Front Door Nature

Sun set reflection

Out the front door of the apartment complex and across the street are marsh land and what is called a lake, Newton Creek Lake according to my research, the lake and park are 103.29 acres, there are walking paths and playgrounds along the way. I have recently notice men with trailers attached to their cars/truck backing up the the dock ramp to load boats which have been out on the water now that has thawed. I have not explored much and have kept pretty close to the apartment thus far due to the weather. According to the little bit of research I found they seems to be what they call “old growth” trees on the north end, whichever direction that is? I will have to explore.

Sticks and branches

Even though I now live in a very citified building nature is only moments way, trees, water, birds, and I imagine other wild life that I have yet to experience. This space offers me more opportunity to photograph in nature once I get my mojo back up to speed.

step off

20 thoughts on “Front Door Nature”

  1. You have the best of botworlds Jeff. So happy that you found a place to bring you joy and peace. I really like your thoughtful contemplative phphotography

  2. Wow, it looks like you have some beautiful landscaping around your home! The water looks beautiful and that tree with all those roots is gorgeous! I look forward to your future posts with your photography and writing. πŸ™‚

      1. Sometimes when we look at something often the beauty of it becomes less. Since you live among it, possibly it has lost some of its beauty for you. Or maybe the photos make it look more beautiful. I look forward to seeing more photos and finding out. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh how wonderful Jeff, nature so close by. One more reason to look forward to spring and summer to come along. And bring on those photographs!

  4. So glad you re out there Jeff now that the weather is starting to get better . Everything takes time . Time on your hands and a little exploring is a good combination …enjoy . Great to see you back.

    1. Yes Barbara, that is what is so wonderful about these photos, the mistiness, the mystery of what is there and what is not. I have not been this close to water in some years so the adventure is upon me.

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