distract me, while all the time headed in a forward direction around the spiral.

While reading the section in 8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil M.D. he suggest a stream bath for a cleansing and healing, and I am like where in the world would I find one of those? I don’t belong to a gym, I don’t know anyone who has one in their home? And than I get a message about a Sweat Lodge next week, and I remember Toe talking about at a group meeting a few weeks ago. Aha! the Lights go on! What a perfect way to cleanse, from the summer season to the fall season, what a great way to be in ritual as well.

Dr. Weil suggest a steam or sweat to help the “mechanisms of natural healing, since it allows the body to rid itself of unwanted materials.” He goes on to share “throughout history (people) have regarded purification of the body to purification of the spirit.”  I find this profound way to let go of the summer season, detox from whatever I have ingested whether consciously or unconsciously, to call in spirit to bring forth the new season of harvest and preparing for winter. Time to cozy up, to time put in place the stores of projects, practices, and ways of living that will be healthful and abundant during our winter reflection.

Winter's Kiss Goodnight!

While meeting with my friend Jodi, doing a one on one Reiki share that I treated myself too, and so glad that I did, we were discussing what was going for us and I shared that I had spoken to Vince about office space for my Reiki practice and study groups, and almost immediately Jodi ask you want to hold the Conversation with God Group here?  My rely was yes, I have been considering that very strongly, because I did not get the sense of welcome or acceptance that I desired to feel, yet I was still looking for a space to set up my Reiki practice, and the price was too out of range for me at this time at The Starting Point. So this morning after a night of having the thought of being in Jodi’s “studio” came through my dreams, I sent off a message to her to get more feedback and set the process into motion. WoW ! That Feels good!

This week if I compare it to last week has been rather slow, seemingly uneventful, yet looking at the above it has not been at all. I keep moving forward while moving around the spiral, the dance floor is big but I will once again get to the front of the room for a moment only to being to swing down once more.

A new exhibit with the Salem County Art League is coming into being at Pennsville Library in Oct it is a month long exhibit, so even when I am not looking a space to show presents its self. Next week is the third week of the month at the Philadelphia Photography Society meets than and I will be able to show with them as well.

I also have to gratefully thank my friend Kim for buying one of my Calendars from Redbubble. Kim had been visiting with Laurie who just happens to have one of my calendars “Flowers” as well. Kim was so taken by it she sought them on my site, she did not buy the same one as Laurie but instead purchased “Simply Forest” ! Thank you, thank you!

So in light of that calendars can be created just for you. Pick out 12 photos you like, message me with their titles and I will create them, and honored to do so!  The photos can also have saying placed on them, which I will make as well, in the very near future. All most every photograph is available for purchase in one form or another? Thank you for allowing me promote my work. Yet the best promotion is word of mouth from friends and viewers, and I am grateful for each of you!

seed pods

I was going to write more about my Reiki session with Jodi yesterday morning, for after the session she asked if I wanted to know what she had “seen”  during our session. Right now I don’t think I have all the words and concepts in place to share about her visions at the moment. They where inspiring in the sense of healing and moving forward, and what my process has been and what it can continue to be with some clearing and conscious awareness.

“that the creator will hand you whatever you need for the project.” has become a reality, while still be magic in the sense of feeling what is the right direction, the right project. Listening to the heart, is the path to the abundance that heals and informs my Higher Self.

Growth Questions: Is the Creator handing you project to inspire and improve your life?

I am Love, Jeff

P.S. The photographs are from last winter, I thought they were interesting so I pulled them to share here. Twice I almost posted the photographs without words, just to have a blog go out but I balked.

A sense of it all

“Like an ability or a muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it.” Robbie Gass

different views

Is there something more I am supposed to feel after and or during an event like the Artist Reception which was held on Friday July 16, 2010, for my self and the work of two other photographers Elke Muller, and Kathy McLean. From what I could tell it was a well attended, and critical success!

I had my Mom with me and my best friend Linda who is one of my strongest supportive people of my art work and the path that I am on. Linda is always getting the sense of the crowd, her energy and curiosity allows for information to flow her way. So I can always get a sense of what was going on from her perspective. Chris Bartlett a Radical Faerie friend and new Executive Director to the William Way Center was on hand, it was great to introduce him to my Mom and Linda. As well as have his support and encouragement. It was his first full day in his new position and official capacity to over see the Artist Reception.

full crowd

I received some great feed back as watch and stood behind people as they viewed my work, some people I was introduced to by Chris Bartlett, as was grateful to have the opportunity to get people thoughts and ideas of my work. All reports were good, complimentary, and useful. Some of my thoughts where it would have been nice if more of my friends had come, yet knowing the GLBT Film Festival was in full swing, that getting people to comment to another event was a bit much. So there was a sense of disappointment as well a sense of pride, sense of accomplishment and a bit of recognition. To have the vice president of the Philadelphia Photography Society show up because I ask him to earlier in the week, when I saw Morris at an art exhibit in the Plastic Club which is where the “society” meets, yet share space with other art forms. Morris, mentioned that he and Mia had come by to view the work that Sunday when I informed them of the exhibit. So their presence at the reception was more rewarding to have their support.

As I stood there observing, I notice a guy discussing a photograph of mine with his friend and then saw Candice Thompson get involved in the conversation, commenting on my work, there was a sale in progress! Dancing the Happy dance! “Face of Marriage II” sold.  A photo I really hesitated about submitting, yet earlier in the evening had some really good comments about the piece. In the sense of what are those two guys doing? The gap between them leads you to the front of the shot where a minister stands, a bit out of focus. Causing wondering, asking questions?

Taking a break

I later introduced myself to the gentleman who brought the photograph and thanked him! He was glad I had, his reason where personal, and that the photograph had caught his attention because of the minister.

