A note


There on the path you walk everyday a piece of paper catches your attention.

Can it be used in your trash project?

A letter. Or a note. Handwritten.

“Where did you go? I have been waiting. I waited.

are you gone? Did you leave, for good.

I am waiting. ”

I'm waiting
I’m waiting

17 thoughts on “A note”

  1. Your imagination runs a riot when finding a note such as that . I sometimes find shopping lists in trolleys and they fascinate me what people buy or sometimes there might be messages , doodles , telephone numbers . Amazing …a peep into someone life .

  2. Jeff, that cop should be reprimanded for delinquency of duty. He only asked for your license and insurance. What about your registration? ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say I loved this evocation of a carefree, meditative day that quickly grew tense and fearful. I can recall my own brushes with the law, though never for speeding as I am very conservative on that count. But for overdue inspection of an illegal turn, I was pulled over too. And I well remember the sigh of relief when I averted a costly ticket. Such a wonderful bit of prose here about how emotions turn on a dime, and of the appeal of the scenic outdoors. Lovely.

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