unsatisfied appetite

“As an artist, it is central to be unsatisfied! This isn’t greed, though it might be appetite.” Lawrence Calcagno

Haven in the Ghetto, by Gregory Pestegord

Even though I have not written it almost a month, did you miss me? I have been out and about viewing, attending, researching, socializing, being inspired, been awed, been confused, and as of late even frightened.

I have photographed, I have entered a juried art show, and disappointed the work was not selected this year. Was I fully committed to that venue this time? No, I almost missed the dead line for submissions, and sent them in via email which was a form of submission this year. Yet alas competition was a challenge and more people have been entering so it make the juror job that much more difficult.

So with ego bruise, disappointment offers another opportunity, which may or may not have presented itself. The gallery exhibit in Vermont is still on the table, and hopefully this weekend the plans will be framed and hung. I received a message of a local library call for artist just this morning, so the work that was not selected in the juried show can be submitted to that exhibit. Yay!

In the past week a few of my photographs have been included in my friend Don Brewer’s DoN Arts blog to go along with a Studio tour we did a few weeks back at 915 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia Pa. I could write a whole blog about that experience, and I just might yet Don, interviewed many of the artist that we viewed, so check out his blog.

Before I went to Vermont I ask about writing a blog for the Photographic Society of Philadelphia’s 150th Anniversary, and I had not realized I had not heard a response until a few weeks ago while at a PSoP Solo exhibition reception when I saw Eileen for the first time since returning, and I ask her if she received me request, and said she had responded via email, which I never recalled seeing. Eileen is the president of the Society. She offered to share a PDF she had of the Philadelphia Photographer magazine from 1866, in which are minuets of the first meetings of the Society, included is the founding members names and some of their discussions about photography, mostly equipment, for photography was an emerging form of creativity.

Back in the Day

OffI was down the path, following names, searching for photographs, of the members, as well as photographs by the members. It seems most roads lead back to this PDF and to the Library company of Philadelphia, which has it linkage to all other archives around the city.  On Wednesday Don and I ventured to the Free Library for what I thought was book about the Society, which it is but is a reference book, not a memoir of the society useful but not what I was looking for. Of course during our inept search of the racks we discovered a treasure of Photography art books which can and will be a source of information and inspiration. In our frustration we were directed to the Print and Picture Room, that space is awesome in itself, we were greeted by the curator Aurora Deshauteurs, to a whole box full of stereoscopic images, which was one of the forms that early photography was printed, well these two art geeks where in haven. We viewed and photographed via iPhone some of the prints I thought where of first use to begin the society blog.  So stay tuned.

believed to be a photograph by one of the first Members of PSoP! John Moran

As I mentioned above Don and I had his friend toured the studios at 915, one Sunday afternoon, the Tuesday before was the Solo Exhibit at Cafe 12 for a PSoP member John Bacillie, who photographs street art, graffiti and such, he tends to play around with the photographs as well.  The next Monday PSoP’s Vice-President Morris Klein had a reception at Brown Street Bar, a local corner bar in the Fairmont area of the city. Morris collection is his ode to Philly rendered in his unique HDR style.

Morris Klein at his reception discussing his work with a friend !

Then the next Sunday was the Plastic Clubs 100th Annervsary members only exhibition, in which many of the members of the Photographic society belong to as well, and about half of the awards of the collection where photographs by our members.

Plastic Club members exhibit!

There has been a few other events, yet as you see I have been wetting my appetite, filling the well, spending time with companions who encourage each other to do the work, envisioning the art world as an abundant source of  inspiration, challenge, as well as great opportunity. The city of Philadelphia is a cultural artistic venue once the doors are opened and the light shone, which it has been for me in the past few months.  Early on I had hesitated to join the Photographic Society of Philadelphia because it sound pretentious, and my own fear of stepping out. Now I have stepped in, have been welcomed, and have become involved! Was it that unsatisfied appetite that caused me to venture forth, or the seeking of artistic knowledge and recognition that has been central to me present state of being?


11 thoughts on “unsatisfied appetite”

  1. Jeff what a great update and wow! Have you been busy! Good to see you stretching out into your community and trying some different things. Congratulations and good luck with the next round of opportunties 🙂 And I love the quote by Lawrence Calcagno!!!!

    1. Terrill,

      I have had to Be involved with the life around me so that sanity can become a regular event, as well as gaining inspiration and knowledge!
      Thank you so much!

  2. Great to hear from you today, Jeff! It sounds like you’ve been busy, indeed. Sorry to hear your work wasn’t accepted in the juried show, but maybe you’r right–it leaves photos available for the library exhibit. Love the images you’ve shared today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    1. Kathy,

      Great to see you here! I know I have flashed by your blog a few times, I just seem to not be able to catch up lately.
      Yes, not to dwell on the “rejection” so much and know another opportunity will present itself. I usually print new work, mostly for me, because I want to see what I photographed as a photograph. Yet I really like the pieces I had so, I entered them.
      Hugs to you

    1. Laurie,

      Part of me is not sure what the heck I am doing, another is very certain of the direction, forward. My work can not be seen unless I get it out there, getting it out there is getting myself out there.

  3. Yes, I missed you; however, I understand with such a busy schedule how difficult it is to find space to write. I know I need not only space in terms of time but also space without noise or other interference in order to accommodate the emptying of my thoughts on paper and then channeling whatever higher wisdom goes through my head into my fingertips which then dance across the keyboard as if waltzing to a song that I can barely hear. Wow. That was a long sentence! You have SO much going on, Jeff. I think your membership in the Photographic Society of Philadelphia is another step towards fulfilling the vision you have for yourself and your photography. The photo picture of the ghetto above really caught my attention. For a few moments, I thought it was an actual picture of a ghetto. I hope you always stay hungry for new vistas in your creativity.

    1. Barbara,

      Yes there have been so much talk in my head that finding the time and the space to write about one of those activities has been a difficult task. Not allowing myself get distracted is another.
      I am not a discplined as Miss Laurie, or even Terrill, yet making time to write, to create, that being photographing, downloading, viewing, and choosing a photograph takes time, and energy, good energy but time which I don’t seem to use very well.

      The photo picture of the ghetto is of a painting, this artist was the first studio we went to on our tour, and I have “fallen in Love” with his work. I have never been so drawn to something in such a long time. There is a blog in the wings about this artist and my reaction to it soon.

      Yes filling my plate, the art world is a banquet to be enjoyed and tasted,

      Thank you so much for coming by, I hope you have time to write soon as well.

  4. Jeff, I didn’t realize that the Photographic Society of Philadelphia is the oldest active photography society in the country. How lucky you are to live so close to a mecca for your creative career! It warms my heart to hear how busy you are stretching your wings and beginning to soar. “Back in the Day” is a great shot of an old camera – it makes me wonder what the photographer who used it would think of all the digital marvels in use today? 🙂

    1. Barbara,

      As I immerse myself within the research, I have to wonder too what the men and some woman of the 19th Century would make of all of this digital wonders. For it is difficult for me to understand the difficulties of make a photograph in the 19th Century, and the pioneer these people did.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Hi, Jeff, sorry I’m a little late to your blog. It’s good to slowly read through an account of your days and to feel the life of your artist self. Your life seems full. Not only with doings, but also with experiencing and witnessing the many parts of self. I am sorry you have felt frightened. I have recognized my frightened feelings rising when going deep in meditation. The little selves often feel such fear of emptiness, of not-existing. We so often do so much to cover up this fright. It sounds like you are allowing yourself to feel yours. (In which case I shouldn’t say sorry that you have felt frightened. Perhaps should say “good work” instead?)

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