It is through me…

” It is through me that the heavens declare the glory of God, through me the moon worships God, though me the stars glorify Him, through me the waters and showers of rain, the dew and all creation venerate God and give him glory.”  Saint Leontius of Cyprus


I read this this morning as part of my meditation practice which comes from Joan Borysenko’s “Pocketful of Miracles” book. This book is a great place to get centered and to have a goal throughout the day to place gratitude in front of everything I do and everything that I am being.

I have not written for over a month, and I have longed to many times, yet the moments were not right, the energy and thoughts just did not wish to flow. The quite space was not available and even know maybe interrupted by the endless loop of back ground TV noise.

the edge

Along with not blogging, photographing was not the highest priority either, it was days and even weeks that I had not taken a photograph, I continued to visit my site and do some of my moderation on Redbubble but even that was half-hearted. Yet I kept going to the well, filling myself as much as I could, hoping for the return of my health and passion to write and photograph.

young leaves

I five weeks ago or more I realized I had a kidney infection and was seeking to holistically heal through self Reiki, and having Reiki healing sent. Also using Green Tea, Cranberry tablets, vitamin B-50 Complex and a multitude of other healing remedies. I finally broke down and went to the Dr, to be check over, have urine test done, this was at least 2 maybe 3 weeks into the infection, he prescribe antibiotics which knock it out in less than a week. So now it has been two weeks since the Dr.s visit, a week of clear signs that the infection is gone and I am feeling my energy and desire return.

I managed during the week of antibiotics to enter a photograph in the 6th Annual Juried Art Show at the William Way GLBTICenter in Philadelphia, I was accepted and the reception/show opening was a grand success. I truly needed the artistic connection, I truly needed to see my work hanging in a fully recognized exhibit, to feel that rush as well as anxiety.

Born with...

To see people walk by the piece, to have my friend and curator of the show offer feed back, on the piece that was not accepted, due to not the photograph itself but the matting had become dirty. He also informed me one of the other judges was very enthusiastic about my submission, and had commented on it many times.

Simple beauty !

So what has this have to do with the quote about, my being God’s instrument in the glory of the world around me. Well I had to do with how and why I am a photographer. The prayer/practice part of book Pocketful of Miracles ask this: “contemplate the thought that you make God’s creation visible, that you encourage the earth to bloom through your appreciation.” My appreciation becomes visible through my photography, the earth blooms and evolves in front of me and I am honored to photograph it to share its beauty and wonder with the world. Much of it is simple, much of it is everyday plants and flowers you see in your yard or have the opportunity to view as you walk in a park or even drive down the street if we take the time to look. All of God’s/Goddess beauty is there for our pleasure and sharing.

My illness kept me away from much of that, the energy levels, kept me in a resting mode, a healing space, yet I knew that the earth would heal me soon, so that I could return to her, to capture her beauty, to invaded by her fragrance of spring honeysuckle and wild rose combined with sent of wood and decaying leaves…

The end of the beginning

12 thoughts on “It is through me…”

  1. I love what you said here: My appreciation becomes visible through my photography, the earth blooms and evolves in front of me and I am honored to photograph it to share its beauty and wonder with the world.

    So glad that you are recovering from your infection and that your energy is returning. I am glad that you are an instrument of God. Blessings!

  2. Jeff your post will provide hope to many who find that they need to slip away from their creative expression for awhile. It will leave them knowing there will be a return…. and here you are!

    Your work allows the viewer to see the everyday with new eyes. Congratulations!

    p.s. I am particularly fond of the new leaves photograph Jeff. The patterns, tones and balance are stunning.

    1. Terrill,

      a resurrection! Ha! I knew I had to keep the fire burning and did what I could with the energy I had to pick up the camera, to view photos, to read about other artists, continuing to fill the well drip by drip.

      New Leaves was a thrill for me too, Thank you so much!

  3. Very nice blog, Jeff. And the photos are beautiful. I am glad to hear that you recovered after being ill and out of sorts. Nature always inspires me too, every rock, stone, flower, tree, bird, the smell of the earth, the heady scent of garden flowers. You have a gift, and thanks for sharing it with others. Artists should know that “we” are out there waiting to see your photograph, read your poem, hear your song.

    1. Mimi,

      How sweet and wonderful to see you here! Thank you so much for you wondrous comments! I am glad that there is a “we” out there to see, read, and hear our art.

      Sweet Blessing to you!

  4. Hi, Jeff — I am relieved to hear you are feeling better. In shamanic practice, a doctor is a shaman same as anyone else who channels the knowledge and the wisdom of plants (including the chemicals your antibiotic was made from). Even a surgeon is a channel for a greater wisdom of how to help the human body heal. You bring beautiful life to your pictures and, yes, I believe you (and I) are God made manifest. I love your work.

    1. Barbara,

      It is so good to see you here and out and about again! I guess classes are all finished for awhile?

      Yes, you are correct about the Shamanic practice, and that all things are created for the greater good, used and practiced with wisdom and purpose.

      God/Goddess made manifest through our life and our being present within our creative process.

      Well soon you will be able to see my work in person! Just another month, I do have another shared exhibit coming up next month!

  5. Barbara,

    It is a first friday opening, so July 1st! Balance Gallery 112 So. 20th Street, Center City Philadelphia, Pa 215-751-0344 . Party/reception begins at 6-7 pm!

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