Grounded in…

People frequently believe the creative life is grounded in fantasy. The more difficult truth is the creativity is grounded in reality, in particular, the focused, the well observed or specifically imagined! The Artist’s Way

art and function

My first reaction is disappointment ! Writing may help, and it may not? Disappointed at the lack of support from the Venue last nights exhibit. Disappointed at the friends who mentioned that they where attending and did not even acknowledge that they would not be there.

I am grateful to have had the experience, to have the photography on the walls of this space, grateful for the friends that hung out with me, and other Photo Society people who came by to support and view my art.

The Artist’s Way suggests that the morning pages will  be a useful tool in sorting out my feelings, my real feelings, so being disappointed if that is a feeling, maybe sadness is the correct work?  The experienced taught me to ask more questions, to make sure the venue is involved with the creation and success of the exhibit . I am glad did not spend more money have printed post cards for the event, promoting the space and the art. I did spend about an hour writing a bio and price list and then sometime as the printer produced those gems.

reality of art

Hey in the same light of the evening, Linda and I and Lou spend part of the evening together having a meal at Race St cafe, and viewing other First Friday art installation along Second and Third streets. It is always good to be in that energy. The galleries along Third Street were flowing with mostly young people streaming in and out of the doors of galleries along old uneven sidewalks jammed with artist tables, exhibiting everything from fine art, jewelry, tiles, t-shirt, graffiti art on whatever the artist can find and work on! Along second street, the sidewalks are overly crowded with mostly younger people, decorating the sidewalks with their creations, displayed on blankets, sometimes even the bare side-walk. There are street musician every so often, livening up the street, with the sounds of music… First Friday in Olde City Philadelphia is always a feast for the senses, a well of creative juice to be drunk from!

Music for the walk

On the creative side, I was invited to have my Photography exhibited once again at the Deptford Galleria, where I have work until September with the other members of the Salem County Art League. The next exhibit will be all Photography from Dec 1 until Feb!  I am thrilled about that opportunity.

The Philadelphia Photographic Society is preparing a next exhibit space at Cafe Twelve which is a coffee shop that many of my friends hang out in, which also receives a lot of business throughout the day… I have been trying to exhibit there for over a year or more, now it will happen on a regular basis. I have volunteered to assist in preparing the space, and being involved in getting this exhibit space up and running in the very near future!

Friends viewing art

Well Balance Gallery may have only been a bump in the road, it was a necessary journey through reality, the reality of expectations, the reality of having the involvement of the venue as well as my personal time and effort invested in a successful show. This was my First First Friday artist show it will not be my last, I assure you.

Growth Question: What is your reality of your creative process?


26 thoughts on “Grounded in…”

  1. Oh, Jeff, i wish more people had been able to come to your exhibit. It is so challenging when part of us wants/expects more support, and it doesn’t seem to come. (I guess that’s an opportunity to feel this grief as well as work on expectations…) Glad you were able to spend some time with friends and that you have another art opportunity opening up. What is the reality of my creative process? Lately it feels like the need to share so much is dissolving, which feels a bit uncomfortable because it’s so different. Yet it also feels healthy turning much more inward for awhile. So that’s the process at least recently! (Nice pics, as always.)

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you for your support! Writing the pages are beneficial in getting out what I was thinking and feeling. Holding on would only cause resentment.
      There are always bumps in the road, or turns we didn’t see…

      It is always good to turn inward sometimes, to recharge, to refresh, or whatever it is one may need with the time…

  2. It can be so distressing coping with disappointment, Jeff. It’s one of my pet peeves the way some people think nothing of changing their plans at the last minute without a thought about how this will leave others feeling. Sometimes my disappointment borders on feeling abandoned. But you did learn something about how involved you need to be with the venues in the future, which will hopefully contribute to a more rewarding outcome next time. I’m glad you’re keeping at it undaunted!! I really like the “Music for the walk” picture – you’ve always been great at capturing a moment!

    1. Barbara,

      Making the statement about my disappointment “lets it go” … give me space to move on other wise I am block by it. This experience shines light on other area’s I have to work on..

      Music for the walk was surprise to me, when I viewed it, his expression just captured me, the passion for what he was doing…

      Thank you for you being part of this journey!

  3. Jeff I like how you faced the disappointed and sad feelings head on and then searched for what you learned. Never an easy thing and I believe it is what keeps most people from stepping out and displaying their work. Reading your post and as a friend I so wanted to make it better for you. Yet these things happen and we must find our way through them. I had the same experience for the same reason when I was first promoting my book and doing readings in book stores. Not fun!

    I expect to be managing this same issue as I go beyond local venues. Wise advice to always check to see how a venue plans to promote your work and what their turnout for events have been in the past. When a gallery or venue is taking a percentage the amount changes depending on how much they are willing and able to do in the way of marketing and promoting your work. For example, my latest solo show the venue sent a special hard copy invitation to their preferred customers and the first sale of the show went to one of their regular customers. This is what I call ideal for a non-gallery restaurant/inn venue.

