wanting to live it…

“It’s having a dream and wanting to live it so greatly that one would rather move with it and “fail” than succeed in another realm.”  The Universe

Amber glow
Amber glow

Drinking day old coffee, cold. Wearing cloths that are worn, frayed and out of date, piled high on surfaces that use to be desks, for the draws are full or inaccessible. Sleeping on a futon crammed in a room that was supposed to be temporary, sheets and pillows toss about hardly ever straightened. Books, books, more books, spiritual, educational, fiction/nonfiction, art books/photography picture books and essays, all piled on every other surface that can handle them, some in cases, on top of file cabinet reaching almost to 9 foot ceiling, on little floor space around the bed. Collections of found objects, feathers, rocks, miniature cars, toy monsters, solider’s of the empire, bones of creatures, groundhogs?  A tiny space that was created as an altar, a small photo of the Sacred Heart of Mary, red rosary’s draped over the edge, wood angels, collections of semi precious stones, in a hand-made pottery bowl, many spill out on the surface, waiting to be held or carried. Scattered around them essential oil bottles, sticky with use, giving a sent to the room something a bit unpredictable at times. Every thing dust-covered, feathers from the bedding gather in corners that are mostly unreachable. On the walls that have  semi peeling wall paper with 55-year-old paint, pale blue on them  have a few of my own photographs, one of Terrill Welsch’s canvas print photographs, and a stained glass image of an angel.

scattered elements
scattered elements

Is this a space to create from, is this a room of a mad man, a hoarder, a dreamer? I once saw photos of Lucian Freud’s apartment that is painted from floor to ceiling, in the biography of Alice Neel it is said that her apartments rooms were filled with her paintings and little else, they lived and worked in those spaces. Creating images that seem to just wish to flow from them.

building towers
building towers

So if I “fail” as a house keeper or in relationships/friendships or other wise it is because pursuing a dream, following my bliss is about creation, creating photographs, viewing photographs and art… Self education of the talent that I have been graced with has enriched my life in so many ways other pursuits seem wasteful, almost unproductive.

No no my whole home is not a hoarders nightmare, it maybe a yard sale waiting to happen?  Photographs are  hung, as well as leaning against the walls in places I would like them to hang. There are boxes of old framed photographs on the porch among frames that need attention.

A small view into my world:

The quote from the Universe this morning also stated this; “At which point, of course, failure becomes impossible, joy becomes the measure of success,”

Growth Question: Are your following your dream, your bliss?

13 thoughts on “wanting to live it…”

  1. It seems so many creative souls have piles hither and yon, all over the place, just in case a new project presents itself. On the other hand, those piles can reflect stagnant energy. I suppose only the person can sense the dynamics of that creative and/or stagnant pile and know when to keep and when to let go. Love, Kathy

    1. Kathy,

      yes I must agree with you and little by little the space has been getting a shift. Of course I got a whole room waiting to be repurposed !

  2. Thank you for sharing your most personal space with us Jeff. From this side, viewing into your world, it feels like a muffling permeable boundary, safety possibly. Safety in external reminders of who you are and why you wish to live – a collection of that which is beyond your own creative work yet deeply connected to it, feeding it. Who has time to make the bed or sweep the floor when there is so much creative work to be done!?

    In following my own bliss this is a question I ask often. Yet, ever week I strip the bed, wash the sheets and, if at all possible, hang them on the line so I can curl up with the clean smell of the nature I love so much. Every week, I pick a small pile or corner to sort, clean and organize. I sometimes rail in frustration about how long it takes to thoroughly clean the whole house but I make it happen for fear it will be too much if I don’t. Too much stuff, too much paper, too much dust. The practice keeps my humble and mental space clear allowing the creativity to flow with easy. Yet, I often will say to my less allergic to disorder husband – we need a housecleaner! his response is – why? the house is already clean. My bliss and creative space is a tension between sparse and reminders that settle at the end of the day into something that I know as home and life. But it is not in a perfect state of bliss. It is a working space. There is plenty of evidence that people live here. At the end of my day I like it that way housecleaner or no housecleaner 🙂 Great post and great question Jeff. All the best of today to you!

    1. Terrill,

      There has always been a part of me that created a safe space, since I was a child. Mom says I use to get back in the play pen… There is warmth and knowledge in all those books most of them have been read and enjoyed. Many of their words are language of comfort to my on days that I may need such comforts.

      Yes Terrill we have been greeted at your home serval times via your blog and more recently the video you created for your open house gallery exhibition…

      Thank so much for your comments! ((Hugs))

  3. Many an acquaintance have I known and do know who also live similarly, and you know what, Jeff-they all just happen to be ‘creative’ types. (If that says anything at all.)

    1. I imagine it is so Rob, the gathering of things, useful and not so much! I really didn’t think I was alone in this, I was feeling the need to place more of myself out there…

      Thank you for stopping by Rob. ((Hugs))

  4. Jeff – My creative muse is clutter-free space — Terrill used the word “sparse.” But as Kathy attested, only YOU know if your surroundings are uplifting or down pulling; if they ignite or dampen your creative matchstick.

    Thank you for sharing your space with us.

    1. Laurie,

      I was going to post a warning for you Not Safe for Laurie’s eyes! LOL Yes I am very aware of your clutter-free space, flow in and out…

      I think there was some need it allowing this to be put out there, it may shift the energy to create change if need be.

      I was most concerned for your response, knowing you I had no real fear.
      Thank you for being present! ((Hugs))

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