Empty fullness

Do you ever have this feeling of full emptiness? Explain please?  It is a sense of wanting to burst but at the same time a feeling lack or something missing. That has been my state of being for the past few days.  So the questions lay in, where is it coming from, what do I do with it, is it fixable, changeable?

Lined up

Hopefully writing this blog will expunge some of the sensation, for one thing I have been keeping a secret, more or less. Last week I agreed to have Solo Exhibit, one that is offered by the Philadelphia Photographic Society, they have asked me ever since I joined to take this on, and I have hesitated not because I don’t have the work, because of the framing situation. All framing size has to be 16 x 20. The photographs can be any size… ah ha! Because that would cause another situation to arise, specially made mats, not going to happen. So 13 photographs 11×14 in mats and frames need to be purchased and put together. Well only 8 do, I have 5 framed and matted photographs already 3 hanging on the walls of the house and 2 in storage.  I had three new prints made last week on metallic, which adds a different gloss and shine to the print which I had not tried before, 2 of which will go into the collection.

All of this for an exhibit in a coffee/waffle house in center city Philly. The exhibit goes up on the 15th of April and will be filmed for a youtube page the Photographic society now maintains.  Once I discuss this with the manage of Bonte’s, the coffee shop, I am hoping to have First Friday reception in May! So my plate has been full of making list, checking out framers, and frames, choosing photographs, theme is nature.  I think a few from the last blog post will make it into the collection.

I have also had the opportunity to work with a photographer on http://www.redbubble.com in the Candid Photography group that I co-host with two others. Tatum Wulff was my choice for featured artists of the month. We emailed back and forth an interview about her work and what drives her, you can view that here.

Last week was a whirl wind of artistic filling the well.  Photographic Society Meeting,  on Tuesday, in which we were told that the society would have group exhibit at the Plastic Club in Oct and working on a 150 year anniversary  exhibit for the Society next year which will be held in Philadelphia City Hall.

Chick weed flower

On Thursday I was in the city again of a panel discussion created by The Center for Visual Artist to offer information on the opportunity and business that offer printing and framing options as well as workshops and gallery space and exhibit to members. Boy was my mind filled that day. Those business are the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Lightroom, photography co-0p, and Project Basho.

Than Friday was back to the city to place a piece “Maple Buds” in a shared exhibit offered by the Photographic Society in Bonte’s at 10th and Walnut.

On Sunday I went to an exhibit of local artist and fellow members of the Salem County Art League, Jack and Sharon Fanning, this collection was held at the Galleria Deptford NJ, the Deptford Municipal Building, where Photographs, water colors and Pottery where on display and for sale.  While there I spoke with potter Margo Schreiber who is interested in having her Pottery photographed, so I am going to be in discussion with her concerning that. I also talked to Pauline Jonas about the space and exhibits, she mentioned that the Arts League would be doing a shared exhibit in July. Opportunities abound!

Briar Berry's

Each of these events offered me opportunity to photograph, to socialize, to enhance and share my creative work with the world around me. With all of that coming in my well is very full, yet that sense of emptiness still seems to linger…




12 thoughts on “Empty fullness”

  1. Jeff after reading your post I am not surprised you are feeling full and empty at the same time. My guess is that the energy or creative fuel is flowing out as fast as it is flowing in at turbo speed! Wow! Congratulations on all these opportunities and successes you are experiencing. I am absolutely thrilled for you.

    I am currently working on new images to go up where I co-share a space at the Green House restaurant here on Mayne Island. I can sure appreciate the work of choosing, then printing and then framing. I did something I wouldn’t have thought would work but does very nicely. I picked up some good sized wood frames with acid free matting at the dollar store for half the price of prepared frames at the photography shop. The only trick is standardizing my images to a specific size. Not all of my favourite images work this way. Now having my own Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer has been a big help. Well worth the investment.

    Good luck with it all! I suggest riding the flow for awhile. These opportunities seem like they are taking you in the right direction. But whatever you decide Jeff I know it will be perfect for you.

    1. Terrill,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Reading this from your perspective, I get it! But mostly if I don’t find and or create things to keep me busy, and I do have a lot of down time, I feel as if I have not accomplished anything…
      I am riding this wave the best I can…


  2. oh my gosh! Oh My Gosh! OH MY GOSH!!

    I’m so excited for you I just burst into twins–now there’s TWO of us hopping up/down, and fist-punching the air. Whoohoo!

    Is it possible that the feeling of “emptiness” is actually “space” and like a compass, it’s helping you find new direction?

    1. I would post the Pointer Sister song “I am so excited” here if I could… You make me smile! Thank you so much!

      Laurie, making “emptiness” “space” seems like a magic trick but I get it, going in the direction that spirit has lead!


  3. Maybe it’s a good case of the butterflies! Kind of like the feeling one gets on the first day of school when there is new territory to navigate and explore. You sound so busy and excited about all these wonderful opportunities lining up one after another. Enjoy the ride! I’m so happy and excited for you!

  4. You say that a number of other people are “tireless” and that they are able to make such excellent use of their available time, yet what you attest to do here in this past week would be pretty much impossible to top. I do know that New Jersey town you appeared in, and again appreciate this wonderful expression of your talent, and determination to share your creativity with others. The ‘full emptiness’ feeling is nothing more than a precursor to a burst of creativity that is sure to follow. Have another great week Jeff!

    1. Sam,

      I am truly grateful for your stopping by the blog, to read and comment. The past week has been nothing like the one before, it has been a time to reflect, gather, contemplate, the process in which I am taking on.
      I love line from you, “The ‘full emptiness’ feeling is nothing more than a precursor to a burst of creativity that is sure to follow. Have another great week Jeff!” The hope it that it is true.

      I am Love, Jeff

  5. Hi, Jeff — my gut reaction after I finished my first read of this post is that you may not be taking in and filling yourself with the joy, satisfaction, excitement, etc., that all of your work and opportunities are producing. How does it feel to be asked to display in the coffee house? How does it feel to have the opportunity to photograph another artist’s work (the pottery)?

    On my second read, I got the feeling that there is a part of you who may not want to join the festivities, who is holding back, who is reluctant to be fully committed to the process.

    Remember, these are my projections and may or may not be valid. And, they can co-exist with all of the other insights people have offered.

    From my own perspective, I am SO excited for you. You have such talent and dedication to your photography. Your photos move people and I know I am making plans to want to own at least one of your photos that moves me so that I can recapture that feeling every time I look at it.

    1. Barbara,

      Nothing like looking into my shadow side… of course there is the practical side of the work, and the fear of moving forward. Yes to ask myself those questions, “How does it feel to have the opportunity to be asked to display in the coffee house? How does it feel to have the opportunity to photograph another artist’s work (pottery)?” Is a good gage to read the process I am in, one that I created, and one that I have been in the process of and will continue to be so.

      I am thankful for your perspective, and glad for your excitement as well. Your plan of owning a photograph is a warmth in my heart!

      I am Love, Jeff
      P.S. You have given me much to think about.

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