    Good that you wrote about this as it reminded me again about how important it is to be clear about what the venue can do and what I can do to promote a show. And those disappointed sad feelings… I like that they are being transformed into your next opportunities.

    Congratulations on stepping out there – taking risk – acknowledging – moving forward!


    1. Terrill,

      I am thrilled to read your comments! You so get it! You so have had or will have these experiences. I almost didn’t write because my experience in the past when speaking about my feelings and emotions during or after an experience where greeted poorly or even badly, and was suggested that I complained to much. Therefore shutting down.

      You make it better by your friendship and understanding, I am grateful that you are sharing this part of the journey with me.

      Yes, the more I get involved in showing my work there more I realize I have to be conscious, an active in the process. I thought I was in this instance but not enough.

  4. I’m happy to have found you via Barbara. In regards to your question, what is the reality of your creative process? I am at a time in my life (58 y.o) when I can give a great deal of time and attention to my creative process, which brings me an inordinate amount of happiness! That is what I am most grateful for. I’m making jewelery and painting and mosaics, photography and sculpture. Now what to do with it all? I give my pieces away as gifts, and am starting to donate to non-profits to raise funds at auctions. And selling a few things here and there. I enjoy your site.

    1. Monica,

      Welcome to the Reluctant Bloger! I am glad you have found some source of information here.
      You sound as if you are very creative, and have a good process of getting your art seen and shared. Beautifully done!
      Thank you for enjoy my site!

  5. Oh, these reality experiences can really be tough, can’t they? Julia Cameron is a good mentor; so is Martha Beck.

    I was encouraged to read that young people were streaming through the galleries;. this is good. I have friends who own galleries who say few people venture into galleries anymore.
    Keep swinging!

    1. Melissa,

      Reality sucks sometimes but it is a great learning experience when we are conscious of who we are and what we wish to accomplish!
      Having Julia Cameron’s words as guidance is a true blessing. I don’t know Martha Black but I will look her up!

      Well it is one reason for having First Friday events, all year long. It opens the space up for all people to have the experience of attending openings, going to shops and galleries that seem private and stuffy on normal everyday situations. Because gallery owners and or people who work in them tend to have a “better than you” attitude. So first Fridays are an open invitation to come on in …

  6. Okay, give me the URL of your web site that shows where you will be showing your art, addresses, and dates. I have got to come once in a while to show my support! So, I need to plan to make the space and time in my life.

    It really does not matter who shows up in your life. What matters is that you show up. I read your words, examine your photos, and feel vastly privileged to be a part of your growth and becoming. I am learning that I have created stories around my own creative process that don’t serve me well.

    I’ve just begun to examine this process and how I am in the world.

    1. Barbara,

      I don’t have such a thing as a web site the shows where and when my next shows will be!

      You will get to an exhibit when the time is right. I am grateful for your desire to be supportive and part of this process.

      If and when exhibits are to happen I will let you know.

      1. I am always thinking “Promo! Promo! Promo!” If I were as creative a photographer as you, I would be blasting myself all over the Internet.

        But, okay (sigh). You are right. When the time is ready for me, I will be ready for the time.

      2. Barbara,

        You are too much! Yes I understand I need to promote myself more. and part of being on is about that but it is mostly other artist… Hmm?

        You can google me and my photography which is a bit crazy and scar

  7. Well Jeff, you are out there pounding the pavement, (so to speak) and the adage that success can’t be realized without some initial dissapointment is certainly applicable here. Your resilience and constant energy will reward with dividends in the future, this is clear enough. Love all the Philadelphia photos.

    The “reality” of the creative process is that it takes time to develop and blossom. One mustr have the patience and right world view to allow the flowers to bloom.

    Have a Great July 4th!

    1. Sam,

      Great of you to visit! You are correct, I am out… and dissapointment is part of the process, process of learning!

      Glad you enjoyed the Philadelphia photos!

  8. Jeff – the fact that you’re being invited to exhibit your art — that alone — means that people are noticing your work. Your “friends” aren’t showing up… that would have me asking myself if they’re “acquaintainces” instead. Either way, it’s not a reflection on your work.

    I Gaelic I would say to you, “togaidh an obair fianais.” Many years ago Len had those words carved on a sign that hangs proudly in our healing studio. It means, “The work will bear witness” (or , the work speaks for itself).

    1. laurie,

      Yes you are correct, that fact is that I am being invited to exhibit. that it is my work/art that they desire.
      My so called “friends” can find their way when and if they so chose to join the path.

      The work does speak for it self!

      Thank you so much!

      1. Jeff – Barbara’s exactly right about promo, Promo, PROMO! Why don’t you create another page on your blog (you’ve currently got “Home” and “About” and have it be “Events” so that you can link directly to it from Facebook, Twitter (absolutely free), etc…

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