In the middle…

circle within
circle within

Saying no can be the ultimate self-care. Claudia Black

Art Happens
Art Happens

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity! Albert Einstein 

Just a few quotes found in The Artist Way: week 10 recovering the sense of self-protection.

Found object and trash projects have been a photography medium I have been involved in during the past year. Take with my iPhone  4 !

10 thoughts on “In the middle…”

  1. I love tiny insignificant nothings that turn in to a whole heap of somethings . I do hope you understand what I am trying to say .
    It’s such an interesting way to take photos of something seemingly ordinary and letting the brain do the rest.
    I loved ‘The Artists Way ‘ must fish it out. A great way to start 2015.
    A very happy New Year to you and yours Jeff .

  2. Love these and the intentions behind them. I love found objects and you bring them to a new life with your work and words!

    Blessings and have a wonderful new year, Jeff!


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