New Walking paths

My present walking paths in Haddon Lake Park, which was once Crystal Lake. Tree lined and stream follow the path.

Tree lined path
Tree lined path
casting light
casting light
Open space
Open space
Into the shadows
Into the shadows
Walk along
Walk along

I believe the first living cell

Had echoes of the future in it, and felt

Direction and the great animals, the deep green forest

A the whale’s track sea; I believe this globed earth

Not all by chance and fortune brings forth her broods,

But feels and chooses. And the Galaxy, the firewheel

On which we are pinned, the whirlwind of stars in which our sun is one dust-grain, one electron, this giant atom of the universe

Is not blind force, but fulfills it’s life and intends its course.

Robinson Jeffers, De Rerum Virtute

17 thoughts on “New Walking paths”

  1. Beautiful place to go walk. I would love to see it in the spring and summer. Nice to see you on the blogs again. Hope you are doing well and your holidays are wonderful. Happy New Year. 🙂

  2. Jeff…gives one great pause for reflecting on the metaphors you provided for our life’s journey. You are in a new physical location and I see you continuing your awareness of surroundings and allowing them to bring you peace and contentment – you are finding the beauty where you are planted rather than searching for what might be. Lovely. Peace to you in the New Year With love and Joy Martie

  3. Paths are to be found everywhere. It ‘s ‘YOU ‘ the explorer make them whatever you want them to be .
    These lovely photos could so easily have been took in MIddle England where I used to live.

  4. I hope you take and post pictures of the same places for every season — reflective of the changing seasons of your life; many hugs to you and your courage to embrace the changes you have faced this past year.

    1. Barbara,
      That would be a nice series to accomplish. I did it at “home” for the past several years and when I was in NY ! I will not be here for another season in this area. This is just passing through space…

      I did photograph this park a few times before…

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