Goals, Intention/Attention

“A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


It always seem to me that goal setting was not living in the moment, more planning for the future. To set goals felt to practical, and when the heck have I been practical? Yes, of course I have planned things, trips, look for work, searched for places to live, those things were not always completely planned out, they seemed to be more intuitive, or even a sense of need or want.

These thoughts come about with the reading and study of a new section of Laurie Buchanan’s Life Harmony program that I have been working on for the past year, I have a few months detour and am now seeking to get back on track. This section is Self-Knowledge. What is self-knowledge, awareness, consciousness, knowing who  you are, what you like or dislike? All of those things and more, the whole practice of Life Harmony work has been to create awareness of Self Knowledge. Waking to self is a deeper and deeper in-depth experience, and this section is where one begins to connect to “our higher self; with the Divine… This self is concerned with our spiritual nature and integration of the whole.” The qualities found in this self are “feeling mindfulness, inspiration, selflessness and devotion.”

What it seems

While reading through these pages my critic mind keep saying yeah yeah, read this, know this, been here, so what’s new? I had to blast through those blurts or the whole process would have been of not much use. Which is why I had the detour a few months ago.

So when I got to he section on Goal setting, my mind perked up. It is not that I have not been aware of this process of goal setting, but had I actually ever done real goal setting or just place thoughts in my mind and if the moment came goals where accomplished.  These words spoke louder this time, ” Goal setting is a way to move towards living to your highest potential.” Phrased in that manner goal setting became more “spiritual” than practical.

Than I got to the section where Laurie breaks down the difference between Intention and Attention she writes, “Intention comes from the emotional/feeling part of the brain. It is a desire. It is a goal. It is something which you are focused on; something you want to make happen. It is something which you aspire to do. It remains invisible until it come into being.”  Ok I can work with that, this description offers a basis to create from. Intention seemed etherial before .

Attention is the practical piece, it is from the part of the brain that is mental and thinking. It is the action steps one takes in planning and creating the effects of the goal, getting you to where you want to go, in this case “Living to your highest potential.”  Once again taking things out of the practical wrap them in a more spirit driven process.  One that is shared with the Divine. Not just self-willed, not just some action that get me to another place because I wish to improve my state of living, or abundance. I had not made the connections before of Goal setting, Intention and Attention.  How they are all part of the flow, and mind, body, spirit flow that energizes the everyday activities that stream through my life. Maybe this has been where my disconnect has been?  I am not clear on why the disconnect has been so stubborn to be rewired, I am sure that I have received this message before in my journey, yet was unable or unwilling to hear and heed.

Have I come full circle with Goals, Intention and Attention enough to create a circuit of energy that will move me into the next phase of Living and creating my Highest potential? I think so, I have already begun to research colleges again, Photography courses, to continue my education which I started 10 years ago, of course when I started photography was not part of the path, yet a very strong steady stream in the path now. Yet there was something creative always laying under the surface of the psychology  study I was doing, I just had not fully had the opportunity to flesh it out.

Touched by the light

Have I set a new path or just shone light on the path that has been before me for sometime now?  So this is where the goals, intention/attention begin to take form.

Growth Question: Are there Goals/intentions that have lost they shine by the distractions of everyday doing?

Thank you!

I am Love, Jeff



5 thoughts on “Goals, Intention/Attention”

  1. I LOVE the quote, Jeff! It’s interesting, the difference between intention and attention. There are plenty of distractions and obligations keeping me from even defining goals for this next phase of my life. I can appreciate your struggle to connect your goals, intentions, and attention. But I know it will be worth the effort for you!

    “What it seems” is breathtaking… Trees are so amazing!

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for your comments and praise of the photography.

      Goals/intentions/attention are all part of the balancing act we attend to each day.

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Jeff – I can’t decide which photograph I enjoy the most, they’re all beautifully woven into this post. Okay, on taking a fifth relook, I’m going with “Touched by the light” because the title is so supportive of the section you’re currently working through in the Life Harmony program: self-knowledge.

    I’m excited that you’re thinking about school again–whoohoo!

    Growth Question: Are there goals/intentions that have lost their shine by the distractions of everyday doing?

    No. I keep my intentions posted right where I can see them–daily. This way, they get the benefit of my full attention.

  3. Laurie,

    I always enjoy your enthusisiam ! Sometimes I can get creative with the photos and the path of words, sometimes not so much…
    I love how you worded your Growth questions response! Great!

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. Your water reflection photos are quickly becoming my absolute favorites, Jeff. Your words “I am sure that I have received this message before in my journey, yet was unable or unwilling to hear and heed. Have I come full circle with Goals, Intention and Attention enough to create a circuit of energy that will move me into the next phase of Living and creating my Highest potential?” caught my attention. It is almost as if you continue to call to yourself — there is a “you” who knows what you want, what will fulfill you, what your life path is. You get to go wandering if you choose. Your path will always be there waiting for you. I am glad to hear you exploring your creative options.

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