Magic and Music of Tom Goss

I’m sure this isn’t the life you had in mind for me. But I feel very lucky to have been brought up in a family that encouraged fierce independence and following your dreams, even if those dreams were nutty. In a way, this is all your fault… Tom Goss

This blog has been begging to be written since last Sunday when I downloaded the photographs of Tom Goss‘s CD Release performance in Philly Saturday evening. While viewing the photographs, listening to the CD, Turn it Around, I was reliving the performance, mind, body, and soul.

Tom 2009

I came know of Tom through a friend in Canada, listened to and viewed one Tom’s than latest songs/video’s Till the End.  I contacted Tom Via Facebook, found out that he was to appear in a little bar in Northern Liberties, a north eastern area of Philly. I made contact and ask if I could meet him and do a photo shoot with him. He graciously submitted, he did not know me from Adam, I was a fan, but he was willing. I was honored. That evening we had some great fun shooting some photographs along the city streets, Tom was friendly and charming, I still really did not know much about his music. Yet here was a young man willing to go on his own to promote his craft in whatever manner that spoke to his heart.

Fenced out! Tom Goss 09

The venue for this performance was not the best but Tom gave us his best, boldly and proudly, singing his songs of love, written out of love for his partner Mike, and his journey of discovery of who he has become.

About a year later, with contract through Facebook and Tom’s own website and music connections, we stayed in touch. His next local performance was to be at the World Cafe Live the Philly’s alternate radio station XPN. This is space is a night club sitting with bar and restaurant, he was the opening act for another band, a girl band Christina Havilar. The opportunity to photograph his live performance was an opportunity I would have missed. I crawled around on the floor, in front of the stage,  so I was not in other peoples way, I stood on one side of the stage, capturing Tom at his best, I thought until last weekend when, blessed with a treat of being present once again for a CD Release. I contacted him earlier in the day hoping that we could get some out side photos done, that did not work out but we did share a meal and conversations with his now Husband Mike, they married in Oct 2010. There was no pretense, just guys hanging out, catching up…


Two steps from you

The Psalm Salon just off City Line avenue behind St Joe’s College is an old mansion which as been created in to a studio, performance center, with fresh meals, crafts and live performances several times a week. The crowd of regular fans, Howard and his group of family members whom I had met during other performances, gathered, getting comfortable, asking where I was going to sit. Sit I don’t sit. I do Photographic yoga, as a friend once called, all the bending and poses to get that shot or this one..

seems like yesterday

. Once again on the floor, at the front of the stage, I watched a listened, I photographed a young man, captured by the muse of music, his intimate sharing about a song, his love of  Mike, even while maybe personal had become poems and music song from the heart. I thought how wonderful to have someone publicly claim their love, in words, and music, to share that with the world. It made the performance and the listening to “Turn it Around” that much more pleasurable and intimate.

Spaces unseen

I am honored to share Tom Goss with my blog readers, I am thrilled to have had my creative well filled by words and music but also for the honesty and humility that emenated from this young man, as he greets his fans and friends, treating them with the joy of is life and love. Once again from the liner notes of his CD, the opening quote is to his family, and this quote is to his listeners: “It’s strange. I don’t do this because I love music; I do this because I love people, the places, the laughter. It’s all about you who continue to inspire me. It’s your stories, and your willingness to share them with me, that make me believe in hope, redemption and courage. Thank you.”

No Tom, Thank you!


I am Love, Jeff


8 thoughts on “Magic and Music of Tom Goss”

  1. Jeff – I’m so glad for introduction to Tom Goss – thank you! I love the way you wove the story and the photographs.

    And it’s fun to know that you do “photographic yoga”–bending and poses to get various shots 🙂

    1. Laurie,

      My pleasure to share Tom and his music with you! I am glad I have gotten this written, it was beginning to haunt me…

      Yeah Photographic Yoga is the best! ( Thanks Terrill) !

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. well, now that I have been introduced, I have to go get me a Tom Goss CD. Very nice pics, too, Jeff. You have captured the peace he seems to live in the photos. How wonderful to make a new friend, to connect with a person through song and music.

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by to read and comment! Good to see you here. I am glad you had the opportunity to meet Tom. Matter of fact his is appearing in DC this weekend, so if you can spare your self a few hours go treat yourself and say for me.

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Stunning pictures, Jeff! I’m sitting here munching on grapes and listening to the samples from the “Back to Love” CD – I will be ordering it as soon as it’s done… Thanks so much for introducing me to Tom, he’s a wonderful singer-songwriter! Wishing him much success and inspiration!

    1. Barbara,
      Great! I am glad you have enjoyed Tom’s music enough to purchase his CD Back to love!

      Message him, he is on facebook, tell you are my recruit ! Ha ha!

      I am Love, Jeff

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