We awaken…

“We awaken in the morning, and the day is an unbuilt creation. We have some ideas about what we will accomplish today. But our Higher Power also has some things in mind which are not yet part of our consciousness.” Touchstones 

Even in the city
Even in the city

“In my last blog I had mentioned the fact that I had not any visitors or not much of social activity. Well the Universe caught wind of that and began interrupting my aloneness. First my long time friend Linda called to check if I was going to be home for she was coming by to bring me somethings for the apartment I maybe able to use. We had talked several times through the month about just that, and I had not seen her until now. She arrived on Wednesday morning baring a set of pots and pans which match my pop of red color in my kitchen, as well as a stained glass angel for my window, how sweet that is. Linda’s statement was, “every home should have an angel !” We spend a few hours catching, making plans for later engagements. It was so wonderful to be in her presence again.

a group of admirers
a group of admirers
art rocks
art rocks

On Thursday Morning I get a call as I am about to take Muffin for one of our many walk and rolls out in the green. The call was from brother Ken, who I had not seen since Christmas, and only contact was a few text from me to wish him Happy Fathers day, and Happy Anniversary, etc. On our call he said he was in the area and was coming by if I was home, which I was. He arrived about an hour later which was his projected time of arrival, we greeted each other, began to chat about this or that, when he said, “I have something for you. Your half of the sale of Mom’s Van.” Handing me a check, I almost fell over! And I was silently jumping for joy in gratitude to the Universe for this very needed financial abundance!

Saturday morning after a bit of food shopping of course is now 10 am or so, my friend Don calls asking about how we wanted to work getting our photographs to Mt Holly for the monthly exhibition, and asking if I would like to hang out with him and Bob Bohne to help him put up his exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. I responded I can’t see why not but let’s see how the afternoon plays out?

Collection of Bob Bohne's work
Collection of Bob Bohne’s work

Well the rest of the day turned into a full on Artist Date, from delivery our three prints to Church St. Art and Craft in Mt Holly to discussions about galleries and exhibitions on our trip over to Philly and Don’ while we waited for Bob to pick us up to hang his show of oil paintings and a few sketches. These are the kind of afternoons or evenings we would have  and I am so grateful to be in that energy again.

Having your cake and eating it too!
Having your cake and eating it too!

Earlier in week I had created an event page for my House warming/Birthday/Open house so the energy to move beyond my aloneness, to invite people into my life again was placed out there in the Universe even more fully! The time was right, the planets all suggested this shift into newness.

Blessed be!

21 thoughts on “We awaken…”

  1. So happy for you Jeff! Seems like your life is again coming together nicely. Staying positive helps. It also helps to let those who mean so much to you know that you miss them! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives, we forget that there may be people we are leaving behind or neglecting. You are truly lucky enough to have friends and family who step up to lend a helping hand or just be there in the moment with you! Your brother definitely brought you much needed financial support! Wish I were closer to be able to attend your open house, but I am sure it will be a success and you will see you are more cared for then you imagined! Take care my dear friend! Love you! Hugs!!

    1. Roxanne,

      So great to have you come over and comment here! It is great to read your perspective on the way life is unfolding! It is one of the reasons I write this blog. It allows me to step back from my own life to see my life in whole !

      Blessing to you! I wish you could be here too!

  2. Jeff, I love that “the Universe caught wind of that” and made a tweak here, and slight adjustment there, and VOILA’ — considerably upped the ante on your visitor quotient!

  3. How wonderful to see so much evidence that you are provided with not only what you “ask” for (more social activity) but also what you “need” (some financial support). What a happy story you have told here !!

  4. Wooooo that’s brill. I am a firm believer that just given time the universe lends an ear . Enjoy all that social warmth …there is much more to come I am certain of it .

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