Writing 101… again

First exercise: Write for 20 mins.

I signed up to do this on the last go around and got bogged down with confusion and frustration of trying to do it right. Oh yeah and the illness of Alzheimer’s taking the life of my mother. So lets see if I can blog, write with any consistency, I certainly can’t spell.

Golden change

The power of writing has held a fascination to me for years. I journaled endlessly, I a books and books, note pads, binders of loose leaf paper, real journal books, in varying sizes, colors, lined and unlined. Why did I write? I wrote to express myself to experience what I was experiencing in a daily basis, Dear Diary kind of stuff. Later the journals became and journey of recovery, of questioning who I am, what is my purpose. The writing became introspective, semi religious since I was using the Gospel readings of the day as a jumping off place to discover the relationship with God, Higher Power, Spirit, etc. I wrote everyday, no one read them, sometimes I never re-read them either. Most of them are undecipherable, they are massing of scribble, yet extremely important at the time. The expressed the deep need I had to find myself, to be myself, and the relationship with the world around me.

today writing a blog began as a continuation of Morning Pages from The Artist Way. Still to express my ongoing experience of being part of the whole, as well as my experience as a photographer, discovery of art from a conscious space offered my senses a new place to experience beauty in the everyday. To “see” with new eyes, through the camera, as well as through the words I shared.

twisted chance

To blog and to write are expressive challenges when I get in my own way. So get out-of-the-way. Allow your art to flow, photography it is said is writing with Light, writing with words is expressing of language, expressions of growth, through discovery of who and what I am today and who and what I can become through the process.

I also signed up for Blogging 101 again as well !

14 thoughts on “Writing 101… again”

  1. Jeff…thanks for sharing your heart, words and life experiences. I do believe that we are kindred souls who often see the world from the same perspectives – the beauty of nature from our eyes and heart as well as through the lens of our cameras. I value how you see the small things – the leaf, the mushroom, the clouds and see the meaning and value of them. It’s all special as is life!! I hope we can visit at some point and just talk and get to know one another more. Blessings on you Martie

    1. Martie,

      Thank you for responding to this blog ! I am glad that we have crossed paths, it would be great to spend time with you! I will contact you soon about that!

      Hope your knee is feeling better!

  2. Jeff your experiences mirror mine . I go to a local writing group, for the first ten minutes, we have our private write ,as we call it . You don’t read back, you just write what comes natural . One of the first times I went I wrote about mushrooms . Which seems appropriate today with your beautiful photo of a mushroom or maybe it’s a toadstool . Who needs to be able to spell when your word painting speaks volumes and having an ability to take photos like you take .

    I made a conscience decision, 1st Jan this year I would write every morning for half an hour before I did anything , I have wrote so much material… it’s therapeutic and great fun. I urge everyone to have a go .
    Welcome back Jeff as always .

  3. Cherry,

    Thank you so much! I am touched by your response. And now I remember it was you who had mentioned writing before and this process of wordpress to offer suggestions and tools to build our writing and blog strenght !
    I am not writing a story here. I am conveying an experience and emotion. Can I write a story, I don’t know? Maybe I will try?

  4. I have heard about those morning pages, but never indulged before. I used to write a lot – fiction, short pieces, etc. I found that those little scribbles I put in my carry-around-everywhere-notebook were invaluable, even though I used only 5-10% in my work. It isn’t about what I was writing, but of the process of writing. And that’s a big difference. Writing is organic, and comes from hard work as well. Ask any successful writer (and I measure success by someone who actually writes regularly and not just talks about it…lol) and they will say it’s about butt-in-chair. Writing in my head is much different from actually, you know, WRITING…ha ha.

    One need not be an author so to speak to harness the power of daily writing. You make me want to grab my old moleskin there and have at it! Thanks for this, and thank you for allowing me to comment on one of your posts for once!!


    1. Paul,

      So good to see you over here on my blog. LOL yes I realized sometime ago after I change the theme of the blog I had not inserted the widget so I could have new followers. And that was the whole purpose of taking blogging 101 the first time.

      The trick going to be if I can write on “demand” with prompt and themes. Since this blog is general a flow of consciousness. The theme or Idea just emerges as I write, and sometimes no theme, just rambles of a person on a journey !

      Welcome Paul.

  5. The frustration of *trying to do things right* is an impossible road to travel, but one many of us continue to traverse. May we let that one go and just be who we are–sharing what we feel in the moment. Enjoyed reading this and looking at the lovely pics. Have fun with Blogging 101, Jeff!

    1. Kathy,
      Yes, to follow the prompts, Ha ! There is no grade just lesson, to write more effectively, to blog more purposefully. There is no right or wrong, the challenge for me is to do it. I just finished todays, in spite of a seasonal cold slowing me down.
      Thank you, it is great to see you here.
      Love, Jeff

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