Success is rarely created unless you’re having fun at it.

There may not be any quotes to lead off this blog. There may not be any photographs to enhance this blog. There may not be any coherence to this blog, it my wander aimlessly with thoughts expressed as words, “like why hell is the type so small?” Okay fixed that.

To state the obvious it has been months since writing, the reluctant bloger certainly has lived up to his name. It certainly not because he has had nothing to write about, for surely that would be an untruth. The truth of the matter is I have been waiting for the “right moment” if there ever is such a thing? I had ideas of blog I wanted to create, with photos and words, those still may materialize? The moment now happened because I could not find something else to distract myself from not doing the writing. The voice in my head kept say, “it early, there is nothing else pressing, and other distractions you are finding boring. So write, create, just like yesterday when one of the first things you did was photograph the roses from the exhibition reception, capturing their beauty two weeks later. (now here is a lead in if there ever was one)Reception Rose

Opportunity to share photos and to write about the Artist reception for the Photographic Society of Philadelphia’s tribute exhibition which I curated.

On March 16th 2014 after a month-long run of the exhibition the artist reception took place. It was a smashing success, a semi climax to a year and a half long process of promotion, invites, chatting, networking, for submissions of Photographs and Photography equipment and a bit of history the show open the first week of Feb 2014.

Submission began coming in January 29-30, from members of the society many of them I knew, a few were either new members or just new to me personally. The submission process was simple, three pieces each, sizes and genre varied from artist to artist. There is not theme, there is no juried submission, or competition. The mission of the PSoP is to offer the opportunity to photographer of all styles, and ability to exhibit together, to meet, to discuss work, share knowledge of equipment, and technical abilities. This allows for a much more relaxed form of exhibiting.

Mom Viewing exhibition

During the submission process along with Pauline Jonas as was my Mom,  I was unable to leave her at home, plus it gave her a chance to socialize a bit, which is something she was sadly in need of. Her wandering was a bit distracting but also entertaining to watch while she view photographs and met people who chatted with her, kept her company while Pauline and I received the art.

During the course of the exhibition I went to the gallery several times, to view hanging, to take in other works that were still coming after submission dates. The extra visits allowed me to “really” view the photography, admire the work of the members, to readjust the positions of some of the work for better viewing advantage. I used my networking to promote the exhibit with the Philadelphia Inquire, the story even made the Sunday edition!  Next was another visit with Don Brewer for his blog DoN ArTs NeWs interview and photographing the exhibition.  During both these interviews members of the township were interviewed about the gallery in the municipal building. Which created more excitement about this collection.

The interview w Pauline & Kevin

Culminating in a successful  Artist reception of March 16th 2-4: a fairly nice day weather wise, since we had had so much snow and freezing weather, the opportunity to go to a gallery, enjoy art, meet the artist, have a nosh, even view a film on Ansel Adams to round out the afternoon. A pleasure to me of greeting 40-50 people, fellow exhibition photographers, all but two attended. Family, friend, people who had either read the article/blog or followed post on Facebook.

Mom was unable to attend for she had had a fall twice in less than a week, on the second hospital stay Drs. recommended 20 day rehab which she had just begun two days before the reception. She was missed by many, her spirit was there with us.

The Exhibit comes down next week April 2-3 ! This journey has been an amazing opportunity to be involved in the creative world of art in new form, in active creative participation, one that will expand they way I view art/photography and its world!



21 thoughts on “Success is rarely created unless you’re having fun at it.”

  1. Wow, Jeff, this sounds like a huge success. So glad your mom was able to be involved. However, I’m sorry to hear about her falls. Congratulations on the success of the exhibit. I’ve never tried to organize an event like that. Sounds like a lot of work–but well worth it! You rock, my friend!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you so much! The curating and exhibition were grand experiences!
      Mom’s story is another blog! At this point she is receiving care that I could no longer provide falls or no falls.

      Hugs from NJ

  2. HOLY TOLEDO — you’ve been busy, Busy, BUSY! No wonder you haven’t been able to post in a while. What a cool event, and so nice that your mom could participate in part of it.

    When my sister and I could no longer manage the heavy-lifting (body, mind, and spirit) of our dad’s elder-care, we did some serious homework and found a wonderful assisted-living facility. He’s been there for a year now. After the initial adjustment (he kicked, screamed, and hollered), he’s been happy as a clam. And to hear him tell it, it was all his idea 🙂

    1. Laurie,

      In many ways it is the kind of busy I would like to be on a regular basis. I better watch what I say here. LOL You know how the universe works.

