Aspects of the Divine Mother

May is a month of gratitude and celebration of the feminine

aspect of God

God the Mother

Sacred Feminine

who creates and nurtures all things, including ourselves.

                  The beauty of May draws us out of hibernation into  natural mindfulness of the blessings and                            abundance of nature. Gratitude and mindfulness are intimately related, for as we practice                                  gratitude we come more aware, more present.

the awakened path

                                                                                              We wake up.

                  Spring calls us to simplify our lives so the we can enjoy everything more thoroughly and                                      graciously– our relationships, our homes, our possessions.

In May our hearts remember what our minds sometimes forget–

Life is a gift of inestimable value.

an offering of beauty

It is time to unwrap that gift.

Listen to the voices of the Ancient Ones as they speak                                                                                                        from within the heart of the quickening earth:

The scent of the Mother

Bear cubs play in the sun,

grazing on the new growth that Earth Mother has provided.

The simple pleasures of spring rain,

opening buds and new moons

draw us out of worried mind

into celebration of Divine Mind.

The Archangel Uriel and the

energies of the East

tutor us in the art

of mindfulness

and the sacrament

of gratitude.

Joan Borysenko

Since I was a child in the month of May I created an altar to the Blessed Mother, and was very attracted to the idea of honoring the Mother, I did not truly understand than what I know now of the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies. For than the separation was more far apart, to me yet closer than I understood. I was born of the feast day of the Assumption, August 15, a day to honor the Virgin’s assumption into heaven, that she was brought body and soul to heaven. In the belief of that caused even more separation. Bringing the Divine feminine fully present in this world is a powerful tool of healing, a powerful experience as Andrew Harvey states that the Divine Mother is saying, “Bring everything into balance, marry the opposites within you.” He goes on to explain “that means bring the derided and negated feminine into the picture so completely that the real balance is established between yin and yang. And out of that real and mysterious balance a new order, a new love, is born in each of us in the ground of our being…”

So I give you my offering of gratitude to Our Divine Mother better late then not at all. Andrew Harvey describes the Divine Mother as “the mother aspect of the nature of God. I see “Her” as the power of love that infuses the entire creation, the force that is continually creating the creation and also the transcendence that holds the creation forever in arms of light. Everything is born from “Her” and “She” loves all things with Tender passionate Love.”

Growth Question: How do you Honor the Divine Mother in your Life?

28 thoughts on “Aspects of the Divine Mother”

  1. Oh wat a wonderful hymn to the Divine Mother. I so enjoyed your blog and pictures Jeff.
    Such a delight like I was walking in a mysterious garden with a new suprise around every corner. Thank you .


    1. Lucienne,

      I am thrilled that you had such an adventure moving through the blog today! I was a joy to create, I thought I lost focus a bit, your observations allow me to know the path was clear.
      Thank you so much of stopping by and I am grateful your comments!

  2. Love your photos. Particularly “The Awakended Path”. What an inviting landscape! One question … is your caption for the first photo correct?

    — Judson

  3. Jeff I think this must be one of your best posts yet – or at the very least it struck a deep cord within me. I find it to be a beautiful and powerful piece. Your photographs capture exactly what your words are expressing with stunning accuracy. Nicely done.

    Answer: I honour the divine mother in my life by daily living the bridge between nature and nurturing — knowing that there is a strength is required beyond gentleness, that meddling just makes a mess and that love doesn’t always mean like.

    1. Terrill,

      I am truly honored by your comments! I makes my heart sing! Thank you Thank you!

      Yes I witness your being the bridge between nature and nurturing, with your blog and with your paintings, as well as the affection and warmth you express about your family. Beautifully !

  4. Jeff –

    Your photographs are exquisite. I’m especially drawn to “Sacred Feminine” and “The Awakened Path.” I’m a huge fan of Joan Borysenko so you can well imagine how much I enjoyed seeing some of her work here — what a gift.

    Growth Question: How do you Honor the Divine Mother in your Life?

    As a person who works with energy medicine on an almost daily basis, I work with, and honor, both the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energy that is resident in each human body. I see and feel “God” (Source Energy) as neither one or the other gender — rather, fully both.

    Depending on the issue, I work with the feminine (mother, cool, lunar, negative) aspect of Source Energy when appropriate, and work with the masculine (father, warm, solar, positive) aspect of Source Energy when appropriate.

    Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

    1. laurie,

      Exquisite! Really? Thank you so much! Yes I figured you would be glad to see Joan Borysenko’s work showing here. The gift you shared with me, I am sharing back…

      Growth Question, is a well balance informed response. As I knew it would be!

      Have a great Memorial Weekend too!

  5. In a way I’ve been off honoring the divine mother by spending time in spirit with my own mother, who died twenty years ago on the day you posted this, which is a delightful bit of synchronicity for me. May is usually an intense month for me as I garden and feel Mom’s presence more strongly and remember how she was dying all the month of May while the world outside her window was bursting forth with new life, just as your lovely photos capture. I spend a lot of time thinking about the balance between life and death, feminine and masculine, faith and doubt… Thank you for your beautiful evocative photos, Jeff – they stir the soul!

    1. Barbara,

      Your response to this blog was one of the most touching comments I have ever read! I had to stop, and be in the moment, to feel the joy as well as the sadness! Beautiful, thank you so much!

      I am Love, Jeff

  6. What a lovely post, Jeff! thank you for honoring the Divine Mother and for reminding us of her abundance. Echoing the other commenters–I am glad you offered us a beautiful spiritual post here.

  7. Thank you Meenakshi for bringing Jeff’s blog for us to meditate with on Gaia Minute.
    Jeff, I am such a fan… of the treasures you share. How do I honour the Divine Mother in my life? On Gaia Minute we have meditation each day and honour the gifts of earth in groups around the world now up to around 3,000 people daily. It has been an admin of a team of 6 daily expanding this. Your work is so awesome. Thanks.

    1. Kathy and Meenakshi I an extremely honored that you have used this blog post for a meditation on Gaia Minute. Wow! I reposted it at the beginning of the month because my blogging time has hit a wall. So this is extremely well received news!
      Bowing in honor of you both !


  8. Finally arriving here, after a busy weekend and week. It was noted in the back of my mind to get over here, and see what all the happy fuss was about. This stood out strongly for me, as a child of May and thus in an inner contemplative, reflective mood lately – “Life is a gift of inestimable value.”

    Andrew Harvey’s suggestion is beautiful – “that means bring the derided and negated feminine into the picture so completely that the real balance is established between yin and yang. And out of that real and mysterious balance a new order, a new love, is born in each of us in the ground of our being…”

    In answer to your “growth question” – “How do you Honor the Divine Mother in your Life?” In my deep connection with Mother Earth, Gaia, first strengthened from my practice for a couple of years of the Gaia Minute weekly.

    1. Deb,

      Glad you found time to stop by and share has you have. I am extremely touched and honored by the renewal of this blog… I really hadn’t read it in awhile. So thank you for the re-quote of Andrew Harvey’s! Such beautiful passionate expression of Loving and Honoring the Mother!

      Happy May Birthday to you!

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