The Key is to…

“And what’s funny is that if we take small steps each day, each moment, when we look back, we can be amazed at how far we’ve come. The key is to not let the chaos and the pain stop you, but to realize that they are also an important and vital part of life.”  Mastin Kipp: The Daily Love Blog 

twist of chaos
twist of chaos

The whole purpose to write, to journal is to take those small steps each day. After I wrote yesterday the censor came to visit, saying ” Yo! People don’t want to read this stuff everyday.” I know that and these pages are not for people, they are for me, my personal journey through everyday stuff.  If others receive insight, wisdom, clarity, or guidance good for them!

Through the fog of one of my recurring headaches I stumble on to these pages. The day always begins with attention to the dogs. Riley now infirm, doesn’t move around much, so cleanup is a necessary step. Make the coffee, walk Muffin in the freezing weather. She is such a joy, she reminds me to laugh. If I let her out before I get all my warm clothes on she will just basically stand there waiting. As soon as I walk outside, she falls to the ground and rolls over, rolling about. Seemingly saying “here I am dad play with me. Rub my belly. ” Because we are not going anywhere very fast until I do just that.

Cheeky Muffin
Cheeky Muffin

The shadows of the Moon greeted us this morning at 5:45 am. Grateful for no wind, the trees created beautiful shadows, and picture perfect moments of clouds, moon lit paths… I thought I should have my camera, than about photos already taken I could use here. Breathing the fresh frozen air seem to cool the headache a bit as we walked in the almost silent silvery  moment.

Digging out “the Artist’s Way” from under pile other books which cover many spaces of shelves, desks, and surface,  because I had the sense that  I may need to explain what morning pages are, or maybe just remind myself of their purpose! Distracted by trying to discover the proper use of they’re, there, and their. Oy!



Finding and opening “the Artist’s Way” is like reconnecting to an old friend. There is warm and encouragement in the words, in the process of taking action to unravel or understand the chaos of daily life. The daily life of just doing. Going about from one thing to another without much thought just to get a chore done or a meal made, or a medication given. The sameness of it all is dull, boring, and blocking of much of my creative juice.  Oh god this is difficult, the headache just wants to push everything else out-of-the-way.

Morning pages are to be “three pages” stream of consciousness writing, everyday, for no one else but ourselves. They are to shine light in the dull boring places of blockage, to awaken us to our creativity. There are no right or wrong ways to write your pages.  They are not a story or essay, there are more or less ramblelings of a mad man… it is about recovery of creativity, getting out of our own way.  From there everything else may flow. Or not?

The censor/ego even began to assert itself when there was only one comment to the blog, and then two more when I re-posted on my FB “Nature Spirit Photography page. Which is  underused ! As stated above censor almost caused me not to write this morning, suggesting that no one wants to read this stuff every day. I don’t care.  do I ?

Shadow play
Shadow play

A thought came to me on the walk back to the house, something about is not bravery facing the fear, is not bravery being present amongst the chaos of everyday challenges. The dragon I have to tame is myself, the dragon is part of me but is not me in completion. Dragon is the roaring defense of loss, confusion. The protector as.  Are loss/pain and chaos not the keys to letting go, to moving on, to getting over or through the block?

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12 thoughts on “The Key is to…”

  1. Hi Jeff – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I get overwhelmed, too, and have turned to reading and turned off the computer. But I’m reading an anthology of Science Fiction from the 1960s, we’re living in the future and it’s amazing. Love – DoN

  2. Hello Jeff it’s so lovely to read you’re writing ( believe me I want to read it ) and to see your inspiring photography .
    Also to be introduced to Riley and Muffin …such beauties you are blessed . Keep blogging .

  3. Jeff I must say it is so nice to have your post notices showing up in my inbox again. I like that you write only for you. I like that you right about the hard stuff, the everyday, the fear and the boring. Too much of the time I think we ask ourselves to be cheerful and are subtlety and not so subtlety expecting ourselves to awe and inspire others with something grand – at least I know I feel this pressure sometimes. But we are living ordinary everyday lives with hard stuff to deal with over and over again. Finding the beauty in this everyday is your post’s reminder to me. Take care and do keep writing just for you! 🙂

    1. I have to write what I know and I know myself, and the self I wish to be Terrill. How sweet of you to respond in such a kind way.
      The process of everyday living is just that everyday, of course we can choose how we show up for it.
      Blessing to you!

  4. Jeff, I am glad you wrote today. And like Terrill, I like that you write about the hard stuff. The words that come to mind are grace and generosity of spirit and as I turn into my day I find myself looking at my own hard stuff with a softer heart. Thank you for this.

  5. Jeff, it’s not necessary to explain your journal to anyone. The fact that you are honest and confident enough to share goes a long way in describing the wonderful person you are.

    1. Sandi,

      I am not sure I was really explaining myself to “anyone”! I think it was more about creating intention, as well as in life coaching the client is asked to create “projects” for themselves, create a timeline for accomplishment, and have someone you ‘report’ to on the progress.

      I am grateful for your support! Thank you so very much!

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