      Yes serious homework is being pursued in the area of elder care. I am glad that your dad has come to accept that space he is now in!

    1. I been trying to take que from you Terrill, give the work/art some history, a little more “realness” ! I am glad you had a sense of my experience through the blog. There are two small albums of the roses on my facebook page, Reception Roses and receptions roses II !

      I am not sure what’s up just yet. I have my eyes and ears open but for now everything comes home.

      Good to hear from you before you are off on your trip abroad !

  3. Jeff, I’m glad you were able to overcome your reluctance and took the opportunity to share your experience with us! How exciting for you, and how lovely that your Mom got to see how many people appreciate and encourage your talent. Thanks for photos, they spoke volumes!

    1. Sandi,

      The writing was a very healing experience. I am glad that I took the opportunity to share this experience of curating this exhibit.
      Thank you for taking the journey !


  4. Oh, Jeff !!! I am so glad I made time to read this. I had no idea that you had this going on in your life along with your concerns about your mom and her well-being. Wow. I hardly know what to say except in reading this, I feel how nourishing for your soul the WHOLE experience has been. That makes my heart very happy for you. Congratulations on a job well done.

    1. Deb,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting ! Brings a smile to my heart!

      I was a bit laid back about the involvement with the exhibition even though I had shared about here sometime ago. The experience was one I reveled in with an attitude of “easy does it”. Leaving the ego to enjoy but not take center stage.
      Through process Mom needed more and more attention… The exhibit offered a calm in the storm…

      ((Hugs)) Jeff

  5. I am so glad you shared this, Jeff. It sounds like you got to have some nurturing while you were nurturing your Mom and got caught up in the 24/7 taking care of her. The photo of the roses is intriguing . . . like they are either the beginning or the end of a story.

    1. Barbara,

      So glad you came by for a read and leave a comment! The exhibit was a highlight of the past few months that is for sure! The roses are from the reception table, taken at home that evening after the show.

      ((Hugs)) Jeff

  6. Hi Jeff so lovely to hear from you again …the reluctant blogger is what you are and what you will remain . I enjoy your haphazard writing it’s a joy . Those roses are beautiful like they are antiques . You have captured a moment in time so elequently .
    Hope I’m not too late replying tecnology promlems lol
    Cherry x

    1. Cherry,

      One can never be too late to read and comment on a blog! Welcome, I am glad to see you are still following the blog, I am most grateful! I am sure laurie will like that phrase “haphazard writing” ! I am not sure if you mean the writing style or my fits and spurts of writing? Whichever, I am grateful!

      Those roses are meaningful in many ways… I be thinking!

      Hope technology will be your friend again!

      Blessing on you !


  7. It sounds like your mom thoroughly enjoyed spending some time in your world, Jeff – what a wonderful gift you gave to her. I have found that in spite of dementia parents are still keenly interested in the daily lives of their children. Hope your mom is doing well in rehab and that you continue to enjoy your chosen path. *hugs*

    1. Barbara,

      Being social and in the creative world is something that Mom had given all of us through out her active life. To share this moment with her was a gift to me as well. A new blog should be coming soon about Mom’s progress, and our journey within that.

      Hugs, Jeff

  8. Jeff,
    I am new to your blog and I must say how much I have enjoyed reading your thoughts. Your words are deeply heartfelt. They do pull at my heart. I long to create as you do, but time slips away.
    Caregiving is challenging. The parent-child roles have reversed. Believe me, you are stronger than you know. I agree you need caregiver help, if your mother will allow it. Someone she is not too familiar with in the house may disorient her more. Think of someone she knows who she likes a lot, perhaps a grandniece, to be a caregiver. Or perhaps a nursing student.
    Whatever you decide, I pray it works out for you both.


    1. Sharon,

      I am grateful for your visit and thoughtful comments! I always seek to be as authentic as I can. Doing so takes being centered and conscious! That being said, the challenges of caregiving were taking their toll on both of us, emotional, spiritual, and physically !
      I am hoping in the next few days a blog about the journey of Mom’s Long Term care will be published!

      Thank you, blessing,


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