Spirit of Trees…

Last Friday I began Photo Friday here on the Reluctant Bloger. Not that all my blogs aren’t graced with photographs.  Friday is about the photographs. I looked for a poem to go along the journey of these “Trees”. Yet none captured the real essences of them.

I have been graced to walk among these trees and wood for the last several years, I have 100’s, if not 1000’s of photographs from every season, from spring to summer, into fall, and through winter.

These will be my last few weeks among these trees and wood.  I have been blessed with some amazing photographs in the past few weeks, I share them now.

Last of Autumn
Last of Autumn
Natures blessings
Natures blessings

In the 29 degree weather the warmth of these last past weeks of fall so rich and vibrant. Are jewels.

Autumn Morning Fog
Autumn Morning Fog
in the midst
in the midst

The branches and paths have been my comfort and relaxation, peacefulness is found, joy is discovered.

The Tree!
The Tree!

I share with you my companions, my comforts, my creative Muse ! Nature in all its glory, The Tree!

There are a number of Poems I found and did not use, about the Tree.

You can find many of the photos above here

14 thoughts on “Spirit of Trees…”

    1. Terrill,

      Thank you, and the trees thank you for recognizing them!
      The path is not yet clear, I think for a time it is into the city, just on the out skirts of the city… big old houses and nice trees with parks about!

  1. With beautiful photos like that Jeff who needs poetry …they ARE poetry.
    I moved from my home town three months ago and I left a beautiful old apple tree that gave me blossom in the spring , shelter from the sun in summer , bountiful fruit in the autumn and a snow decoration in the winter . I have endless photos of it that I cherish …cherish yours .
    Where you move to next I’m sure an abundance of beautiful trees will find YOU to photograph THEM .
    Have a lovely weekend Reluctant .

  2. Beautiful photography Jeff. Trees are wonderful. I live in the desert so trees are even more precious here. 🙂 I am sorry I didn’t read this sooner. I have been busy, as you know, with Writing 101 and now Photography 101. I hope you are doing well and well over that sickness you had in October.

    1. Yes PJ, I noticed that you were busy with continuing those classes. I hope you are feeling more comfortable about the process.

      Thank you, a blog is here whenever people find it! Trees are amazing creatures, that stand tall, shift and bend with the seasons.

      I am much better now, thank you! I am in midst of planning a move, our family home has been sold… I have been wanting to blog about it but I don’t seem to be able to hold on to “dealing” with it just yet.

      1. Yes, I am more comfortable; with writing, not so much. I am sorry you are having to sell the family home. I hope the sell turns out to be a positive thing for you even if it is difficult right now.

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