Third day in Vermont

The second full day in Vermont begins, E. Wallingford, Village Street cool and fragrant with fire-place smoke merging with the morning mist as the sun rising above Maple grove cemetery just behind Village Street on which I am staying and using for my base of operations, while I explore the area with my camera.  Maple Grove Cemetery

Mom and I drove up Wednesday, left at 7:30 am, on a damp misting morning, stopping at the bank, and gas station on the highway. I was not ready even though I had planned this trip of a week, the leaving time was dependent on Lee’s operation and leaving of the hospital, Lee is my Mother’s man friend! He had open heart surgery last Thursday. Mom was concerned so I offered to drive her up, bringing the dogs and my camera.

We arrived at about 4:30 pm, after many long hours in the car two other stops for coffee, thank goodness of Starbucks on the road, and pee breaks for the dogs. Only bought gas at one of the stops. Getting out of New Jersey was the most difficult, traffic up north is intense, and road work doesn’t help much. Once we got in to New York, the skies cleared up and the road was open, off went.

Had a little detour in Bennington Vt, which is a quint little town but we didn’t want to go through it but around. I will have to go back to take some photos. There is nothing in Vermont my winding, mountains roads, big sky and Mountains as far as you can see. Imagine. Awesome. Did I can any photographs of this no, I was driving, but you’ll get the idea with the local shots, while I was driving yesterday to Rutland and back. On the road

I walked around town like a journalist, snapping photos every which way, saying hi to the locals as we passed. Enjoying the unseasonable heat of 80 degrees, moving up and down the main streets, and for once the main street is call something other then Market, or Main Street, I is aptly named Merchant Street. Some well preserved 19th Century and early 20th Century buildings. The downtown is on the National Register of Historic places. 

The BankDown Town Cross Road



6 thoughts on “Third day in Vermont”

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you. I will do my best to have wonderful weekend! It is warmer than it should be but I am not complaining…
      I am not use to the light being so bright and above me for so long. So I was concerned about the photos, which I don’t think are my best but it was fun exploring with the camera.


  1. What a good son you are, Jeff, driving your mom to Vermont! I used to have a friend who lived in Vermont, Brattleboro and Wilmington area. It’s such a pretty state… Those are interesting buildings on Merchant Street…

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