Autumn’s Treasure


autumn's jewels Mother nature opens her jewel box to the autumn light, azure blue, clear as crystal to illuminate her seasonal wardrobe. There are ruby reds, shimmery yellow citron,  rusted amber, and the changing shades of emerald-green to peridot. Demeter dons the first colors of mixed reds, greens with blends of yellow, orange even black. Father sky who seem to like this new gown shines brightly while the gentle wind stirs and shimmers the gleaming shades together.

Brilliant day

Persephone gathers her seasonal dress for one last dance around the forest. Decked in brilliant yellow gold that lights nature with abundant smiles into the darkest corners. For it is the last performance of the season before Old Man winter strips her naked, the fallen leaves a carpet of paisley quivering in foot-paths to acknowledge the passing of time. Death is on the way, the rusted red and brown, the glimmer gold, have fallen, the trees stand naked being fed and nurtured by decomposition, rain will dampen the sound, snow will blanket Gaia to warm her and feed her into transitions.

across the field

Yet the autumn ball is not over the shimmering rustling gown of Mother nature continues to waltz about the land leaving everyone who looks upon her, breathless, awe inspired by the wonder of her beauty. Grateful for the last bit of warm and hue the mortals go about their lives…

Crown of Gold

Cerridwen waves hello goodbye! Autumn’s treasures have begun to be placed back into hiding place until next year…


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18 thoughts on “Autumn’s Treasure”

  1. Oh, Jeff, these images are beautiful! I realize even more how much I love fall, and miss it now that I’m living in a place without the kind of seasonal markers I’m used to. Thank you for sharing your lovely reflections on the season and the images go with it!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    1. Oh Kathryn, it was my pleasure to share such beauty with you! Thank you for enjoying the journey.

      This has been brewing in my mind for days, the little voice speaking the words to capture the beauty of what I was witnessing ! It is a relief to have found my voice to let it out!

      Hugs from New Jersey

  2. Thank you so much for your delightful words and beautiful photos . I’m all wrapped up in a fleece with warming cup of tea waiting for winter . Outside my conservatory is the most wonderful bright red acer just to remind me it’s still autumn . Thank you for your post just what i needed .

  3. Jeff – I’m at Starbuck’s this morning because we’ve been out of power since the storm on Sunday. Commonwealth Edison predicts that it should be restored in our neighborhood about 3pm this afternoon. That’s why I’m tardy 🙂

    What a TREAT it is to find this drop-dead-gorgeous post. Your photographs are like eye-candy for me this morning. Thank you!

    1. Yes Laurie I know you where energy challenged! Glad to see you are getting connected!

      The photo session with these was breathtaking, I knew I was being treated to something wondrous! Thank for enjoying

  4. Oh, Jeff, such beautiful photos splendid with colors! I am already missing fall, since winter has settled in here with her stark black and white.

  5. Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart

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