Expect abundance!

Expect your every need to be met, expect the answers to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually. Eileen Caddy

Over exposed

I am not sure this is the quote that I wanted but it is the one that showed up. It got words on the page, and the flow to begin to move out. Spirit has been nudging me to write for days, write what is the question. 1. A review of the month. 2. The sense of loneliness that has kept in since last Sunday. 3. The up coming First Friday Solo Show. I am sure there are more themes yet those three could fill many pages.

a winters morning

Stuck already: No not stuck just not sure how to begin… is that not the same thing? Not if I say it is not. The month began with seeking to “listen to the voices of the Ancient Ones as they rise on the warm winds of summer and shimmer on the lighted grasses that wave gently in the summer sun: June is the month of Sunlight, a month when abundance from the seeds we have planted in early spring begin to produce their bounty.

A winter's afternoon

Those lead to the Juried art show exhibit, the Salem County Art League’s shared artist exhibit last weekend, which runs until September,  and now to my First Philadelphia First Friday Solo show, at Balance Gallery tomorrow for the month of July! The creative abundance is presenting itself in glorious ways. I am extremely grateful, that I listened to the sounds, followed the paths, was given the courage to show up, to present work that is joyfully accepted and viewed.

Golden fall

Last evening I emailed the person in charge of the creative works at the William Way center where the Juried art exhibit now hangs, and ask her if she was willing to mention the the group that meets for First Friday events about my Solo show, her response was: “Congratulations on the solo exhibition, it is much deserved.  I would be happy to announce to the guys about your show and strongly encourage them to wander over there!”  Sometimes I am surprised by peoples response, and awed by them as well. I also received this message from a artist friend on facebook after I invited her to the Opening reception, I know she could not attend but I like to send invites it informs people what is going and I believe share the abundance. Her response, “I look forward to reading an after exhibit blog and art lovers comments. The one common denominator of your work is that when viewing each piece on the web, they are not just photographs but a beautiful essence shows thru the screen.”

Summer in the wood

There are more such quotes for the photography that I present to the world, and I am grateful the praise, it is what keeps me coming back, not in an ego way, of course ego is joyously taking all of this in, but in a artistic way to light the path along my creative journey. That the work/art that I do has a value and purpose to people! Most grateful !

Land and sky

For as I go into this Solo Show Nature and Sky there is a sense of fear the is underlying this whole event. Plus the censor is trying to sabotage the joy of this event. Here are the voices, “this is a small venue, it is small exhibit 6-7 pieces, who is going to see it in Balance Gallery Studio other then the clients who attend appointments” Also I have not hung 8 x 10’s in a while which the majority of the show is, they are all new works expect one, and no one has seen the older piece, yet I have doubts about this collection. Is bigger really better? Do this photographs represent Nature and Sky ? Oy ! Plus the other voice keeps saying, “who is going to show up, this venue is so out of the way of true First Friday events and it is only an hour long reception!”

Yes the photographs represent Nature and Sky this is what you do! This is what you were called to do, to share nature with the world. The gallery has its own clients and most likely a system to announce these events. You have invited a number of people, so let go and let God. “Expect your every need to be met…”

Clouds on the ground !

Did I avoid the 2 theme long enough?  A sense of Loneliness ! Since Sunday after the exhibit/reception I have had this sense of doing all this alone, that I had expectation of family and friends to show up to encourage and support all my efforts. Yet they did not. I just blogged about in the pervious blog. Yet I had not mentioned the sense of loneliness that has dogged me ever since. Who are my friends, do I have friends, “skin” friends, meaning people other then the ones on facebook and blogger which I am very grateful for. Yet the “need” for companionship of like minded beings in my life seems to have cast a shadow, so to speak over things. Julia Cameron makes this statement in the Artist’s Way, “very often, when we cannot seem to find an adequate supply, it is because we are insisting on a particular human source of supply. We must learn to let flow manifest itself where it will – not where we will it.”  So once again getting out my own way, telling ego all is well, letting go, and allowing spirit to have its way with each and every situation opens the flow, keeps the river running and the ground fertile for abundant growth.

Growth Question: How was the month of June for you?

Photographs call be viewed and purchase at  here

This is the Nature and Sky Collection!


8 thoughts on “Expect abundance!”

  1. “…is that not the same thing? Not if I say it is not.”

    I LOVE YOUR STATEMENT! There’s a mighty whoosh of personal power behind it.

    Growth Question: How was the month of June for you?

    June was over too soon!

    1. Laurie,

      a might whoosh of personal power behind it!!! really! How cool!

      I know during the month of June you have accomplished a lot! All those amazing gifts you have shared and have received…

  2. Another beautiful and thought-provoking post- thank you! I need to go do some gardening, then I want to come back and spend some time with this. “Expect abundance”- that is lovely. Like you, I have been feeling lonely in my walk. “Friends” are too busy, and we artists seem to be far-flung.

    as I work, I will think of you, and you can know that you are not alone.

    Beautiful work, by the way. I feel like we are communicating the same message, in different sacred places, in different media.

    May abundance rain down upon you!

    1. Melissa

      My new friend! How wonderful of you to stop by once again! “Expect abundance” and then don’t get overwhelmed by it! Gardening is so very healing and creative, good for!

      Well enjoy your return trip to Expect abundance!

  3. “Clouds on the ground” is my favorite — you will absolutely shine today. I’ve got work today so I can’t drive up there but I also know that I get my own private art show every time I read your blog.

    June was a little volatile for me . . . some ups and downs and unexpected situations. It is all good.

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for your your encouragement and support! It would have been wondrous to have met you and for you to have seen this exhibit! You were there in spirit, as where most of those who send their regards!

      Life is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flow! Learning to enjoy the ride is the trick!

  4. “This is what you were called to do, to share nature with the world.” I love this phrase you wrote Jeff, and I look forward to listening/reading your shares. Your path sounds very familiar, which in turn makes us feel less lonely. I’m coming back to your blog.

    See you soon fellow artist!

    1. Pedro,

      So glad you got to read my blog! Sharing nature with the world is so much part of what I do and am! I think as artist we are ask to Be a messenger in that way!

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