The only way is through…

Yesterday I placed myself in the experience of not getting into action because the gremlin on my shoulder or in my head kept say; “you’re not ready yet, you don’t know what you’re doing!” On and on that voice clouding my actions, dimming my emotions, lowering my defenses.


The Universe was showing me the path, offering me the guidance, even the permission to get into action whether I am or feel ready. This morning one more “sign” presented itself which placed me in an attitude of gratitude as well as a state of tears. I was extremely touched by response to a photo and status I had posted after a long day of trying to show up. Along with that I received a post and message using one of my photos for a class that was beginning in May. The course is presented by Robin Rice, titled Speaking Your Sage; Writing Your Wise. The study is a practice in telling our stories, in a form that allows one to expressed their creativity through art, writing, painting, photography, coaching, and most of all being authentic.

I was denying myself this activity,  maybe denying is not the activity, I was keeping myself small, I would illuminate small areas of my life and creativity only once in a while, because I was unclear what I had to offer with those actions, who I am, the voice would say, what do you know, the voice would announce. I stepped back from showing up, oh yes, I was there but only on the surface, on the edges, in the mean time my life experiences kept getting smaller rather then expanding and evolving.


One of voices the Universe used was of Barbra Streisand’s rendition of Sondheim’s “Putting it Together” where she is releasing a new CD of songs, while I am about to launch a wellness practice that I have been preparing, researching, learning about etc… therefore these words resonated,

A vision’s just a vision if it’s only in your head
If no one gets to hear it, it’s as good as dead
It has to come to life
Bit by bit, putting it together
Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art
Every moment makes a contribution
Every little detail plays a part
Having just a vision’s no solution
Everything depends on execution
Putting it together, that’s what counts…

Who am I? I have gift to share, a voice to share my story, my experience. All the knowledge  I have cluttering up my head serves no one, every class, video, podcast, workshop in the recent days have stated the gifts are to share. I recovery we taught, even if you have one day, to the person who just walked into the room you have something to share.

No everything is not in place, yet enough to start, there is nothing to go around the process is through. I have to go through with the knowledge; most of all, life experience. I don’t know everything, yet I offer what I have,  learn and evolved.


What do you have to go through to get to where you wish to Be?

14 thoughts on “The only way is through…”

  1. LOVE the photo of the arched bridge. Could be a painting, it is so well captured.

    We have had to delay our own plans this week because that gut intuition said don’t do it now. In our case, I do believe it is best.

    What a wonderful blessing that Robin will be using one of your photos !! Congratulations !!

    What do I have to go through ? – distractions, life – but I keep taking the baby steps to get where I wish to Be as well.

    Best wishes for every success.

    1. Deb,
      I always wonder why I am so attracted to that old bridge… Thank you for the comments about it.
      I understand listening to your gut intuition and the reason for the mood yesterday, I would not listen, I distracted myself with everything but what I was being presented with.
      Robin is a blessing, in fact she is using several of my photo’s in the class! I am very honored.
      Yes you do keep making those steps, one at a time.
      Bless you!

  2. Such is the creatives life isn’t it Jeff. So much to learn and always a little unsure of when we have enough worthy of sharing with others. Your work is strong and your vision is clear. Go for it! 🙂

    This weekend I am driving for a day each way to personally deliver and hang a large painting that has sold. The collector requested that it be varnished and framed. It is an online sale and though I have done this many times with smaller works, this large painting delivery has me on pins and needles. I will feel so much better once we have it successful hung high up in a stairwell of the collector’s home! Like you say, there is only one way to complete the task and that is through – following a carefully researched plan. I have enlisted support for climbing the ladder. I have two professional painting hangers to install and a nice white cloth to wipe away any finger marks. Wish us luck! 🙂

    1. You have always been an inspiration to me and my creativity, I often share about your continued content through blogs and photos. The story of the paintings gives each one a powerful dimension not found expressed often.
      I can understand your concern in accomplishing this task for yourself and your collectors. Looks like everything is well planned. Best to you and the new owners!!

  3. I’m always hopelessly attracted to blue so the middle picture is the one that resonated with me this rainy afternoon. Indeed, the only way out IS through… “Every little detail plays a part” ~ I love the details in your photos, Jeff, helping us to focus on the miracle of little, often overlooked, tiny elements of the universe. Sometimes I have to muddle through agoraphobia to Be out of the house. More often than I care to admit…

    1. Barbara,
      It is in the moment of capture that the details arrange themselves. I noticed the light shinning through the bleached leaves; in mid-winter it is sometimes difficult to find brightness… yes every little detail plays its part.
      Wow Barbara I didn’t know of that situation for you, yes showing up could be a struggle yet you manage. Thank you for sharing that.

  4. just know you are enough Jeff…beautiful bridge, I’d be attracted to the serenity of the place too…go for it in whatever you do…always, Tai

    1. Tai,

      Thank you! There are days when I know that I am enough and I am the only one who has to know that. Other days, not so much.
      The Bridge set in the center of chaos yet can be a metaphor to crossing to another place…

  5. The photo of the bridge is a delight , I could loose myself in it ( not literally of course 😊) I think you are a man of emotion and you are a talented artist in your field , you have to go through it , to be it . I’m like you Jeff , I ruffle up my feathers and shed a few tears for my art but it’s worth it in the end .
    Good luck with the project 👍

    1. Cherry,
      The response to the bridge photo has been amazing, and I am thrilled by such acceptance of my art! Thank you so much. I have struggled to find my way again and my voice. Yet whether the direction is clear or not I am moving through it…

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