For days now I have been feeling like I am holding my breath… It seems like I have to remind myself to breathe, breathe deeper, and more consciously… which does let go of some of the tenseness, tightness I am feeling. Not sure where this is emulating from, only aware that is has been part of my being in the past few days. Something is the movement of the planets and stars perhaps, something that I have put off or forgotten to do?

Just Breathe

I was going to post Faith Hill’s “Breathe”, and went to youtube to find it upon listening to the song the sentiment was not what I was looking for, even though I love the song, at the moment it did not fit. Okay than! Lost track of where I was going, Muffin asked to go on our second walk, the weather pattern is changing to wind and rain, I was out side, so had to come in after our walk… with books, laptop, coffee and dogs into the house, shifting once again into the space, it takes time, for outside is open, breathable, air blowing wind and Sunday morning sounds, of lawnmowers, and the owners curses, cars coming and going for the parking lot behind me, reminding me I am not alone in the world, even though I am alone in the little world I have created from the moments of inspiration, thoughtful introspection, finding words and language that stir the emotion, cause thought to turn into action, a way of being in the world on a moment to moment basis.

The Last Breath of Day

“breath is the link between the body and mind between the conscious and unconscious mind. It is the master key to the control of emotions and to the operations of the involuntary nervous system. Moreover, breath represents movement of spirit in matter. Turning your attention to your breath moves you naturally toward relaxations and meditation puts you in conscious touch with your vital, nonphysical essence.” States Dr Andrew Weil in 8 Weeks to Optimum Health in the first week of this life changing practice. So why am I not breathing more freely? The question is to be answered with creating time and place to do some breathwork.


Even while writing and moving about to consciously breathe, in and out, slowly and deeply, feeling the movement if nothing else. Breathe!

Breathe in the Love.

Breathe out the jive.

Breathe in the mystery.

Breathe out the history.

Breathe in the luminosity.

Breathe out the grandiosity.

Rob Brezsny


P.S. I changed my mind about adding the Faith Hill song, but use a performance with Carlos Santana  !

19 thoughts on “Breathe/Breath”

  1. “Breath represents movement of spirit in matter.” I love that thought! Life!
    I often have to remind myself to breathe, too – it relieves anxiety. The last picture, Breathless, reminds me that the earth breathes, too, and often takes our breath away with her beauty…

  2. Your posts help me, thank you for sharing. You post a great question and ask myself the question, why I’m not breathing also and to answer your question I don’t know.

  3. HI, Jeff — I have read this post several times this week, and each time I am reminding myself to consciously breathe deep into me and let go with a complete exhalation. I do kundalini yoga once a week and breath is a big part of the practice. I love your “Breathless” photo, though. When I find myself holding my breath, breathing shallowly, or not breathing, it is usually in anticipation of something about to happen. I can’t help but feel that you have issued a blog of universal wisdom that could change the world . . . if we all just stopped to breathe.

  4. Barbara,

    Several times, really! I am glad that is has become a form of mediation for you! It was almost breathless to see such a site as those clouds…
    “stop to breathe” now there is a phrase, thing is we have to breathe to breathe…

    Breathe intentionally, breathing deeply and purposefully… “universal wisdom that could change the world” oh boy, I better breathe or I may faint! Beautiful thank you so much!!!

  5. Oh Jeff! Thank you for the inpsiration! I am so intensely happy at the moment, but have been unable to break through and just write! For once I am also a reluctant blogger…thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful blog and photos!

  6. Are you still holding your breath, Jeff, or have you started to breathe deeper? Thinking of you fondly…just stopped by to see if you’d blogged lately. Hope all is well.

  7. Jeff, I am glad to have found your blog. And very much enjoyed your talk with Terrill on creativepotager. I have always appreciated your inspiring and supportive comments on other people’s blogs and look forward to seeing more of your amazing photography!

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