Magic Tool

How often I hear in my head I am going to come here to write and then get lost in reading others blogs, checking on Facebook, and more blogs and stories. Which in many ways are used to stimulate the thought process that sometimes shows up here. Yet more often that not, I just wander away for blogging altogether! Lately one of those reasons is that my laptop is acting up, overheating, I did buy a cooling fan but that does not seem to really help, so it seems I am going to have to take her in for a check up and some maintenance. How scary is that being without my laptop for heaven knows how long. This machine has become like a part of me, it is my connection to the world, close by and far away. Connection to music and even TV show watching. This magic box is one of the wells I go to to be inspired, to be informed, to be entertained, to create… So it would be a good thing to have her check over, flushed out, reenergize to function as she is supposed to…

Magic Box

So do I take her to the Apple store where she was birthed, have the Genius take a look and do the proper procedures, or the Geek Squad at Best Buy? Β Or even still a local community shop I have seen in a near by town. Is it about the money or the security? Is it about wether the work will really be accomplished, and that she will come back to me refreshed ready to take on the world again, since I have no clue what is going?

A look inside

Well this blog certainly took a different turn than I expected? Β As I wrote I was wondering what kind of photographs do I place here that would or could convey the magic of writing, the magic of my laptop? Or do I publish without pictures?


7 thoughts on “Magic Tool”

  1. Just a little “I can relate” tale: our tower died back when I was doing the youth pastor thing at the last church I ever went to. We couldn’t afford another one, EVERYTHING I did in that position at church was on that machine, nothing I tried brought it back, and a new PC repair shop that had opened up in downtown Milton was offering a PC checkup for $40 bucks. We took it to Mr. Joe Potter at Panther Computers, he got it running again. We referred people to him–which he told us kept his business afloat in those first few months–and when we were able to get a new machine he offered to custom build us one for about 50% of what we’d have paid for a very cheap one out of the box. That was 7 years ago, and we still trust him with everything PC related. Granted, you have a Mac, but if you have a local business, go talk to the guy/woman and see if you can sense a good relationship in the making. You just never know…

  2. This was wonderful! I have four laptops, Jeff. They are PCs, not Macs (else I could not afford it). I don’t go anywhere without at least one of them. The reason why I have four is due to wireless and space connections. My first one still has to be plugged into a network (no wireless connection). My second one has a problem with time/date so it cannot be trusted with sensitive stuff (like e-mail) but it is very useful for watching tennis on ESPN-3. My third one works perfectly well but ran out of disk space to run all of my programs; however, I still use it for writing and my granddaughter can play her games on it when she visits. This fourth one has a 500GB hard drive and all sorts of bells and whistles. Like you, I prefer to write on my laptop.
    My boyfriend has a Mac and he had the same problem with the overheating. The problem turned out to be a problem with the glue on one of the boards. The computer geek guy added some glue and the problem stopped. If you search online, you might be able to find out exactly what glue, etc., and take that to your computer geek of choice.
    Meanwhile, keep writing, blogging, picturing, and all that fun stuff that adds up to living. It is, after all, living totally as you.

    1. Barbara,

      I see this blog is something you can related too!!! Hah ha!
      I am in the midst of writing another blog now, but got distracted by dog walking, change in the weather pattern, looking for a song… and lost my thread of thought that would make the blog flow.

  3. I think laptops and computers have become like cars, essential to most people for “getting around.” For both of these tools of modern life it can be challenging finding trusted mechanics or computer wizards! Hope you got your laptop up and running smoothly again!

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