New Views

These are photographs taken from my apartment window! They where suppose to accompany the last blog yet for some reason the words and photos would not load.

New viewNew Sunrise, New Sunset

13 thoughts on “New Views”

  1. Very nice Jeff! A lovely view of wide open fields! Love the sunset (sunrise?). Beautiful! At first I thought the first photo was a bridge, but I looked closer and saw that it wasn’t. What is it?

  2. P.J.
    It is a bridge! The Ben Franklin which crosses the Delaware River to Philadelphia. To the left are container cranes for unloading of ships on the docks in South Philadelphia!
    The other is Sunset!
    The world is at my feet ! Ah ha!

  3. The photos are lovely they have a mood about them … Maybe how you were feeling at the time . I always find whatever we do creatively , it is strongly affected by our mood of the moment .
    I hope all is well with you Jeff

  4. Cherry,

    I am not sure what the mood was at the time just the fact that I could witness this amazing view. A view I never imagined seeing, let a lone see everyday if I choose to look!
    Yes you are correct our creativity can and is affected by our presence to at the moment!

  5. You’re blooming where you’ve been planted, Jeff! I think the bridge and the water tower (?) will provide lovely focal points for you as the weather and seasons change around them…

  6. Hey Kathy,

    Morning pages are coming along great! Most likely why there is not any recent blogs! I keep creating the intention to do this on a regular basis.

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