Now for the food portion…

What better way to expand my blog than with a 5 day smoothie cleanse to introduce the food blog portion of The Reluctant Bloger: a creative journey that will begin to feature wellness suggestion from my own everyday life experience.

As an off and on again vegetarian for years and never could got the hang of it and I am not sure I have it now? Since there is so much information out there and I have fallen in love with food blogs, not only the recipes but the photography as well. Many of the blogs are from women who started posting recipes, or house keeping ideas and have created a business with some amazing layouts and photography website/blog.  As the blog evolves I will be sharing some of my favorites, in time hopefully have guest blogger or share blogs together.

The creative journey that I have been on for many years now has led my down this path it was not one I have really shared about and I still don’t have all the information and or confidence to make some of this happen yet I have been called to offer my experiences, sharing my knowledge, learning from others, practices I have taken to improve me wellbeing emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.



Several weeks ago I began making smoothies for breakfast or an occasional lunch, the reason behind that was not to get in on the trend but to put more fruits into my eating habits,  because every time I buy fruit it usually sits in my refrigerator, going bad, do you that?  My thought was making smoothies was a creative way to get the fruit and veggies into my body instead of my trash.

So the morning of May 1st I started a The 5 Day Smoothie Cleanse offered by Alyssa Rimmer of Simply Quinoa Blog which I have been following and using many of her wonderful recipe. I took the challenge, yet have not set goals in mind other than to reset my gut health a bit and ramp up some energy as well as lose a few pounds. Whatever happens I will have created and enjoyed some powerful healthful smoothies and Buddha Bowls.


Well this is evolution of my blog which will feature stories,  recipes, photography, wellness practice ideas, DIY projects for your home and personal use. I hope to see you follow a long, build new a followers.

What wellness topics would you like to see discussed, I look forward to this new exciting addition to The Reluctant Bloger: A Creative Journey and sharing this life long experiences with you!


14 thoughts on “Now for the food portion…”

  1. thanks Jeff, I’ve just got into making wraps, lots of different fillings to choose from and so easy to eat, delicious!…food on the go. Looking forward to reading your new style blog, Tai

  2. I also forget to use all my fruits and veggies before they go bad. When my old fridge broke and we got a new one the veggie drawers are now clear and positioned at eye level which has helped a lot. 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your culinary adventures!

    1. Barbara,
      hey will a smoothie or a buddha bowl may be a way for you to enjoy those fruits and veggies to the fullest… Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Kathy,
      It was an interesting experience, and one I will put in to regular practice. I am well, I miss ‘seeing’ reading your blog… ((Hugs))

  3. What a great idea Jeff . I always say to my hubby ‘ You can always tell when we’ve ate a little more rubbish than normal because the fruit has to be chucked ‘
    I’m not really that fond of fruit …salad , veggies…no problem but fruit 😩Sooooo a smoothie may be the idea . I shall watch your blog …reluctant…and learn . Lovely to hear from you again 👍

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