Dear Volcano (writing 101)

Hi Hi Hi ...

Dear Volcano


It seems I have a volcano within my being or maybe just in my crazy mixed up head? Is a volcano a mountain I need to climb and explore? Is it the inner workings, the heat, the fire, the massive pushing and pulling that creates the mountain that needs attention?

I’m talking about this writing course. I took this on because I thought it would be a good way to enhance what I was already blogging/writing about. Maybe it will but right now, it is painful. No not really painful, frustrating and confusing.

Writing has always been more of a stream of consciousness process. Usually prompted by something I read, a meditative reading from a book or poem not these crazy seemingly off the wall assignments. If I wanted fucking assignments I would go back to school. Okay, okay, I am not being graded. Yes I know I took this on myself. So there is no one to point fingers at except yourself, your desire to learn, to improve.

So Volcano if you are pushing the plates together, heating up the lava, spewing smoke and ash up to the surface please feel free to do so. I am so behind in these assignments that I almost quit. Quitting means the frustration would only boil over sometime later in another fashion or other.

The idea of prompts with a twist was fun at first. I found creative ways to still write non-fiction blogs based on what is or has happened in my life. Than the subjects became more difficult in the fact that I had to use voices that were not mine. I was asked to make up a story. Use my imagination, what are  you kidding. Oy!

So Volcano you roared some more but did not produce. Oh maybe a little? There are a couple of drafts in your files to re-read, edit, and finish up, that may work. There are rumblings in my head, stories I keep going over, yet ego says, “you’re not ready for that type of writing. This is not what your blog is about.”   So you calm down for a while. Later in the day the emails come with new ideas, new assignments, new tips on how to go about this or that.  I love those links that offer more advice from established writers. They offer ideas and reassurance that all is good in the world. The rumbling and smoke is all part of the building of the process.

Yours Truly,

The writer within


Well there that wasn’t so bad was it? Ha ha. I want to thank Kaye for her blog this morning writing on the positive side, the gratefulness of the process, even when she can’t find the time, etc. Here is the link to her story.


Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

16 thoughts on “Dear Volcano (writing 101)”

  1. I love this. Can totally relate to the third para. I decided not to beat myself up if I chose not to do one or two of the assignments! 😉

  2. I sure could relate to what you said. I have been keeping up with the reading and doing my assignments, but they are not being done with the care or concentration that is needed to make them decent. I may have to back off from doing so much reading, or miss some assignments and get some rest from all this.

    1. PJ,
      I know you can. And yes there is a certain balance we have to make with reading and writing as well as responding. On one of the notes in the commons tells us that we don’t have to do all the assignments, so I don’t know why we make ourselves crzy!

  3. Oh jeff can so so so relate . I have run away crying don’t anyone understand what I’m trying to say , when joining writing groups . You must write what comes natural … I love your style .. Your unique …if you don’t mind me saying so.

    1. Cherry,

      I am extremely flattered !
      When I thought about more on the course, the quote to many artist is “learn all the rules so you can break them”. When I began photography, I had no rules to go by. The sense I had was to capture “light” to find the beauty in the common. Have I learned the rules of either, no not really.
      Thank you so much!

  4. Sounds like you’ve taken on quite the challenge, Jeff. I know you will get something out of it, but I do so love your photo-blogging – your photographs are definitely worth a thousand words!

    1. Barbara,
      The challenge has been more about my style of writing, and the format of the subjects. Being able to change things up, different voice, different style, allows for more creativity. At some point!

      More photos will be blogged, as well as less than a thousand words to express the process.

      Thank you so much!

  5. Oh, yes, I too have met the Volcano. And it’s so interesting–on one day we may want to do one thing and six days down the road (or two months) the opposite. I enjoyed this writing!

    1. Kathy,

      My volcano went into hibernation again for a while. I have been caught up with a crazy cold for the past month. Cold meds kind of knock the wind out of my expressing ! Back soon!
      I know you are my inspiration and example ! Best to you!

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