“Nature is not only a source of spirit; 

Spirit of the Blueberry

it also has soul. Spiritually, nature directs our attention toward eternity, but at the same time it contains us and creates an intimacy with our own personal lives that nurtures the soul.

Summers snow flakes

The individuality of a tree or rock or pool of water is another sign of natures soul. These intriguing natural beings not only point outward infinity;

water faeries

more intimately, they also befriend us. It is easy to love groves of trees or mountain ridges, to feel related to them as through by blood, and to be secure in their familial protection. “  Thomas Moore The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life.



6 thoughts on “Re-enchantment”

  1. It is like a little adventure! Jeff, your photos capture the words in a way that gives a dimension of wordless wonder. I especially like the captions you give. Spirit of blueberries . . . I had not ever thought of the ripening fruit being the absolute demonstration of spirit in action. You’ve captured moments in time that will never be again and allowed us to hold them for as long as we desire.

    1. Barbara,

      I had started this blog the day before and was going to share all kinds of words, was interrupted… simplicity was the key!

      I am glad you have enjoyed the little adventure.

      “You’ve captured moments in time that will never be again and allowed us to hold them for as long as we desire.” My subconscious mission is to be able to do just that!

    1. Laurie,

      I am thrilled to have been able to offer you a respite from all the heat you have been experiencing through these “Gorgeous photographs”!
      I am truly captivated by Queen Anne’s Lace! Truly, maddenlly, enticed!

  2. I know what you mean by being captivated with Queen Anne’s Lace, Jeff. Me too! It is exquisite, in all its expressions. I love your photo. And your quote. And the soft respite on a summer’s day. Happy weekend!

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