The Making of a cookie

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. Oscar Wilde

It is the taking of ingredients of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter combining them in correct proportion to the recipe that creates a cake, pie shell, or even a batch of cookies. Without one or the other the things just don’t blend or mix, or make the invisible visible.

A few weeks ago I had decided to make chocolate chip cookies, was at the food store, bought what I thought I needed, flour, and sugar, the Toole houses chips. Oh yeah my thoughts are it is better and less expensive to bake your own snacks then to buy store make or packaged. For in baking your own your know what the ingredients are, and there are no stabilizes, or preservatives, unhealthy oils, or amounts of different types of sugars that have no real purpose in taste. So bake away, no my friends these are not so-called healthy cookies, these are comfort food cookies.

I got the bag a chocolate chips out to begin, for the recipe is on the package, began pulling containers out of the cabinets, butter to soften, baking soda, flour, white sugar…. oh no! No brown sugar, my my what to do?  I guess we will have to wait another day. Days, maybe a week pasted, went to the store again bought the brown sugar, was all set up again, guess what?  No butter this time, and the only oil we have around is extra virgin olive oil, not good for baking, so no cookies were made again.

The next week shopping trip along with the regular shopping list extra butter. Now we can begin… and begin I did.  Flour, baking soda/powered in one bowl, sugars brown and regular in another, in which the soften butter goes, mixed to creamy, not sure we ever reached that consistency but blending happened. Next time cream the butter first. Of course there is vanilla and I added a touch of cinnamon and incorporated the chips, hmm? Is this right, what is going on here? Nothing seems to want to blend together, next time bigger bowls. One would think I have never done this before, oh I have dozens of times, but it seem like the first time for some odd reason…

Ok ready for the baking sheets, and the oven which of course has been heating up, should be all ready. Bake at 375, 8-10 minutes one sheet at a time, while one is baking I can load up the next sheet pan, and do some clean up, since there is sugar and flour all over the place, space is limited in our small galley kitchen, so clean up is important as you go, if you can.

First batch, good! Hey they look like Chocolate Chip cookies to me, good job! Next batch in the oven, fresh baked on to a plate to await the rest of their family. More clean up, yes there is a dish washer, but I like to wash things out a bit first.  Another batch spooned out on to the cookie pan, of course all this time I am tasting things, making sure everything is proper, I am getting high on sugar.

Well next batch out, next one in, pile on the plate getting taller, one for me, a more for the plate. Last baking done, the plate of cookies looks like a pyramid, waiting to be climbed and conquered one cookie at time.

Growth Question: is there a cookie making adventure in your life?


11 thoughts on “The Making of a cookie”

  1. Oh, Jeff, I don’t know how many years it has been seen I made chocolate chip cookies! Your pyramid of cookies looks so familiar, I used to stack them he same way. They’re so worth the trouble, aren’t they? And worth the wait, too – how many weeks did it take there? Simple pleasures, the stuff of life… I made lots of gluten-free apple crisps in the fall and a few pumpkin pies earlier this winter – do the qualify as cookie making adventures?

      1. Barbara,
        Anyway you stack them they get eaten ! Yummy! Yes making apple crisp or pie is a baking adventure, making the invisible visible, to make it invisible again.

  2. Yum! Please pass the cookies! They do look like chocolate chips…I would like some chocolate chips right now. A handful. With almonds. Unfortunately, I have not made cookies in a long time… You are inspiring the possibility.

  3. Jeff – If I lived next door to you, you’d be in danger of me sitting at your kitchen counter chewing your ear off with conversation while you baked goodies. You wouldn’t be able to hide…I have a radar for activities that involve delicious food.

    Growth question: Is there a cooking making adventure in your life?

    Not cookies, but I recently was party to a chili making adventure (and it turned out pretty darned good, if I do say so myself)…

    1. Laurie,

      Your more than welcome to come hang out in my kitchen, thing is there is hardly room for one person.
      You Chili making adventure sounds like it was yummy too! but that is something I do on an almost weekly basis, make chili…

  4. Your pictures are absolutely delicious . . . my mouth was watering the entire time I was reading this. What a wonderful baking adventure! You waited until you had all of the right ingredients to make your cookies. You took good care of your process — measuring the right amount, cleaning as you go, sampling the product . . . 🙂

    This is such a good recipe for any adventure! I am going to use it to build me one.

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