The moment of encounter

“Art lies in the moment of encounter: we meet our truth and we meet our ourselves; we meet ourselves and we meet our self-expression. We become original because we become something specific: an origin from which work flows.” The Artist’s Way


These lines spoke to me as I read them yesterday, they flowed through my mind, dancing like little faeries just on the edge of awareness, consciousness.  The consciousness being aware of the gift that the art of photography as given me, and I have been able to offer the world.

The moment was when a Shaman expressed to me that the property, the land on which I had at that time lived was asking to be recognized. I knew not what that meant at the very moment, yet my wandering around 175 acres finally spoke to me, “photograph us” .  Camera in hand and nature to view became another moment, a moment the energy began to shift, the view I had of the world changed, the view I could express to the world changed.  I became the “an origin from which work (art) flows”

Brightly shinning

Julia Cameron in the Artist’s Way also states, “People frequently believe the creative life is grounded in fantasy. The more difficult truth is that creativity is grounded in reality, in particular, the focused, the well observed or specifically imagined.”

My reality at the time of answering the call of the muse was one which I struggled with personal relationships to the men I lived with in community, the relationship I had with the mission of community life. I was too deeply imbedded with my need to be accepted, the need to have my voice heard, for I had felt shut out, and shunned in many ways.  I was told I did not live in reality, that I was not grounded, that I lived “up there somewhere” and it seemed they where darned determined to pull me down there with them.

So I began to reach out from that place, I love the land, I loved the idea of self -sustaining community of men, creating and living purposeful authentic lives, yet that is not what I was experiencing.  So Reiki, Shamanism, and Photography where the gifts I had been giving while living in the space, gifts that gave me purpose and usefulness. Are those gifts ones of reality? Not it the everyday world most people live in but a reality I intended and intent to manifest into me life.


Art lies in the moment of encounter, the encounter of another human being, a spiritual being, touching our lives, informing us who we are. The encounter is with the animals in your life and the ones you may see on your journey through your day. Art lies in that Sun Rise and Sun Set, creativity lies in the moment you wake to consciousness,  and make plans and intentions for your day, “the focused, the well observed or specifically imagined.”

As I move forward with my life, dancing life of reality and fantasy, for fantasy is only something that has not become reality as of yet. With sent intention and attention to the purpose of creating art in my life, to use it to heal, not use but allow creativity to heal in its own way offers joyous process to my life. Art is not work, it is not a job, it is creation, it is Love unfolding, expressing itself…


Growth Question: Fantasy or reality, what is your creation?

I am Love, Jeff

12 thoughts on “The moment of encounter”

  1. “With set intention and attention to the purpose of creating art in my life, to use it to heal, not use but allow creativity to heal in its own way offers joyous process to my life.”

    Standing ovation!

  2. Ummmm you certainly have captured the delicate beauty here Jeff. I’m mezmerized by the gentle feel. ‘Fantality’ is what I seek – balance between fantasy and reality.

    1. Alison,

      Great to see you over here at the reluctant bloger! Thank you for your wonderful comments, I hope you come back for another view. ‘Fantality’ I like it!


  3. What is that bloom in “emerging”? Is it the same one as “intention”?

    I love the way you express yourself by recognizing the subtle changes in the natural world and sharing those moments with all of us. Well done!

  4. Barbara,

    Yes, the same thing is in the blooms, both evolving into its next stage of being!

    The thing is Barbara I am not sure I am aware at all times that I recognize the subtle changes in my own world? It is the reason to write, to blog, to photograph, to study…

    I am Love, Jeff

  5. Lovely post and imagery that rings bells within me. A path that I think I may be beginning to tread, or rather retread, myself.

    1. Val,

      Thank you for connecting with the Reluctant Bloger! Good to see you here! I am grateful your response and glad to know that it has resonated with you!


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