Comes the light…

“The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.” – Joseph Campbell

into the forest
into the forest

For about three days now I have been waking up at 4 am. The night is dark, silence except for the mechanical hum of appliances, the snore of one dog and thump of the head of another as they adjust in their sleeps.  The lamp light the illuminates the edge of the table so writing is possible while darkness surrounds.

Beginning to blog again has been the light that shines on my soul/spirit. Winter Solstice begins today, the solstice started for me a few days ago. It began here on these pages, breaking the ice of numbness, breaking the winter silence of a voiceless heart.

I am struggling here this morning:  I missed writing yesterday, I allowed myself to get distracted by distractions, useful ones, and the not so much.

is there light
is there light

I looked for images of  Winter Solstice, along with symbols and meanings  to refresh my mind of what Winter Solstice represents. All Solstice rituals are the foundations of most of our major Holidays especially Christmas and Easter. Creatures of the wild, trees, light and shadow, birth and death… As I looked through images nothing really resonated. I was trying, the search was not natural, it wasn’t coming from my heart/soul. As I walked Muffin just a little while ago, I felt a heaviness in my Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra, I was trying to control the situation, I was not “feeling” the moment.  Walking on the damp ground, moving toward the moon’s light which brightens as we enter the flat field. Standing there in admiration, recalling going up to the meadow each morning a greeting the day, the four directions brought tears to my eyes. I have lost that practice here. I miss those moments, the intention of each part of the day and season.

I know no one can give me that back, and no one can take it away but myself!  It is all up to me, to create the practice, to be part of the process. Is this it?  Is this the way through?

“The winter solstice is a celebration of our spirit being reborn and transformed from inner darkness into light. Spiritually, it is symbolic of allowing the darker shadow side of our personality to come out, to be acknowledged and to be transformed as it heals”. Patty Kikos

a path
a path

14 thoughts on “Comes the light…”

  1. I read an interesting thought this morning: darkness can never overcome the light. Today is the celebration that light will begin to push back the darkness that has tried to overcome the day. While winter will increase its grip and stone cold temperatures will cover us in January and February, the sun will increase its presence a minute each day. I read in your words that your presence asking for a similar acknowledgement — to come out of the darkness and be in the light more and more.

  2. Hi Jeff, came here via your link at ANG’s Question of the Day. Although I have been here at your blog before, I sort of forgat about it and so now it has been wonderful to revisit.
    I really enjoyed it, recognizing some of the feelings described as I found myself losing some of my practices as well.

    But although, being a summer child and not favouring these short days much and always long for the light again, I have come to realize how significant these “dark” passages of winter are as well and how much they are part of the cycle that keeps the whole moving.
    We need the time of rest to go inward, digest, contemplate, let go.
    So yes I too can see it as it being “symbolic of the darker shadow side of our personality to come out, to be acknowledged and transformed as it heals” but to me it’s also a time for keeping space for new seeds to grow, a time of pregnancy so to speak.
    For myself I have found that when I embrace every part of the cycle without resistance there’s a certain kind of peace in every phase. as long as I stay aware of not getting stuck anywhere,

    I am delighted to see how the darkness in a way served you to move out, start writing, feel what you needed to feel, and made you realize and speak out of what your heart is asking.
    All is well my friend, thank you for this sharing, pictures are beautiful too.
    Happy Holy Days 🙂

    1. Lucienne,

      Wow! Thank you for following my link! I thought it was a good place to connect. I have that connection why not use it?

      Yes it has been an emotional/spiritual darkness as well. The time to germinate is now!

      Best you during Holy days! (((Hugs)))

  3. Your photos are a delight Jeff…. as are your beautiful words . If it’s any consolation I’m up at 4 most mornings , with wait for it , not a reluctant blogger, a reluctant King Charles Spaniel called Oscar, who would much rather be snoozing than up with his mad owner at 4 in the morning but when the biscuits come out,,, well that a different matter. lol
    Do keep blogging Jeff it will help us get through the darkness and step into the light .

    1. Cherry,

      I am glad I am not alone in my early morning arrivals the day! I did not think I was yet there is a sense of aloneness before the world wakes up.

      Yes doggies and biscuits seem to go together.

      ((Hugs)) Jeff

  4. Your light paintings and words are leaving me captive, Jeff and the masterful comments from each truly puts this new beginning into a celebration of one of Mother Earth’s natural holiday.

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