Suddenly I seemed to have awakened once again from dancing with shadows only to arrive here now. Into a normal day, if Saturdays are ever normal, Holy Saturday in fact, of the Easter/Passover weekend. The weekend is also in high vibrational shift astronomically with the Second of three Eclipse in the year, over a full Moon.

April 4th 2015
April 4th 2015

I have been artistically block or shut down, I kept making photo, I kept at the creative work yet it was feeling numb about most of what I was doing, when I was doing it.

Just now I came in from a photography walk with Muffin, our first walk of the day, I was feeling excited and thrilled to have gone out to make photos this morning, which begun out the apartment windows. The clouds and light was just magnificent among the cityscape I could no longer resist. I had not real subject in mind when headed out the door with zoom lens attached, I knew it would be useful if the water fowl were about or whatever else came across my vision.

Cutest Muffin Ever!
Cutest Muffin Ever!

The excitement of what I felt was a welcomed friend, I knew that I just was in the process of creation, whether there are any good photos among these shots it really matters not. The essence is that process happen out of pure joy of Being present in the world. I was not escaping from anything, I was not seeking anything, I was just following my bliss.
I am not sure I conveyed the experience or the relief properly, my objective was to make a statement “that the path has opened up for me once again”

Partners for Life
Partners for Life

I was not looking for the moment, I was not trying to make something happen, Suddenly It and I was there! Suddenly the recognition was there, that Ah Ha Moment!  Pure pure Bliss!!

Thank you Universe! Budding Magnolia

19 thoughts on “Suddenly”

  1. Jeff, I love it when you realize that you are “in the Zone” and that Magic is liable to strike suddenly, and then there it is and you have become the “Medium” the Artist chose to capture the moment!

  2. Hi Jeff I think spring has that effect on us . It’s like looking with spring cleaned eyes . Everything is so bight and sparkling . All we can do is wake up and get out there. Love your photos especially your beautiful dog.

  3. So happy to hear that the path has opened up for you once again. Muffin is looking great and the cityscape is breathtaking. What a relief that spring has finally returned for all of us.

  4. Barbara,
    Yes Thank you! It is good to have spring emerge from myself as well as the earth ! So grateful for the freshness and new beginnings!
    Muffin is a much happier girl now, and much better cared for too!

    The view is amazing!
    Love to you and Tim

  5. yes, Yes, YES! 🙂

    On a side note…you and our mutual friend (Sandi W.) are the only two people I know who use the term “make a picture” as opposed to “take” a picture. I love the creative/involved inference the work “make” has (whereas “take” make it seem clinical and/or non-involved).

  6. Hi Laurie,
    I am glad you found your way over here! The juices are flowing…
    I attempt to use language that is more creative the destructive, make or create a photo rather than, “shoot” or take. PHotography is a creative process if not it is only a “snap shot” !

  7. You might consider times when you are “uninspired” to be as though you are in the womb of creativity gestating but not yet ready for what is coming out next to be born. The excitement you felt is like the signal that birth is occurring. What you do with your work is like raising your child. Every state of being that we go through passes on to something else. “Every valley is lifted up and every mountain laid low” to imprecisely quote a song by Rikki Byars-Beckwith.

    1. Yes, Deb I think I am more and more learning to do just that. Even though I was not “feeling” it, I kept at it in some form or another.

      Thank you for stopping by !

  8. WOW…. I just found your blog ‘accidentally’. Although I realize nothing is ever by accident. I was researching the Rowand family, and somehow got to your blog. My dad, who died almost 2 years ago, was the son of J. Bishop Rowand, grandson of J. Randolph & Ida Walker Rowand, and the great grandson of John R. Rowand.

    I also enjoy taking pictures of nature, so I very much appreciated seeing your photos. I am a dog lover, and I think Muffin is beautiful! And, I too, attend the meetings you attend.

    It is a please to read your blog….. glad I found it. Looking forward to reading through the rest of the archives.

    1. Good Morning! Thank you for following the flow of your stream! My grandmother was a relative to the Rowand’s or Rawans of Clementon NJ. I posted about being a the pond on that property sometime ago.

      Blogging as been a little slow at the moment but please enjoy the archives!

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