The leaf !

Before another moment passes, and I am distracted by all the distraction of life. I am here, to write, well to offer you a view. This blog is about art, about photography, the process and the facts.

So Fridays will become Photo Fridays where Photographs will rule the page.

For years I have been fascinated by leaves, all seasons, all weather, and I have photographed them from buds, to blooms, to full fledge green flags flipping in the wind! To what I present today, fallen leaves, carpets of leaves.

Recently I have been photographing fallen leaves, a bit from above, shooting down at them, more fascinating is laying on the ground with me, ant level.

So the new series is being presented. With a poem “Dead Leaves” by MdAsadullah


Never think that dead leaves cannot speak.
Words can be uttered without mouth or beak.
Come in heard to hear and they’ll remain mum.
To hear them in solitude you need to come.

are they lonely
are they lonely
are you listening
are you listening

Loneliness and silence are their best friend.
You can listen only if truth you seek and intend.
If you’ve mind and heart to listen, men of clay!
Words more worthy than living they can say.

Heart is strong
Heart is strong
They will whisper..
They will whisper..

If your heart is strong and if you have no fear.
Then in storms they are very loud, very clear.
And if your heart is weak in breeze come near.
Truth of this life they will whisper in your ear.

did they speak
did they speak


I am grateful to have you walk this path with me today. I am honored to share these wondrous creations, the leaf with whoever wanders down a path. Please “see” .

All Photographs can be found here

17 thoughts on “The leaf !”

  1. Lovely photos, Jeff!
    I too am enamoured by leaves and what they represent. I am fascinated by their individuality, their frailty, their resilience. Much like us, in many ways…perhaps that is the deeper attraction?

    Fantastic post – both pics and the accompanying poem.


    1. “Enamoured by leaves” lovely statement Paul! Thank you for checking out the blog.

      I could have wrote all of that which you state yet I wanted the blog to be more visual. The purpose is for one to look, to “see” ! Which you have done Paul!

      The Best to you,

  2. Good afternoon Jeff…what transpiring photos and reflective poetry they have both inspired me . I write poetry myself so pen poised and creativity oozing . Shall look forward to your regular spot reluctant .

  3. Thank you Cherry! Always great to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed the combination of photos and poetry! I am sure that is the direction that the friday posts with go, yet not a bad idea. I am not much of a poetry guy, believe it or not!


  4. I think autumn leaves are fascinating. I have drawn many autumn, fallen leaves. I enjoy doing detailed drawings, although I haven’t drawn in over a year. I think it is time for me to get back to it. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was nice to see your smiling face.

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