Resting, reading, recharging…

For days I have had the urge to write, to blog, did I? No. Today not so much yet I have sense something would like to flow? I still not sure what that flow is, and it has been slightly interrupted by a chat with a friend.

4th of July festivities !

I guess I have to ask am I blocked? Am I using the last exhibit experience to hold me back? Or have I just been considering my options. I think both, I have been licking my wounds, as well as readjusting to from the excitement and expectation of a First Friday Solo show! To ask myself what I could have done, or could do for the next exhibit? Yet I have noticed I have not taken as many photos as of late. I did shoot of 4th of July at the local parade and festival. On the 6th I went to a free outdoor concert in Haddon Heights Park to hear Liz Longley and Hezekiah Jones as well as photograph them live. Photographing concerts is one of my other favorite experiences to photograph! I love the energy, I like to watch the performers expressions, and experience their of their music. I get very involved in the process.

Liz Longley

Liz Longley opened with short half hour set, of new music, which she said was break up songs. Even if they where break up songs, the music was lively and meaningful. ( Hot Loose Wire) After her performance I bought her to latest CD’s  and offered her my card. So she could view the photos I had taken. She had commented about us down there on the ground in front of stage taking photographs while she was performing, hoping we would get good shots, not of sweaty face and double chin from that angle. I think I accomplished that. I had messaged her on Facebook, she commented she like the photos I had posted and would like me to send her some to use via her email.

Hezekiah Jones, who I did know, yet was wandering around earlier chatting with the folks from the radio station XPN, had I known I would have taken pix than. But I have plenty from the stage. This band is amazing, blend of blue grass, country, pop… with three guitar players, violin, bass, drummer, keyboard player. These guys where jamming, have the best time. I bought their CD’s as well, and offered Raphael Cutrufello
my cards as well.

Hezekiah Jones

Have not heard back as of yet from him but hey I was out there working, doing what I enjoy doing. Listening to great music, out in nature for free! What could be better than that!

Reading, resting, recharging.

10 thoughts on “Resting, reading, recharging…”

  1. Actually over the 4th of July weekend I sat down and started three or four different blog posts. But I was really, really angry for most of it so every post started out cynical in nature and then bled into absolute raging frustration. I didn’t post them because by the time the emotions subsided a little it just felt like purpose had been served, I guess. Used my blog for an assignment on freewriting this week but only because I honestly didn’t want to mess with PowerPoint. Like you, I just haven’t had much to say lately. Going to Kentucky probably Saturday to help Emily move into her new apartment–Scott’s leaving Friday with the truck but I’ll be out late Thursday night with Kady & Harry Potter, a 10 hour drive may not be the best thing after getting home at 3AM. *lol* I think the break will do me some emotional, physical, and creative good, really. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to remember things that get shoved to the side when life gets busy and noisy. Love you. Keep up the beautiful works!

  2. Sounds like transition time . . . the movement of ourselves from one way of being to another that can be uncomfortable and feel slightly like without purpose. My feeling is that your first solo show has helped you grow in a way that you are not used to and you don’t quite know yet how to respond. Perhaps it is a matter of living into this new person you become daily to find your comfort. Your photos are (as always) excellent.

    1. Barbara,

      You may be correct about transition time! I had just read something about watching what you wish for, for when you get it you will need to learn to become or be that. James Arthur Ray, writes that if we desire to be something we need to figure out what all of being that something is! The example: People who win a lot of money, most of them lose it within a certain amount of time because they don’t know what it means.
      So being an artist requires I show up at as an artist, in all its shapes and forms…
      Thank you about the photos!

  3. Live music under the clouds or stars… one of life’s great pleasures! Love the picture of Liz Longley with the trees behind her. I can see you combining your love of photographing nature and musicians in some yet-to-be-discovered way – it’s an wonderful journey you’re on, Jeff, with all its ups and downs…

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for coming by to the reluctant bloger! Always great to see you here!
      Yes there is a great connection to music and nature, for nature makes her own music, adding to it with our voices and our art is blissful!

      The journey’s path is always one of winding roads, upward motion and downward activity, being present for the journey allows it to be that much more joyous !!

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