Nurture yourself

I am allowed to nurture my artist! The Artist’s Way


Collection of lighters

Well should I just sit here and stare at the blank page? I think not! Sometimes, and right now is one of those moments that I know that I desire to write, even while not knowing what to write. So going blank for a few moments is helpful in getting out of my own way.

First lets back track a little, of course that is not being in the moment, but it is background to stand on to dialogue about the process. In spite of my finally breaking my silence here, blogging/writing, I was pulled into the pit of mister grumpy. Mister Grumpy wanted to be irritated and dissatisfied with everything that cross his path. There is no one home but the dogs and I, sister and brother-in-law went to visit his family on Monday, due back today sometime. So home alone. And thank goodness for that, I did even want to be with myself in the mood I kept creating to experience for some unknown reason. Mostly I just had to shut down.

From the dogs waking me in the early morning, 5:00 am, not being able to get the coffee to taste right, to stepping on my shoe lasses, yelling at myself. My energy totally crashed, my bowels did not wish to function in a proper manner. I crawled up on the sofa, blankets and pillows, and watched a marathon of Law and Order SUV!  Well that could really put a person in mood.

Finally showered and dressed yesterday, I reached out to friends, made contact with humans. Talked on the phone, met a friend for lunch, the weather was cooperating as well, Sun shine, high 50’s, no need to dress like a mummy to go out side. Spring was beginning to present itself, refilled the bird feeder, pick up trash that was blown around the yard from two days of high wind, that had upended trash cans scattering debris every which way.

Study of a spoon

Now I feel more myself, but I was feeling the pull of the darkness trying to get my attention and the best way to head it off is to say good morning , what can I do for you. We are going to have a productive day, even if the one job of  burning photographs to CD’s is not an option until you can figure out how to get the disk that is stuck in  your laptop out… nothing seems to work, I may have to take the lid off the computer, still seeking other options.

The week had not been a total unproductive experience, even though the events where Friday and Sunday of last week.  Friday, was the Medford Art Center’s Juried Art Show Reception in which a few fellow South Jersey Photography Group members had their work. My First reaction to the exhibit was, OMG this stuff is brilliant, I am glad I didn’t enter, I would have been turned down. Than I step back from those blurts and stopped comparing my photography to theirs, and looked for the talent, the lessons, in creating beautiful photography.  I was there to support my friends, be among the admires of some really really brilliant work, from portraits, nature, cityscapes, to documentary pieces that captured the essence of the area. Each piece offered me the ability to look at my own work from a different perspective.

listening intently

Than on Sunday I had been invited, my camera and I had been invited to a fundraiser for Jeff Gardner for Senator at a friends home which is this amazing postmodern home build in to the landscape opening up to 20 foot windows in the back to reveal the local landscape of wooded areas…  The house was filled with people and upon walking in was the professional photographer from the Courier Post, the local South Jersey news paper.  I am not crazy about taking indoor photographs, there seemed to be enough light in most cases. So I began to work my way around the room, find areas that were out of the way, I like to capture these events as unposed as possible, so I clung to the walls, knelt on the floor, stood in the kitchen, observing and snapping shots. I think I did well.

Screw light!

Writing this blog as much as I may “fight” it, is a very rewarding experience.

Growth Question: Are the moments that you “fight” for you positive creativity?



9 thoughts on “Nurture yourself”

  1. Jeff –

    I’m so glad that you fought — and clearly won! I adore the photographs that you’ve shared with us.

    Growth Question: Are their moments that you “fight” for your positive creativity?

    I’d by lying if I didn’t admit that we have a wee tussle every now and again 🙂

    1. laurie,

      and fight is what it seems to be, I may have won the battle but not the war, so to speak.

      Thank you for your positive response to the photographs! That helps too.

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Wonderful photographs, Jeff. I like how you can even make a spoon look intriguing. Glad you were able to wrestle through the Mind’s comparisons and objections to that place of Presence. Fighting for positive creativity? Unless we’re enlightened, I would think we all would have to sometimes struggle to transform our–how did the book I’m reading just call it?–“defilements”–into a purer metal. The gifts of alchemy…

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you the spoon and lighters are some of my favorites at the moment.
      Challenge to staying centered is just that a challenge, and as you mention if we were not is some state of enlightenment we would not notice the struggle to stay present.
      What are you reading?

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. I am reading a book that I didn’t like at all when I started reading it. It’s a Buddhist book by a Forest Master called Ajahn Chah called “Food for the Heart.” It is really a technical meditation book, actually, with a lot about discipline and “defilements.” Enjoying it more recently as my meditation practiced has deepened more lately. Thank you.

  3. Battle? Fight? Galactic implosion is more like it on some days. I am the most creative artist when it comes to dodging my time at the computer to actually WRITE something meant for publication. Not a problem for blogging or answering e-mails or my school writing, but to make peace with the muse and be willing to surrender often takes one of those “talks” and just about anything can throw that plan off, too.

    Your photos are every bit as professional and intriguing as any I have ever seen.

  4. Barbara,

    The Battle/fight is more difficult for me because I am not a writer. It is also the censor, as I mentioned in the next blog, that has caused me many times to stop in my tracks or not even come to the page.
    So I have to ask what is your fear of writing for publication?

    I am most grateful for your comment about the Photographs, it is very touching.

    I am Love, Jeff

  5. I like the lighters, the spoon and the screws, too. They seem so earthy the way you shot them, as if they weren’t actually man made items.

    Today I’m fighting with myself to find a creative way to clean the bathroom – or it will never get done!

    1. B,

      Nothing like making common items a little be artsy… dust and dirt and all… Thank you!

      Put some music on that makes you move, and get that bathroom shinning, you can do it!

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