engaged in becoming…

Enchantment invites us to pause and to be arrested by whatever is before us; instead of our doing something, something is done to us. This is the way of the soul, which is primarily the receptive power in us; by letting ourselves be slowed down and affected by nature, we are fashioned into persons of substance, even if at a more active, conscious level we are forcefully engaged in becoming something else.  Thomas Moore.

into the moment!

My thoughts are to just offer the above words and photographs like I did yesterday yet at another level there is more creative juice desiring to be expressed.  The words and ideas in Re-enchantment are so refreshing in so many ways… offering views I have not witnessed for a while. If that makes sense.

The heat had made going outside so oppressive that spending time photographing anything was not really an option, the moments being outside where more to get from one place to another, but never really to enjoy, for the pleasure of a walk was taken away by 100 plus degree heat, the stillness where birds didn’t even sing, the sadness of the plants all dry and dropping along the paths, making one wonder why they are even still alive at all, they have to be really reaching down into their wells for a hint of water.

To keep my well juiced I have found sources of refreshing language, inspiring lives, creative work of people who are creative artist themselves. I heard the message to pick up “The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life” I had a copy that has been sitting in pile in my room, but I had come across the volume a few times in other places. I have had this book for years, I had even begun to read it but put it down because I was not ready for it than. There was a time because of my love affaire with Conversations with God books, other spiritual books lacked much interest or felt unappealing, even through many books are suggested by Neale Donald Walsch/God throughout the Conversations with God series.

in the details

Re-Enchantment along with Pronoia the wondrously outrageous writings of Rob Brezsny the river of ideas, inspiration, creativity have bathed me in renewing activity of the senses. That included a trip to the Town Center formerly the Mall, to a week-long used book sale with my friend Linda, which included a journey over to the library so she could use their computers while I perused the videos and books-selves.  Finding the selection of videos a bit wanting I headed the Photography section, and glad I did! First of all, the light in the area had been fixed, second the selves were neat and orderly, not always the case in under visited areas of the library.  I had just bought a half a dozen books so why was I looking for more books? Why was I in the photography section, the line of books informed me of that. I found a biography of Ansel Adams, not someone I am really drawn too but someone I thought could shed some light of photography and nature. Plus there is the wondrous “street photography” book, Bystander: A History of Street Photography, an over sized packed to the gills with wondrous photographs from the late 1800, into the 1970’s.

Grand moments

So I get to travel back and forth in places around the world, capturing moments of city streets, everyday moments and moments that caused history to change. I get to read about a man who was not only a photographer, a nature photographer, considered to be one of the finest nature photographers, but also a life long member of the Sierra Club .

an opening.

I thought there was more to this… it didn’t feel finished but I am going to let it go now! ( a few hours after writing).

14 thoughts on “engaged in becoming…”

  1. I like thinking about the re-enchantment of life. Many of us, much of the time, have forgotten that we are surrounded by an enchanting world. We perhaps just need to re-adjust our kaleidescope to see that we’re surrounded by incredible beauty and magic. (Hope your heart dissolves…or you feel the enchantment hidden within!)

    1. Kathy,

      It has been a wondrous experience thus far. To re-enchant my world through vision, words, objects, nature, the experience of being present for the life all around!

  2. Grand moments is outstanding, Jeff. The way the colors play and reflect across the surface and in the windows is absolutely lovely. I have an old calendar of Ansel Adams photography. I think he only photographed in black and white? I am not sure. The heat is oppressive down here in Maryland, too. We are watering our plants by hand, but I can still hear them whining for more! I love the idea of allowing life to enchant me, giving it opportunities to reveal its magic; too often I am caught up in controlling life . . . and not letting it have its own way.

    1. Barbara,

      I am glad you like Grand Moments, it feels a bit out of place here, yet I was drawn to it, I had a feeling about it but when I saw it on the blog it didn’t feel right!
      As far as I know Ansel Adams only photographed in Black and White. I would love to see some of his original prints, I know there are some down your way in one of the federal buildings…
      Magic is present everywhere, just like being in the moment, we have to “learn” to see the magic.

  3. I enjoyed your writings today, I felt connected and thanks for sharing your thoughts, I like to think that they are like a wave that keeps circulating around the earth, never stopping.
    My favorite photo is of the Spirit of the Blueberry, in looking at it a felt a calm feeling come over me.
    peace and Love… Lou

    1. Lou,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting today! I am thrilled that you have, I was feeling I had lost my “following” with my very “reluctant” way of blogging. I know you read the blog, so it was good to know this resonated with you!

      Peace and Love! Jeff

  4. Jeff – I am late to this offering because this was a teaching weekend for me. But the timing seems perfect because the photographs have provided the refreshment I just knew would be waiting for me here. THANK YOU!

    1. Laurie,

      I figured you and Len were up to something… What did you teach this weekend?
      I am glad the photographs could give you as sense of refreshment. You are most welcome!

  5. Love Thomas Moore … read his books with pleasure and a sense of wonderful connection with someone who had figured out a few things in life! Photographs are lovely, Jeff. Thanks for sharing them! –Daisy

    1. Daisy,
      Thank you so much for the visit! I have been aware of Thomas Moore for sometime, I just couldn’t get into what he was sharing at the time, now seems to be the time!
      Thank you for finding my my photography “lovely”!

  6. I liked “Grand moments,” too. What intricately detailed architecture – often in the city we are so busy getting here and there we don’t even notice unusually interesting buildings. You were enchanted enough by the architect’s creation “to pause and be arrested.”

    Thomas Moore has been recommended to me many times but I have yet to start reading his books. Love his words! The way of the soul… slowing down… Ansel Adams’ work is amazing. I saw a biography of his on TV a couple of years ago – what an eye he had for light, even in black and white!

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