What do you long for?

Last week or so ago, the poem used here today was shared by a friend on Facebook. I said I going to borrow this for my blog for I felt it resonated with my journey at the moment, and some of my photographs would complement in a visual way the journey outward to go inward. 

As I prepared the blog something spoke to me about finding out who Melissa La Flamme is. I am glad I did. Her website intrigued me, the little that I read, so I reached to her via email, and then a bit later via facebook. Where we at once connected via messaging. Making sure all was clear to publish the poem here, that she was a Jungian Psychotherapist who incorporates Shamanism into her practice, was a flash of my not so distant past a vision to create just this type of therapy combination. 

What did I long for, so unaware of a dream set aside. Called out through this poem and Melissa’s own practice. We discussed a possible guest blog or interview later in season, which now I can hardly wait for ! 

I will let the vision unfold: 


I AM CALLING YOU: by Melissa La Flamme


What do you long for?
How do you call its name?
Listen to the ways it calls to you?DSC_6550

Take your longing to the earth.
To the woods. The trail. The park. Your well-tended lawn.
And if you can get there, to the desert.
And with devotion, give your self to these questions.
Like you would a lover. A baby. A tender green shoot.
Like this, tend your own fragile heart.
Your longing will ravish you.


You must ravish back.

When you do, your soul will walk you
to the soft, thirsty ground
of your being.

Sink in,
all the way in.
You will lose your mind.
You will sing to rocks, seduce pine trees, make love
to red earth.


Songs like this will carry you till
your own song sings you.
You must let them.

©2014 Melissa La Flamme


15 thoughts on “What do you long for?”

  1. What a wonderful blog to wake up to this morning, Jeff, I am totally in agreement with Laurie , your amazing photographs together with that beautiful poem . All that is needed now, is a nice cuppa , and another view n read . I write poetry myself and will also be viewing that lady’s website thank you for sharing it .

  2. Longing for the woods… The first photo makes the dull winter woods seem so welcoming and lovely. The poem also made me realize that I’ve never been to see a desert. I can see how this inspiring poetry resonated with your journey – a wonderful pairing.

  3. this was a real treat, Jeff. When I was getting my counseling degree, I did one of my research projects on integrating shamanic practice into psychotherapy and pastoral counseling. I was able to prove that Jesus was a shaman using his miracles from the New Testament. Interestingly, he never once healed anyone without that person’s specific permission and admission of faith and belief. I think it was in Capernaum that Jesus was unable to perform any healing at all because the people there so lacked any faith.

    Now I owe you a blog! One is coming soon.

    1. Barbara,

      I have said Jesus was a Shaman myself a few times, and St Francis of Assisi ! I am glad you took that project on, it would have been fun research!

      I have been anticipating writing a blog myself in the past few days, there still seems to be a lot of reluctance.

      Thank you for sharing !


  4. Coming late to this beauty, Jeff, and thinking of how longing can be a precious thing. Sometimes I want longing to simply go away, but perhaps its gift leads us into “our own song singing us”. Your photos illustrated longing beautifully.

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