So the past few days I have been catching my breath, taking in the process of what receptions do, what they are about, how to be more present or more observational during these events. I suppose most of the feedback comes from the gallery and the people from the center. A sale is a good sign that the collection is good, Elke Muller had a sale as well,  two photographs sold on the first night is a good sign of success. Or a successful reception. So keeping the artist brain and Logic Brain in balance is the process of healthy recovery, healthy creativity.

Well I was at the Farmers Market on Saturday I also went into the Perkins Art Center that sets and the end of the street, and has been on my mind to look into what they where all about. So Linda and I wander in, she in the lead, already asking questions. I got names and emails for people who accept the art works for the center gallery, as well as come to find out that the center in Morristown NJ also has a juried art show exhibit in the fall. Which I am going to look into. Linda also informed me that the coffee shop in Westmont offers wall space to local artist. So the grass is not growing under my feet. Getting the photographs exhibited, displayed and exposed to the world is the process and the next venture on my path of affirmations and recognition.

Without Love

without love
there can be no joy or happiness
no beauty
no harmony in the world
even if hundreds of raindrops fall from the cloud
no secret pearls can be found in the sea
without the rhythms of love

~Mevlana Rumi

Owl appearance

It has been days since I blogged, wrote my pages… I don’t know where the days went or do I? The last I recall I was going to Woodstown NJ to pick up photographs from the exhibit there, we lost our exhibit space at Beans Coffee due to back payment of taxes, etc. So the Salem County Art League is scouting out new venues as well as having conversations about all of that. The drive is about a half hour south of home, not a bad ride, scouted out some places I could photograph, this area is farm land but fast beginning to see the expanding sprawl of suburbia… sad really.

I got back from that journey, I had three photographs in that exhibit, I thought only two, switch out them out to use new photographs for the exhibit, after having lunch, I have come to realize I need to eat smaller meals, yet more often, to take the edge off, to keep my sugar in it proper balance and not lost energy and half the day recovering from a crash.

I had all of the collection together by Thursday evening, Friday morning which was a relief to have made the choices and all the selections convey a sense of who I am as an artist. Ranging from beautiful Nature, to the wonderful nature of human kind, and the GLBT community, and the dark rumbled halls of the Eastern State Penitentiary. Lightness and darkness, shadow and light play their themes here, evolution, community, beauty the surrounds us yet sometimes unseen and maybe taken for granted?

Friday was more of a down day, collecting myself, my thoughts, my energy… While driving on Thursday morning I heard an announcement that, singer/song writer Shawn Colvin was to be performing at Copper River park, an outdoor free concert that the Camden County Freeholders supports in different parks around the county. I have been a fan of Shawn Colvin since her first CD, have seen her perform at last four times . So I took the opportunity to head out to the park to listen and take photographs. I was glad I did, it was a great performance, have some great shots, stage/performance photography is something I really enjoy doing, there is a different challenge to it then other forms of photography. Capturing the performer in their element, their emotion, the desire and bliss can be viewed in their performance as well as on their faces. It is an awesome experience to be in that creativity, the energy of letting the creativity flow and be shared.

The guy who opened for Shawn, Ryan something or other, I have to find out his name, a young man, looking very California beach, singer song writer, and performed a couple of songs, then shared a bit of his story to go long with the songs. What he said rung true for me and I think for many artist, he said he was at is office job always thinking about his music, missing work because he was out performing and finally realized writing/performing was his love, was where he was supposed to be.

Saturday morning I had the rude awakening that I had to wire some of the photographs, meaning I had to put eye hooks on them and find wire, which I did not think I had. I did, and there was one last piece I wanted to use, a black and white shot of night life in the city, very gritty and urban, at first the forces where not with me on this and then they shifted, and things began to flow, got that all together. By mid morning it had begun to rain, yet I had to travel to Philly to drop the collection off, I could not hold onto it any longer, it was finished. If I kept it I would begin to second guess this shot or that. So it was time… In the rain, the highway to the bridge was a wet grey journey, not a lot of traffic but enough to make things a bit slow and dangerous where it was difficult to see. I got to the center well enough found a place in front of the building parked on the street, I would only be a short time, and I was. I left the two photographs that had been on exhibit for the new collections as well.

Saturday Rain

What a relief that was to get the work to the gallery, to leave it in their capable hands, now all I had to do is show up on Friday. I got home and realized the contract was sitting on the table which I meant to take with me! Yikes… Well I was going over on Sunday, I would take it then… I  did take then, I had to remind myself to do that first as soon as I got off the train to head to the Center. My friend Doug/Marshall was tending the space and he was all excited… saying “look, look you got the whole big wall!” I was like what the photos are up already! To my grand surprise there they where all my photographs stretched across the main wall. Wow! I was not crazy about the positions of some of them and then realized one of them was missing, “Faces of Marriage” which was my center piece shot for the GLBT collection, and come to find out that it is on the post card the center had printed for the announcement and run of the show!  I was wondering what was up with that? I have a feeling that Candice has another plans of the piece, because the other photographs shot that is on the post cards was not on her wall either.

announcement card

I so sought to write everyday, yet it would not come, for some reason or other, being too tried, saturday my connection was down on my computer and I had to wait for Jim to get home and then it was dinner and the night just got away. yesterday was an afternoon in the city and other things need to be done for venturing forth. So finally getting here to write, express, and reveal the extent of the past few days, even through I know I have not captured the feeling behind all that has gone before, I think everything will come in the perspective of time, and the meditation of the moments as they unfold in silence.

Wall of exhibition

Growth Question: Do you find a question here that ask you something about the way you get things done, is there conscious feelings or emotion around them?

I am Love, Jeff