Consider your self at home…

A house is not a home unless someone’s living there… the song poignantly points out, and continues, “a chair is not a chair unless someone is sitting there….”

the right side
the right side

Well it has been seven months since my move into my new home, it is not a house it is an apartment, an apartment situation on the west side of a 1940’s high-rise, with a grand looking out across the landscape suburban to city. The sunsets are something to behold almost daily, even the sunrise the way the trees and city buildings capture the light; slowly illuminating the day.

The left side
The left side

A few days ago I stood amazed taking all of this in, my little home in sky, the rooms beginning to fill up, the comfort of “feeling” at home, touched by gratitude that all of this has happened. I brought very little with me from my old life, yes there is still stuff in storage elsewhere, and I used what I thought I would like to have around me to create an atmosphere of bohemian comfort, or shabby chic, or whatever?

At first I slept on the floor with a pile of blankets for my bed and sat on the floor against the walls to eat or read, grateful for the walls and view that presented itself for the next part of my journey. There was and still is peacefulness and quiet, generally, the outside world intrudes on occasion. Yet in my little world high in the sky, comfort and peace was and is mine to have. I have bed now, I have chairs from the old house, I have books and photographs, and enough kitchen equipment to create meals, and make special treats.

wall of art..
wall of art..

There were flashes in the beginning of thoughts, is this mine? Is someone going to come and take it away? Is the real? Yes, it is mine, my space, my home. I have moments of struggle emotionally, I have challenges financially that pull me up short at times, I breathe, being in the moment. Doing what I have to do to let go of the struggle and to face the challenges, which seem to be minor when faced and accepted as the responsibilities of living.

cabinet of books
cabinet of books

So Seven Months, and no one been here, I have conceptualized a salon or open house, that has yet to happen.  That activity is my next creative event to make happen. I need to do this because financially I can’t go out, I can hardly afford to travel anywhere, let alone to meet with people to socialize. Socialization will have to happen here, and it is my intention to make that happen. Consider this an invitation.

The sunset view
The sunset view

24 thoughts on “Consider your self at home…”

  1. Jeff , hello again . Where do you disappear to . I miss your words so heavy with feeling . Thank you for inviting us in to your delightful home …we all now consider ourselves guests .
    We moved into our new home about three months ago . I do agree that one day you get that feeing , you quite like where you are mmmmm! Yes this is my space , my home . Lovely to hear from you again . Take care .

    1. Cherry,
      Thank you for coming by to comment and sharing my space. I was hoping I had not been gone to long that I would lose your follow.
      Congratulations and blessing on your new home!

  2. So nice to see a little glimpse of your new place, Jeff. Decorating a new space can be so much fun, especially when you have the challenge of pulling unrelated pieces of furniture into a cohesive “style” that reflects your personality and makes you feel at home. May you have some company soon, even before you’re done!

    1. Barbara,
      This is the place to start, from home… being safe and secure allows the other activities to flow out from there.
      As the saying goes, ask and you shall receive, just be clear about what you are asking for! LOL

      Thank you, and I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  3. If I was there, I would come. Reading your blog is a peaceful feeling, it comes through in your words. A growing acceptance of what is and appreciation for that. A settling in to comfort and a sense of place. I am happy for you – this next step – after the intensities that were part of your life just before this phase were hard, as they are for most of us at this particular age in our life. Loved your photos !! And to see your photos on your wall was very nice.

    1. Deb,

      Now wouldn’t that be just grand! To have you stop by for a visit!! I know you would and I am grateful for your saying so.

      Yes the journey has been as you say, it is good to be on the other side of all of that, creating time for my art and for the evolution of self!

      Bless you,

  4. Thanks for the invitation, Jeff. Too bad a certain someone doesn’t live on the East Coast any more or that might actually happen!

  5. Jeff — Ohhhhhhhhh how I love the warm feeling that exudes from the vivid photographs you shared of your space. I love that you created, and settled into, a delightful combination of bohemian comfort and shabby chic. It has JEFF written all over it.

    1. Laurie,

      Thank you so much! I am glad that I was able to convey that with words and photos, it allows me to share it all in a much extended way!


  6. Congratulations and very best wishes to you Jeff!! Looks and sounds like this new abode will stir the embers of inspiration and creativity as well. Heck your blissful words alone are an inspiration. Just a celebratory return my friend!!

    I will now revise my MMD link scroll!! 🙂

    1. Sam,
      Here I am busy reading and catching with your submission to your blog and you are here reading mine. I know you are busy so I did not expect such a rapid response, Thank you so much.

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