Creative series, or seriously creative?

“… a single photograph, it ‘s provocative, it’s an idea, but if you can do two or three maybe you make of that a phrase and if you can do it in ten maybe it ‘s a sentence. It’s a hard to obscure language, but it’s worth studying.” Dorothea Lange

see me

I was aware of this quote, from the book Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits by Linda Gorman. Yet it spoke to me this morning when I was reading Terrill Welsh’s recent Blog and her Sprout question: Can you tell us about a creative series you want to do in the future? Got me to consider just what creative series I was in fact getting involved in. Well the idea of what I choose for the photography exhibit in July for Balance Gallery, the subject Nature and Sky. Yet how to they, the photographs imply more than nature and sky, part of the world we see everyday, part of the world we may ignore everyday as well?  As I select pieces for this exhibit what do I want to say and what do I wish for the viewer to experience? Hopefully something more than just looking at lovely photographs of trees, flowers, sunsets, and clouds! I wish these photographs to beyond mere words, I wish them to speak to the viewer in ways that they have not heard before. Am I and the art that I create powerful enough for that?

look closely

My mission as a photographer from the very beginning shots was to bring the viewer into nature, through the woods, along the path, to not only see but to “see” the life all around, the dancing leaves, the creatures on the leaves, the light/Sunshine filtered through to highlight, to enhance, to make dance something that is more than just a tree with ever-changing leaves, to bring it to life, for it is alive, and breathing, offering us humans the breath we breathe.   Dorothea Lange also has this to say “You can photograph a tree, certainly it is not human, but it is you who are doing it are human, and your understanding and the reason for doing that tree are strictly human motives.”  Yet I am going to step beyond that not only human motives, yes the exhibit is a human motive but the creativeness of the photographs is deeper than human, it is to allow nature to speak, it is to allow the experience of nature to inform humans of it’s very evolution, it’s very fact that it has a life for us to enjoy, to appreciate the gifts that surround us.

Look up

Dorothea Lange was not a nature Photographer she was a Documentary Portrait photographer, yet her photographs are styled to not just capture what is in front of her but to inform the viewer of a deeper essence of her subject.

The creative subject is and always has been the evolution and desire of the natural world to inform us of it amazing beauty, it’s silent life that surrounds us and gives us life breath!

There is another series bubbling as well, there is a blog waiting in the wings that I wrote weeks ago about Documentary photography/photographers, Dorothea Lange ‘s work the inspiration, in that blog I began to gather other photographers yet I am now thinking each one may deserve their own?

future presence

Can can the work I create speak a language I have been unable to voice until now? Or have has it spoken and I have not completely listened?

Growth Question: Is there something in your life that is seeking to get your attention, is it provocative, yet it’s language has not yet created a whole sentence?

I am Love, Jeff


5 thoughts on “Creative series, or seriously creative?”

  1. Jeff –

    A humble bow of appreciation for the work–written and visual–found in this wellspring. It quenches a thirst.

    I’m not going to distract myself by answering your excellent question, I’m simply going to drink from the beauty here.

  2. Ah! The wordless place! It begins with a notion that something ought to be happening here . . . there are feelings to name, visions to paint, and spirits to capture inside your photos. While I was reading this, I knew your words and pictures are clearly the spirits of the Middle World. They’ve come to you to ask for a voice who will speak for them. They trust you. You just need to trust you and your photos will speak for the spirits. I, too, have been incubating these past few weeks . . . went to a Spirit Mate Shamanic workshop and have oodles of bubbling possibilities.

    1. Barbara,

      Yes I understand what you are saying. the “middle world” is from whince the movement begone. Staying tuned in is another experience that needs to be practiced.
      I am glad to hear you have gone to another Shamanic Workshop which has you bubbling.
      Thank you so much for your wondrous comments.

  3. Can’t wait to see “Nature & Sky” Jeff! I sat gazing at “see me” for a few minutes. (Blue is my favorite color and it made me want to linger…) Your photos do allow nature to speak to me, and I’m sure to many others, too!

    It would be interesting to read posts about different photographers. It’s kind of like when a musician puts out a collection of his favorite tunes by other musicians on a CD. Always fascinating to be introduced to the artist who inspired the artist who inspires you…

    Growth Question – This may seem off the wall, but my living room. Too much of the furniture arrangement is asymmetrical because I’ve been stuffing inherited, treasured pieces haphazardly as they’ve come into the house over the past few years. A couple of weeks ago I bought a used book, “Living With Light: Decorating the Scandinavian Way,” and was so inspired! Slowly I’ve been figuring out a way to arrange the furniture that will give me the Scandinavian look I want, taking advantage of our lovely light by the water. Today might be the day I start moving it all around, creating a more aesthetically pleasing nest for us.

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