Ordinary to Extraordinary

“We ourselves must choose each step. And to choose each step and be strong enough to endure what will follow on our repeated choice we have to develop a deep spiritual practice within the terms of ordinary life, trying at all moments to stay centered in the heart, the truth of the heart, the peace of the heart, so that the pain of growth can be borne within that peace and be infused by it” Andrew Harvey: The Return of the Mother.

Is life ordinary? Or is it not extraordinary!!! Extraordinary that we breathe each moment into the next moment. That life is ever evolving with or without our conscious involvement within it. Last evening I was granted a gift beyond my understanding of deserving the gift. Along with that gift the sense of gratitude overwhelmed me to tears, overcome with a sense of “how do I accept this?” What do I say, how can I repay this presentation? Than the realization of deeper friendship and love that lies within the gift from artist to artist, and friend to friend. Out of the depths of ordinary, out of showing up each day, out of the reaching out the hand to another one has reached back.

The songs “Make Believe” and “If I Loved You” touched some old memories, yet new meanings were layered over those memories of romantic love to to understand the idea of “acting as if” to believe in oneself even when the world seems to be falling about around you. When nothing seem to be in your favor. The Universe shines the light, cools the breeze, touches a place that has been unaired and darkened by survival.Glimpse of light

On each repeated choice we have to develop a deep spiritual practice, that practice is showing up each day, being aware of the details, being grateful sometimes just to get to the end of the day or waking in the morning.

Staying centered in truth, in peace, and in love.

I wrote the upper part of this on July 8th I didn’t believe it captured the essence of what I was trying to convey. So all writing stopped.

What have I been up to since the last blog? I have been rediscovering who I was, who I am meant to be. That uncovering is slow, yet warm and welcoming at times, is any of it practical? Who knows? Have I ever really been practical? Not very much, as serious as these blogs seem to be, I am not a practical person in that light the twist and turns of my life will attest to.

Now of course I have to get practical or serious in some cases. Taking care of myself. I need help financially, there is no more kindness of stranger or Mom. Of course once the house sells there shall be an amount that if properly managed can subside the plans I have to maintain my photography work, and build a healing/spiritual practice.

Until than I had to apply for food stamps, which I received and has been very useful for purchase of food.
There was a blog planned for that discussion. The uses of the gifts of natures goodness, plants and veggies. A friend had taken me to Produce Junction and we shared our abundance and I was more than grateful, overwhelmed with the kindness. What so much a little could buy.

Before all of this I had connected with a friend who has a space that is called Holistic Living Studio in Glassboro NJ. We shared Reiki together and as we checked in with each other she offered the space to do my Reiki practice and to host the Reiki Share. At the time I was still kind of numb but grateful for the offer and I truly considered it. A month ago we had our first Reiki share group which well attended, the vibrations/energy motivated those numb parts of me to say yes. Let’s do this thing!

The Buddha Sits

I placed out into the Universe that I am receiving Reiki Clients, three days a week during certain hours. The Universe has not gotten that message out yet but I am sure she will very soon. Along with that a friend got in touch with me with in days of saying yes to the use of the studio about doing Essential Oils workshop and a Fire Ceremony Shamanic event. We got the energy flowing for those to happen.
In that same inspiration, we discussed Reiki 1 classes for the fall. I am looking into Crystal and stone practice healing workshops, and meditation practice, as well as so many other assorted possibilities.

How practical is all of that. This is what I am suppose to do, these are the gifts I was given to share. This has been my vision for a long time. The light is now beginning to shine brightly again.

One more gift that was graciously given to me. A few weeks before my birthday I placed on my status on Facebook if anyone wished to give me a Birthday gift, the suggestion was to purchase Street Photo books from Michael Penn. I had committed to buy his self produced Philadelphia Project,  full page black and white photography magazines for $10 each. With the recent setback financially I could not afford them, and he had been saving them for me. Within less than an hour someone who I know from photography group messaged me that he was working with Michael to get the books for me. I was stunned and extremely excited and beyond grateful! I received all the back-ordered books and more, a week later!

These gifts are gifts that have been so freely given. I hope to honor that with my practice of healing and paying it forward when opportunities present themselves!

I have chosen the steps, I have consciously awakened mind, body, and spirit, through continual practice of sharing gratitude that allow the flow and vibration to bring these sources of abundance to us. The Universe has more than enough to share, so share the gifts of love.

I am Love…

14 thoughts on “Ordinary to Extraordinary”

  1. So lovely to hear from you Jeff . I have been wondering where you were .You have been through a lot ,it seems , and now you are doing ‘OK’ . You are speaking with such a positive outlook which is good .
    I always find when you need an anchor there is one in the most unlikely of places
    Both songs from Barbara S. were a delight . Great to see you are back with us …try not to be so reluctant cos your posts are so rewarding .
    You take care Cherryx

  2. Cherry,

    You have made me smile! Not that that is difficult, mind you!

    I am glad to see that I have been welcomed “home”! I thought it all maybe too much too late? Yet you have reassured my ego that I did well. Thank you, thank you.

    It has been my intention to be more regular with posting yet the voice did not wish to be heard, only in my head. I make no promises, it is my intention to post at least twice a week, if not more.


  3. Thank you for sharing your journey. I do hear you…
    From my journey, the unknowing is very hard and replacing it with TRUST can be even harder. Yet, I find that Trust assists the soul and—TRUST can bring PEACE. This energy goes outward to welcome newness and change.
    Again, thank you for sharing your special journey.
    Also, one more thought of “going to answers” rather than staying in the “problems” is difficult but —works for us humans. Regards to you, Jeff

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for taking time to stop and comment! Yes trust is the action word here. or even knowing. To move beyond what is or what was, to what can become.
      I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey!
      Love to You Sarah.

  4. So happy to know that the tide is turning for you, Jeff! Wishing you all the best and many blessings as you embark on the next stage of your journey.

    Barbra Streisand has the most beautiful voice – what a gift of inspiration her music is… And now your gifts are finding their way into the world, too.

    1. Since I didn’t drown in the flood of life changes. Get back in the flow was a higher choice of direction!

      Barbra’s voice has always offered me a haven in which to stand among the chaos !

      Thank you so much for stopping by Barbara!

  5. Hello Jeff,
    Over time I have come to your blog. I have enjoyed your photography and your creative mind. It seems that you have opened up the doors and are going into the right places. I wish all the best for your creative spirit. Good luck with your new adventures.

  6. Jeff, have you changed your theme here on your blog? I really like it–the photos seems to stand out so gorgeously. My heart melted when reading: That uncovering is slow, yet warm and welcoming. How beautiful! Feeling the light shining through you and the unfolding expression of love. Thank you for sharing this blog post–and also for your support of my book tour. That made me feel so good. Love you!

  7. Kathy,

    Hi there famous person! Yes I have been tweaking this theme for awhile. And then all of a sudden it seem to work. I think the fount is a little too big and or bold.

    This morning I kept thinking of this blog and everything about it was biting me in the ass. I was nowhere close to this ideal it seemed. I want to rage and place blame. LOL

    I am so glad you found and read my blog, taking the time to respond, I am most grateful for!


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