Enthusiasm and Joy

...that enthusiasm is half of the journey to success, and

all of the journey to joy.

If you’re going to do something, do it with gusto. Don’t

do anything half-heartedly. That dishonors the doing

and the doer. So go for it. Hold nothing back. In life.

Or love. Or anything at all. Neale Donald Walsch

Field of chives

I found the above quote awaiting for me after I had found out I was confirmed for a Solo Exhibit at Balance Gallery in Philadelphia Pa, this summer, July. The theme Nature and Sky. The quote resonated because ever since nature called to me to photographer her in all her evolutionary glory, I had found a joy worth pursuing, a joy the is endless and ever sustaining. Sure there are moments that I don’t feel it, the creativity yet I do it anyway, and sometimes those are the best photographs I take, because I get out of my own way! I don’t try to control the creativity, I don’t try to make a photograph happen, nature is always there to inspire, to enlighten, and to embrace us in her arms.

I received the message via an email from the Philadelphia Photographic Society which I became a member of only a few months ago. The message said art prospectus:

“Hello could you pass this to all members.  Balance gallery is looking for
nature or sky related photos to hand in a solo show summer 2011.  Please
email Estelle.  Thanks”

I hesitated for a short moment… not wanting to seem disparate, I emailed Estelle, with my interest and a link to my work on Redbubble. this morning I received a message that July as open and to resend link to my work, and to confirm whether July was open for me. Message returned shortly after saying all is confirmed for July. I had to remind myself to breathe, I took a shower, I took a walk, breathing all of this in, what this means, my body was vibrating, I was saying thank you to the Powers that Be! I Called my friend Linda, the first human to hear the news, so I was not holding all of this in, still reminding myself to breathe, Long breath in, long nice long breath out. AAAHHH! Did I say I was darn excited, doing the Happy Dance!!!

Lady Bug Highway

I did not finish my thoughts of the first paragraph, concerning the quote, I enthusiastic  had taken on the journey of using the camera to photograph nature, the everyday object that surround our lives, to capture those moments, to remind myself as well as others the beauty in leaf, the creativity in a pile of leaves fallen to the ground in the fall, the exquisiteness of early snow, the power in the light of the sun through the trees to seem to focus on a flower so small one would have missed it if the light had not enhanced it, always there awaiting our notice.

This gift of photograph has been an adventure worth unraveling, this gift has offered me a new view of the world around me, photography allows me to be part of the unfolding and ever changing evolution of life, from a city street, the seasons, to birthday party, or a demonstrations for human rights, everything evolving, changing, wanting to be seen and noticed.

Rusted stream

Having this solo show will allow the work to present itself, allow nature to be glorified even in her nakedness, her brokenness, is my ego at play here, is of course, yet to move beyond that place and allow the work speak for itself.

I am extremely grateful, I am extremely honored, I am extremely excited!!! OMG! I have until July!!!

Growth Question: When was the last time you were over come with Joy?

I am Love, Jeff




15 thoughts on “Enthusiasm and Joy”

  1. Jeff I am extreme excited for YOU! I laughed and smiled and did the happy dance with you as I read your post. Congratulation! A well deserved opportunity to showcase doing what you love to do. Wow! How wonderful. I am going to be sharing your post because I love how it shows in its “being” the process of fully releasing into what is possible if only we let it. Jeff I am looking forward to more about your show as summer draws nearer. Best of the Holidays and the best of nature’s creativity to you! Terrill

    1. Terrill,

      I pick up your excitement as I read your response!! How thrilled I am to receive your comments. Your welcome to share as you wish, I am grateful for your support! Yes I am sure the following months will be filled with more joy and fear, as time draws near.
      Best of the Holidays to you!

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. You have now been tweeted and posted on my FB wall. I wish I knew how to link back to your profile directly when I posted on my wall but I am sure you will find it there and it would be great if you could comment and provide the link to your redbubble. So much fun to share such great news! And yes I can appreciate the niggling fear which creeps in closer to an event “what have I done?” is usually what I say to myself. But in the end… if we walk through this self-doubting, we just end up with a stronger presentation. So go for it! Full on. Be bold! – as my writing coach used to tell.

  2. The Happy Dance? I love the Happy Dance! It is so great that you have this solo show! By the way, the picture of the ladybug is too cute for words. I am wondering if you let us know the dates of your show (I can always look at the Balance Gallery site, too). Philly is not too far away for me to take a day trip and visit.
    The last time I danced the happy dance, my granddaughter was born.

  3. Jeff – I’m beyond extatic about your SOLO exhibit! So do you start working on it now? Do you wait? Do you do a wee bit every day between now and then? In other words, what action steps will you take so you’ll be ready well in advance so you don’t find yourself running around like a crazy person at the last minute?

    Growth Question: When was the last time you were over come with Joy?

    I’m overcome with joy every day — usually by the “small” things. Those are what bowl me over every time.

  4. Jeff, I read this last week (sometime in the midst of post-surgery, I think) and wanted to congratulate you. That is SO COOL about your solo exhibit! Are you still vibrating with happiness/joy all these days later? So excited for you.

    Trying to come up with the last time I was overcome with joy, but can’t remember the Big Kahuna. I remember lots more moments of little joy recently, calmer joy. I even feel a calm joy now that my gall bladder is gone. When it was here, I loved it so much and tried to much to heal it. But now that it’s gone, it feels like there is a joy and love in the emptiness too. hard to explain!

    1. The Buzz has worn off a bit of course. Yet many thoughts go in that direction, what should I have printed, etc. I don’t know all the info from the gallery as of yet, I am going to make a trip to visit the space very soon!

      Joy is a wondrous experience!

  5. Congratulations on your upcoming solo exhibit in July!
    Joy is one of my favorite words! “Allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it. You will find you dance with everything.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
    I think you’ve found this to be true. I LOVE “Lady Bug Highway.”
    Can’t promise anything, but I’m going to try and see if we can swing through Philadelphia in July… It would be such a JOY to see your exhibit!

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you! I was and truly wowed by this!
      Lady Bug Highway was a surprise when I found it among my photos! I am glad your enjoy it!
      I will let everyone, I have not gotten any other information from the gallery as of yet.
      It would be great to meet you and have you and Barbara Kass there too! Wow! Now that would be a joyful event!


  6. Coming to your page is such a breath of fresh air, Jeff, and a walk in the wild gardens of nature. I just love to see her through your eyes, the freshness, the stories in the highways and byways.
    Thank you for sharing these in your blog. And congratulations for being booked for a solo show. Wow!

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